April 14, 2011

my snack

I had a craving for peanut butter yogurt sprinkled with oreos, butterfingers, and snickers, so on Ben's way home from work I made him get me some from the yogurt place around the corner. Today was a very full day and we have a full weekend ahead. Thankfully, my friend Owen was a trooper and let me drop off my big girls at her house and let them play with her two girls. It really help me get a lot done (Thanks O!).

The wedding shower that I have been cleaning the inside and outside of my house for is this Saturday and next week I have plans to not clean. Okay, maybe I do still need to clean because I used an unused bedroom and stuffed all our junk in it, so it would be out of sight out of mind, but now that room looks so bad!

Some tidbits learned this week...

- Going to the flea market throws me into a decorating frenzy.

- I need a system and so I ordered this book. I don't think I will finish the Bible in a whole year, but by God's grace, I will finish sometime.

- We have way too much junk in this house and the purging will continue. Fabric anyone?!

And if you are in the Los Angeles area and are needing a place to celebrate easter, come join us...
come join us for easter!
Happy weekending folks!!!


  1. Oooh! I'm always a fan of fabric! :)

  2. Will you be selling, some of your fabric, in your shop?

  3. Even if you don't finish the Bible in one year I surely encourage you to pursue this goal, at least reading your whole Bible in a row is really blessing thing. I read my whole Bible for 5 years in a row. That was awesome !!!

  4. have fun at the shower and make sure to post some pics!

  5. This past year I FINISHED the One Year Chronological Bible NIV and it took me a few months past my finish date but I did it. God doesn't just want us to finish for finishings sake, He wants us to joyfully spend time reading His word. So if it takes a little longer don't fret, continue to read with a joyful heart! Hope this helps...


  6. My friend here gave me a similar Bible...it is one for Busy Moms and has little quotes to think about. I really love it but sometimes I miss a day. You have me craving PB really bad now!!!!

  7. how funny! our babies must be craving the same things... yesterday, i had a peanut butter mocha. it was DELICIOUS! and today. i am thinking i want the peanut butter cheesecake (it has reese's and butterfingers swirled in it).

    good luck with the shower and the cleaning... :)
    and even if you miss a day, "His mercies are new every morning!" :) thank, GOD, right?! :)

    love ya!

  8. I agree, getting new things for the home gives you the nudge you need to reevaluate and change other things. And good luck with the Bible reading!

  9. Wow! Way to go to even have the goal of reading the Bible in a year! That's incredible. I hope God will use His word in this journey to give you peace, strength, and joy!

  10. I have a list of reading the Bible chronologically. Kinda a goal of mine... :) (not necessarily chronologically, but it's in the list form that I can check off and I do well with that :))

    Also, I could always take some fabric off your hands ;)


  11. My grandma rereads Bible every year! I can't even finish reading it for once in my life and am so ahsamed of it! You can do it! Good luck.

  12. Just doing some blog-hoppin' and landed here. What a sweet perspective you have. I look forward to following your posts. Best wishes!

  13. If I lived in LA, I'd totally join you and your church! (:

    Mmm. Your yogurt looks so yummy. It's making me want something sweet too.

    Happy weekend!

  14. Yum that sounds and looks amazing, it has got me wanting some really bad now :)

    Zoe xx


  15. Maybe you can sell some fabric in your store, and maybe you can do a giveaway for the rest? You sound busy, busy, busy!

  16. I'd buy some fabric. And maybe just drive to la to pick it up ;)

  17. I'm interested in the fabric!!

  18. the snack looks yummy!
    Post pics of the shower!!!

  19. voted for you on the circle of moms

  20. I committed myself to reading the whole Bible this year, too - I'm on Deuteronomy right now, so I have a long way to go:)! My husband has the Bible you ordered and he really likes the format. So great to be reminded that I have sisters in Christ all over this world - bless you!!


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