March 21, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: just me

vintage here, vintage there
I feel this is a somewhat lonely post as it is just me sans kids (well, I have the baby inside me, does that count?). I had every intention of doing a post including them, but yesterday's and today's weather has just been bad, so it just wasn't feasible to snap any pictures of them dressed up cute in vintage! You are now stuck with a post of just me from a few weeks ago.

I wore this outfit on a nice sunny day to go out treasure hunting with my sister (see her outfit post of the same day here). We grabbed lunch, found some goodies, then went to visit some friends at the school I used to work at. It was a nice day out and I was tired when I got home. Though, it seems I am always tired when I get home. Pregnancy (and having three kids) takes a lot out of you!
vintage here, vintage there
I am a short gal, so wearing vintage dresses with the bump has been especially difficult because of where the waist falls on some of my vintage dresses. For this dress, I kind of had to tuck in the skirt up to make the waist fall somewhere more flattering and accentuate the bump. The little peplum also accentuate it.
vintage here, vintage there
My go to shoes are always ballet flats and of course my purse of sorts is a tapestry bag. I am just in love with those and will keep collecting them forever, until I run out of room or Ben makes me stop.
vintage here, vintage there
I really feel lonely looking at these pics without my girls. I feel naked without them!
vintage here, vintage there
on me: dress, vintage. cardigan, target. shoes, jessica simpson. tapestry bag, vintage via the attic people (told you I love their shop!).

The rain is back, so we are bundled up in pajamas all the day long over here, but I am so looking forward to the warmer weather, though I consider myself a gray sky, gloomy weather kinda gal. I think all the gardening has me dreaming up warm days in a lovely hammock sipping on some lemonade. Okay, maybe not lemonade cause that doesn't sound too good to me right now, but I will definitely be sipping on something good.

I miss seeing Rachel's vintage outfits, since we took a couple weeks off, but I am so excited to see what her and her lovely gang is wearing "over there"!

vintage here, vintage there: week one
vintage here, vintage there: week two
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part one
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part two
vintage here, vintage there: week four
vintage here, vintage there: week five
vintage here, vintage there: everyday wear
vintage here, vintage there: outerwear
vintage here, vintage there: texas style
vintage here, vintage there: borrowed
vintage here, vintage there: family outing
vintage here, vintage there: what's in my bag?
vintage here, vintage there: handmade
vintage here, vintage there: shoes
vintage here, vintage there: love day
vintage here, vintage there: casual
vintage here, vintage there: boy edition

p.s. I think I am 10 weeks pregnant in the pictures.


  1. Very cute outfit. I absolutely love your bag!

  2. ruby! you are glowing in these photos : )

  3. lina- i see my bad posture in these photos too! but thank you for saying i glow, because you know that first trimester just leaves you feeling sick!

  4. you seriously have the best smile!

  5. Cute, those colors are glowing and I bet my posture is worse than yours.

  6. you look adorable.. love the sweet yellow cardigan with that dress.... x nadine

  7. I love the blue with the yellow! very cute!

  8. You look gorgeous! Glad your making good use of our bag.. it looks great with your outfit. One stylish pregnant lady x

    Will let you know when we have more in stock :)

  9. You're so adorable! I love the blue and yellow and loved this post.

  10. i love your blog and love the glimpse into your life and your family. when i'm having a bad day at work i wait as long as i can and then go to your blog for a smile. i am pregnant with my first in september as well, so your notes on pregnancy are definitely not falling to deaf ears :) thank you for sharing - and i hope you are feeling better. i woke up the other day and the metal taste in my mouth was gone and i literally shrieked with joy.

  11. your baby bump is so cute! it amazes me how God allows us to witness a miracle within our own body. Praise the Lord for your new blessing!

  12. My 14 year old is named Ruby too! You are a super cute pregnant the bag!

  13. You're adorable! So cute.
    Andrea @

  14. you look so cute! love the belly! :)

  15. polka dots and a baby bump?! too cute

  16. Aww,you look so adorable...I don't mean that in a kid way,but in an adult way....does that make any sense? :) I love your style and how it's so unique (or at least for now it is).Your baby bump really grows fast...that's what I looked like at the end of all 3 of my pregnancies....seriously,I have big hips and I'm a little tall so the doctors said the baby has a lot of room to relax...I don't think that was such a compliment,but oh well. :)It was fun when I had my babies and people didn't even realize I was pregnant. :) I can't wait to see the fashions for the new baby and all the things you make for the new fun!

  17. Ruby,
    I love your bag. Finally I get to see it. i'm drooling over it now. hehe


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