March 29, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: soulie and me

vintage here, vintage there
I really don't get dressed up much during the week, especially during cooler weather, so I look forward to the weekends for dressing up. This is what Soulie and I wore on Saturday when we went to my friend's engagement party and our afternoon date.
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
vintage here, vintage there
The jacket is one I got from anthro when they had their super sale around Christmastime. I have come so close to returning it many times because honestly, I "work" at home and it isn't really cold in California, so how many times will I actually use it?! Well, it has come in handy 3 times already, so it is not going back to the store for this cute jacket.
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
on me: top, gap. skirt, vintage c/o ms. tips. jacket, anthropologie. slip, vintage. shoes, seychelles. necklace, make pie not war. ring, etsy (can't remember).
on soul: dress, misha lulu. shirt, american apparel. sweater, vintage. leggings, babylegs. shoes, freshly picked.

Lately, I much prefer wear a maxi skirt over a dress. I tell you, every pregnancy my mood for dressing has been different. Though most vintage skirts are maxi skirts on me, cause I am so darn short. I am sure most of you tower over me! I think I have only 3 maxi skirts, so I definitely need to stock up on more to last me through the spring and summer.

Rachel and Ruby are sure to be wearing something super cute "over there"! They always do so you will want to make sure to see what they are wearing too!

vintage here, vintage there: week one
vintage here, vintage there: week two
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part one
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part two
vintage here, vintage there: week four
vintage here, vintage there: week five
vintage here, vintage there: everyday wear
vintage here, vintage there: outerwear
vintage here, vintage there: texas style
vintage here, vintage there: borrowed
vintage here, vintage there: family outing
vintage here, vintage there: what's in my bag?
vintage here, vintage there: handmade
vintage here, vintage there: shoes
vintage here, vintage there: love day
vintage here, vintage there: casual
vintage here, vintage there: boy edition
vintage here, vintage there: just me


  1. u guys are such fashionistas! lovely shoes! you both look divine!

  2. That second to last picture?! Such a Bratcher girl pose....looks like Souls been taking lessons from her sisters! I love it!

  3. Just had a long bout of covetousness. Those SHOES!!

  4. I love those shoes, Ruby!!! LOVE THEM!

    You girls look great and your hair is getting so long!

  5. you guys may be able to find the shoes. i got them at anthro last year, so they have to be around somewhere and for much cheaper than i paid. i will look up the name on the shoe box! just in case anyone is up for a hunt!

  6. You ladies look cute!! the skirt fits you great! can't even tell that you are prego :) You are one hot mama!!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!!

  8. oh my, I may of shed a tear of how ADORABLE Soul is! hahaha

    & your jacket is super amazing :)

  9. OH MY SOULIE! She is a big girl now! Looking like a perfect blend of True and Brave. I WANNA EAT HER!

  10. ohhhhhhhhh pretty mama, lurve the jacket! You can send it to Canberra when you are done it is cold most of the year :-)

  11. You and Ben make the most beautiful babies! Are you SURE you want to stop at 4?! ; ) Have a great day!

  12. yes, that jacket is a must-keep! you'll wear it forever. and baby girl is just unbelievably precious!

  13. Love it :)
    I wanted to ask your opinion of Seychelles. I love their style but I do a lot of walking for my commute to work. Are they comfortable? Do you get blisters? I wouldn't mind paying the price if I know I am going to be able to wear them a lot.

    Thanks :) Love your style and these vintage posts!

  14. LOVE your shoes too! seychelles are my favorite brand!
    PS thanks for the vest link! it SOLD!!

  15. Look at her little ponytail!! I love it all - such a little cutie.

    Blue Skies
    Charlotte xo

  16. i kNOW that jacket!!!! I had the same dilemma and it's pictured here even....
    y'all are some stylish gals!

  17. that first photo with you and Soul is simply adorable & the last one of you two together, you have a gorgeous smile :)

  18. um, CURSES for showing me these shoes! I have been on eBay all morning (after looking at seychelles website and gasping over prices) looking for what will be my first pair. I love your style, girl!


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