February 21, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: a casual day

vintage here, vintage there
I finally left the house on Sunday to go to church (I didn't go anywhere at all last week) and I was feeling so yucky that all I wanted to throw on were a pair of jeans and a tee! Thus, it was dubbed a casual "vintage here, vintage there" for the week.

Then, my prego mama brain went into overdrive and as were about to take pictures with my nikon, I realized I forgot to put the battery in, so we decided to do the pictures using hipstamatic app on ben's phone. Yup. This mama is definitely pregnant!
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
I feel like I am kinda cheating this week because the only vintage I am actually wearing is the kelly green cardigan. I found it thrifting in San Antonio over the holidays and totally thought it was polyester, so I stuck it in the wash. When I took it out it was a tad bit smaller, so I looked at the label and saw that it was actually pure virgin wool! Oi!!! It was originally a bit bigger, so now I like the fit a lot better, but washing it did give it some teeny tiny holes all over that I had to hand sew close. You can hardly tell the holes are there now and I still love it nonetheless. It is a lesson to look at the label before you throw it in the wash!
vintage here, vintage there
True was sleeping in the car, so I didn't bother waking her up because she was extremely tired and we noticed she may have the startings of a cold. My Brave and Soul were happy to be freed and able to roam a bit taking some pictures.
vintage here, vintage there
Soul's cowichan sweater is from oh, sydney and it is one of my favorite vintage things we have for her! I really wish it came in my size, but I think I could say that about a lot of the kid vintage stuff they have.
vintage here, vintage there
Brave's dress vintage dress is totally another style that I wish came in my size! Though of late, the idea of wearing a dress doesn't sound too pleasant to me. When I was pregnant with Brave all I wanted to wear was pants. Then when I was pregnant with Soul all I wanted to wear were dresses! This time around all I want to wear are pajamas!!! Do you think I could make it socially acceptable to wear my pj's out and about?!! Yeah. I didn't think so.
vintage here, vintage there
on me: jeans, seven. shirt, kohls. cardigan, vintage thrifted. scarf, some little shop in seattle. ballet flats, jessica simpson.
on brave: dress, lishyloo. shoes, siaomimi via gilt.
on soul: shirt, misha lulu. pants, forever21 baby (when it was around). cardigan, oh sydney. moccasins, freshly picked.

cute cardigans for the cool spring days ahead: sweet pink, beaded cardigan, robin egg blue, green and white, granny pink
little cardigans for the cool spring days ahead: balloon, chicken button, knit sweater, plaid letter, little red

Head over to Rachel's and see the super cute vintage housedress she is wearing and the little yellow dress we gave to Miss Ruby before she was even born! It is still cold over there in Missouri, but they are getting pretty excited for warm days ahead (keeping fingers crossed). I hope to be my normal wanting to get dressed up self soon... 2 more weeks until this first trimester is over!!!
vintage here, vintage there: week one
vintage here, vintage there: week two
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part one
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part two
vintage here, vintage there: week four
vintage here, vintage there: week five
vintage here, vintage there: everyday wear
vintage here, vintage there: outerwear
vintage here, vintage there: texas style
vintage here, vintage there: borrowed
vintage here, vintage there: family outing
vintage here, vintage there: what's in my bag?
vintage here, vintage there: handmade
vintage here, vintage there: shoes
vintage here, vintage there: love day


  1. i LOVE the hipstamatic app on my phone!!

    i definitely think that you could rock your pj's out of the house!

  2. I say that preggo ladies get to wear whatever, where ever the heck they want! I instituted that rule when I was pregnant, and I'm reinstating it for you. When I'm pregnant again, I plan to do the same.


  3. you could wear pajama jeans... have you seen those? hahahahahahahahaha! i think this is the first time i've seen you in jeans in like FOREVER!! the girls look a-dor-a-ble! i miss them!

  4. https://www.pajamajeans.com/flare/next

    watch the promo video... you will die! haha! maybe you can make your own pajama jeans! haha! then post a vimeo of it! haha!

  5. the photos look really special, love 'em... and your kids are gorgeous, love their outfits.

    congratulations on your pregnancy :)

  6. I just found your blog from Elise's blog A Beautiful Mess and I just love it :) Your photos are amazing and it's got the nicest vibe to it. Congrats on your pregnancy too, you have a beautiful family xx

  7. Only if they're vintage pjs! Ha! You look great. I have been wearing that same scarf nonstop. Mine is starting to disintegrate, but I love it nonetheless. So warm and bulky! xo.

  8. stefany- thanks for stopping by and visit again!

    jane- what?!! pajama jeans?!! must check that out now.

    beca- i know. i think i am gonna wear it down too!!!

  9. jane- haha!!! i may just have to get a pair! ;) do they come in maternity?!

  10. Do you know which film you used for those photos?

  11. kendra- no clue! i just click yes and yes, yes and until i got the app to work! will pay attention next time.


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