April 20, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: a vintage easter

vintage here, vintage there
Me oh my... I am alive (in case any of you were wondering)!

I was really burnt out after the wedding shower on Saturday. I had been going strong like a cleaning maniac for about two months now, all in preparation for the party and once it was over, I was clearly done for. Throw in the fact that during that two month period I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy, and if you have been pregnant before, you know what that's like. Your house is super messy from the first trimester woes, then to get it back in working order is like fighting an uphill battle, especially when three little kids are involved. My house is now clean, except the room (and maybe closets) with all the junk thrown in, and the ginormous pile of laundry that won't seem to go away!

Now we are here. Here being that Easter is this Sunday (you are invited to join us) and True's fifth birthday is next Tuesday. Don't even ask me what we are doing for True's birthday, cause honestly, we don't even know! We have a few ideas, but so many things are up in the air right now, so we aren't sure.

Let me first tackle what event is coming up next... Easter! Resurrection Sunday!!! I have been wanting to buy the girls' new (vintage) outfits, but after all the cleaning I did, I decided, 1) they didn't really need clothes and 2) I don't really have extra pennies to buy them more. Okay, maybe I did a slight trade and got one thing, but that isn't so bad, right?!! The big girls will wear some dresses that were in their closets and haven't been worn yet (by them), so that is special enough for me.
vintage here, vintage there
True paired my hat with this outfit herself and no, the hot pink shorts underneath aren't part of the whole deal. At least not on Sunday. It is a bit big and a really stiff polyester, but good thing she loves the dress so she isn't really complaining about the feel. She says now she gets to be Madeline in this dress. I will just have to take in the sleeves and width of the dress a bit, but then it will be good to go on Sunday.
vintage here, vintage there
I had a couple options for Brave, but settled on this one. I can't remember if it had been worn before, but it is too adorable to not wear again, especially for such an occasion such as Resurrection Sunday.
vintage here, vintage there
Soulie's dress is the only one I got and it came from Ms. Tips. Originally, I was thinking something a bit dressier, but really I loved the picnic feel of the dress and she looks darn cute in it, so that sold me!
vintage here, vintage there
The girls are such hams together! It is hard to get them all in one picture because either one is off running around or getting more costumes or just plain not staying still. Imagine next year there will be one more into this mix?!! Crazy!!!
vintage here, vintage there
As for me, I have no clue what to wear just yet. This baby is kinda moody and hard to dress, so who knows what I will feel like wearing on Sunday.

If you still need an Easter outfit here are some of my faves...

Be sure to check out "over there" and see what little lady Ruby might be wearing for Easter. Now that little girl has got some great options! They have even have the shoe department covered. I figured we would figure that out as we were running out the door to church on Sunday morning! Do you have your Easter outfit figured out?

vintage here, vintage there: week one
vintage here, vintage there: week two
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part one
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part two
vintage here, vintage there: week four
vintage here, vintage there: week five
vintage here, vintage there: everyday wear
vintage here, vintage there: outerwear
vintage here, vintage there: texas style
vintage here, vintage there: borrowed
vintage here, vintage there: family outing
vintage here, vintage there: what's in my bag?
vintage here, vintage there: handmade
vintage here, vintage there: shoes
vintage here, vintage there: love day
vintage here, vintage there: casual
vintage here, vintage there: boy edition
vintage here, vintage there: just me
vintage here, vintage there: soulie and me
vintage here, vintage there: misha lulu mixed in

Don't forget if you are in the Los Angeles area, you are more than welcome to join us to celebrate Easter! We will have a buffet lunch and the Cupcake Princess (as seen on food network's Cupcake Wars) will be there with some cupcakes for all who come! And it would be fun to meet some of you!

I will be taking a bit more of a blogging break, (yes, I am still drained) so the next few days will be posts filled with some fun giveaways from me and my sponsors! Promise to be back to normal sometime next week.



  1. Awww your kids are adorable! And hat sweet little dresses (and hats they have). Hope you all have a great Easter.

  2. they look adorable! have a happy, happy easter!

  3. Aww everyone's so cute. Glad to see a post! Rest up! :)

  4. Everyone is adorable as usual !

    And I LOVE Cupcake Wars!!!

    I bought the girls Easter dresses (our little Easter tradition) but now I'm a little unsure about them. We shall see what they end up in on Sunday.

  5. Your girls are totally adorable!
    I can't wait for the first easter with both my kids (expecting number 2 right now!)


  6. I love the hat she picked out! Your girls look fantastic, lady, and I really stand in awe of you doing all that you do with three and one in the oven.

    Tell Soulie I want to borrow her dress for myself when she's done. I heart it!

  7. these dresses are fantastic and i especially adore true's dress with the little tie attached! i have one of my little girls in suspenders this year... and felt kinda "mean" about it since they are primarily a boy article of clothing and she is into all things princess... but when you're sweet and three, it works! and surprisingly, she hasn't given me too much guff over the whole thing.

    happy easter to you and yours! <3

  8. THE OUTFITS ARE SUPERRRRRR! LOve them to be unexpected. Beautiful as always!
    I can't wait to see what you will wear...Me I don't know something from my closet and Bela maybe some cute ensemble she will pick.

  9. Those sweet little dresses are just perfect! I love red, white blue picnic sunshiny feel they have all together.

    And thanks for your lovely links. I just snapped up the flocked with dots. It won't be here in time for Sunday but hopefully it will fit my wee girl still next Easter.

  10. omg.
    new desktop wallpaper!!!

  11. Your 3 little girls look adorable! The dresses are really cute, Happy Easter!!!!

  12. Ruby, I know your blog is not for outright preaching, but have you considered doing a brief post inviting people to our Easter gathering? If not, consider it, but feel no external pressure from me to do one. Thanks!

    In Christ,

  13. hi ruby! just wanted to stop by and say i adore your blog! you are all so beautiful, and i love how much pretty much every post inspires me, whether it be your gorgeous photography, or your amazing little-girl-dressing-ability! i am almost 18wks pregnant with our first baby, and we (hopefully) find out whether we're having a lil boy or a lil girl in just 2wks. and, though i would be immensely happy with a boy, i constantly daydream about a baby girl and all the beautiful clothes & dresses i would make for her :) :).

  14. your little girl is one cue Madeline!

    and your other girls are cuteness all over.

  15. I love that blue dress! So cute!

  16. I love the dresses your girls are wearing, and the rabbit ears! :)

  17. What cuties you have. Have a great Easter! Find some time to relax, deary!

  18. Aw, the kids are so cute! Little soul has such an adorable smile!

  19. Your photos look terrific! So cute.


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