February 28, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: boy edition

vintage here, vintage there
This week Rachel and I are sharing some vintage goods that the boy(s) in our life wear...

Ben has great style and I thought so from the moment I met him. I was seriously doubting that this cool 26 year old guy who had just moved from the east coast would even glance at my 19 year old self. God must have put a little spell on him!

Ben was in between jobs at the time, or so he thought (God had other plans), and was working at the GAP, which was were I was working throughout college. Yeah. We met at the GAP. I will never forget the image of him just strolling into work with his little red cooler (it held his lunch) and his sneakers and I thought he had the most confident strut. Even just thinking about those sweet first moments makes my heart get all giggly and wild.

I know most of you have asked about our story and I will share it sometime (here is a tidbit). There are so many parts to it that I don't know how to present it and of course good stories do come with a bit of drama as both Ben and I had just come out of relationships. One thing for sure is that God truly had a hand through all of it.
vintage here, vintage there
Back to Ben and vintage. I have mentioned Ben loves vintage and since I go treasure hunting while he is at work, I have a little sheet with his measurements (though I pretty much have it memorized now) based on his favorite vintage shirts, and always carry around a measuring tape. Last week, my sister and I went to a vintage shop and I scored 2 shirts that Ben loves and fit him perfectly! I was so excited that I brought home some winners for him!!!
vintage here, vintage there
Some of his favorite vintage styles are western shirts, flannels, and military shirts. They must always be long sleeve shirts because he likes to roll them up. I never buy short sleeves because he will never wear them unless it is a t-shirt. The other day, he tried on a short sleeve and it looked so funny, so we will continue to stick to long sleeves cause that is what this boy likes. Oh and my favorite color on Ben is blue, so it is his favorite too!
vintage here, vintage there
on ben: flannel shirt, vintage. jeans, diesel. shoes, new balance.

I don't have a little man to dress up (at least not that we know of yet and if we did, we aren't telling), but if we did I would have no clue how to dress him! I am so used to girls!!! Over the years though, I have acquired a few vintage boy items because I thought we would eventually have a boy, but we will see in about 7 months.

You must see what vintage the boys in Rachel's life are wearing "over there"! She has got a big and little to dress up!!!

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  1. Yay to marrying your teen love & yay to them having really awesome style. My husband lives in vintage Ts & jeans, so lucky he's tall & athletic (he's a soldier) & wears anything i put in his wardrobe. Love Posie

  2. Rubes that is such a sweet story! Loving the plaid :-)

  3. I'm so glad I happened upon your blog. I love it! Especially the vintage here, vintage there posts. So fun!
    P.S. I love your love story with Ben. So sweet!

  4. Ooooh! Thanks for the little boy links! I just snagged that western pearl snap shirt for my little man.

    Love checking in on your blog. I'm secretly hoping you'll have a little boy. ;) They LOVE their mommas!


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