April 13, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: misha lulu mixed in

vintage here, vintage there
This week's "vintage here, vintage there" is a bit of vintage mixed in with my favorite children line, Misha Lulu. Seriously, if my girls aren't wearing vintage, they are more than likely wearing Misha Lulu. I often tell Karen, the lovely lady behind Misha Lulu, she needs to branch out and do women's clothes because her eye for design, fabric, and pattern is just impeccable!
vintage here, vintage there
This is what we all wore to church on Sunday and out to the flea market. Weather here has been wonderfully sunny and not overly warm, so just a perfect combination to bare some legs but still wear a cardigan. Of course, my children always insist they are hot and don't really keep their cardigans on these days.
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
True has a very precise idea of what she wants to wear (or how to fix her hair) on a daily basis. Sometimes, her ideas and my ideas aren't on the same page and thus a bit of an argument will ensue. If she had her way everyday, every day would be pink day! Lucky for me, this dress is the perfect combination of pink and funky and not your normal froo froo girly kinda dress.
vintage here, vintage there
My Brave on the other hand, still pretty much lets me dress her. Her one request of late is that she is allowed to wear some sort of pants of leggings with every outfit. Bravey is also our little Madeline as that is her favorite children's book and thus this vintage hat goes everywhere she goes!
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
Soulie of course could care less about what she is wearing! So she is stuck wearing whatever I put her in. I am sure her opinions will be coming out soon enough!

on me: dress, vintage. cardigan, kohls. shoes, seychelles via anthropologie.
on true: dress, misha lulu. shoes, vintage.
on brave: dress, misha lulu. peter pan collared shirt, vintage. leggings, misha lulu. shoes, siaomimi via gilt.
on soul: dress, misha lulu. sweatshirt, vintage.

Check out Rachel and Ruby "over there", as Ruby is also sporting some Misha Lulu. I can't wait to see how Rachel styles vintage in with her outfit. Rachel is another lady with impeccable style and it is evident by her newest e-course, be sure to sign up here. I have seen it and it is really good folks!

vintage here, vintage there: week one
vintage here, vintage there: week two
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part one
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part two
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vintage here, vintage there: soulie and me

* pictures taken by christian cruz.


  1. You all look pretty as always!!

    hugs from Brazil!

  2. Everyone looks smashing! Zoe insists on wearing pink everyday too.

  3. This is a lovely post Thank you dahling!!!!
    You guys are the fashionistas of the Blogospehere!
    I love how Brave is a mix of Madelaine and Annie Hall, True is just such a model and Soul is a Yummy fashion Ham. You are DIVINE also!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! LOVE ITTTT!!!!!

  4. you are one hot preggy lady! and your girls are adorable as always!

  5. love your style, and your kiddos' :)

  6. you are all officially "tied for first" at being the cutest little things, EVER!

  7. you have beautiful girls! so precious.

  8. Your girlies are so precious and you do such a great job with their wardrobes... A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E

  9. I am DYING over their boots (and your shoes). Love love love! And, of course, I adore Misha Lulu. Definitely my favorite to dress my little girl in!

  10. You all look lovely. Misha Lulus designs are gorgeous.
    I can remember that sort of age where I started getting fussy about what I wore, I had a pair of red suede tusker boots I wore till they fell apart!


  11. i love the first picture of you guys, a stripe theme!!! and kids are so cute when they pick their own clothes and not match!!!

  12. I'm a HUGE Misha Lulu fan! I just bought 3 pieces from last years line and plan on buying several from this years line. She does have a good eye for fabric, I love how she mixes prints.

  13. if only I was as stylish as your kids!

  14. Love your black and white stripes...boy do you ever have one fashionable family (your girls are adorable :) )

  15. I love True's style! I think she has her Mommy's eye for things. I've hit that point with Caroline where she is better than I am at putting together creative outfits!!

  16. I love your shoes! You look great. Hope you are doing better.

  17. Very cute! I especially love the little Madeline look!

  18. Your girls are little beauties! Wonderful photos. :)

  19. I love your striped dress! Those family photos are so adorable.


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