March 1, 2011

i called out sick today

So then Ben had to also. Who else will watch the girls while mommy is sick in bed?!
nostalgic snacks
I woke up feeling yucky with an achy throat and congestion and have been in bed all day sleeping and loading up on cranberry juice and fun snacks like yan yans. I hope this cold kicks the curb by tomorrow!

Here are some pretty things I found while in bed... these cakes, this dress line, these wedges, and always love this lady's work. Also, got some new sponsors up so check them out!

Stay well friends. Back to napping I go...


  1. boo... me too, me too! i have the same thing! :( get better. i am snacking on paris baguette!!!

  2. I love all of the finds you posted on! That shop that sells the dress line you liked had a lot of nice vintage things. :)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. feel better ruby! i have been under the weather myself.

    ps. i have been eyeing those wedges myself!

  4. hope you feel better soon. rest up! :)

  5. I have just found your blog and I am loving it!!! So cute and sweet. I love your girls names.

    Love Emma,

  6. I think it's a pregnancy side effect to catch a cold during your first trimester. I know I did, I never get sick.

  7. Something strange is going around! I hope I didn't give it to you on Monday! ... probably not possible right? get lots of rest!!!!!!!!!

  8. hey ruby!

    Take care and get well soon!

    ps. I love those yan yan sticks too! and Pocky!


  9. Feel better dear Ruby!
    Have a good rest!

  10. I used to eat yan yan all the time OH MAN!!! the memories! feel better!

  11. oh, i hope you feel better soon, ruby! (but in the meantime, enjoy those fun looking treats!)

  12. *sending good vibes and vitamin C lol*

  13. those cakes were cute--- but you wanna see amazing CAKES? Check these out baby!!

    My favorite is the baby octopus monster!!!

  14. melissa jade- oh! that octopus monster is crazy!!!

    lin- no way you could have gotten me sick.

    jane- um... i want paris baguette!

    corner girl- oh yeah... red velvet has so much good stuff!!!

  15. you are AMAZING! you post even when you're feeling under the weather... oooohhhh, boy can I learn a thing or two from you about blogging! thanks... hope you're feeling better...


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