January 10, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: borrowed

vintage here, vintage there
Making new friends is the wonderful thing about this whole blogosphere! A few months ago, I became friends with Maria the proprietress of Adelaide's Homesewn. I have been a fan of her shop for sometime, but it wasn't until I got this ribbon knit dress that I contacted her to get her professional vintage cleaning advice. She was so helpful and we have become instant blog friends since! Then we schemed up a little collaboration between her shop and "Vintage Here, Vintage There" features.

Rachel and I each chose something from her shop to "borrow", wear, and model. Her lovely shop is full of such beautifully old items! I really love old things and she has no shortage of them! I really do think I was born in the wrong decade (but God knows best right?).
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
My dress of choice is this 1940's watercolor silk dress (you can buy it too and it would probably ship straight from me to you). The colorway, peter pan collar, and pintucks are just too perfect! I then paired it with a pretty sweater that I recently thrifted and I felt like I could have been an extra in the movie Edge of Love, except you probably wouldn't have seen a Filipina (that's what my ethnicity is in case you ever wondered, though I have never been to the Philippines) in London at that time. I seriously watched that movie, just for the clothes!
vintage here, vintage there
vintage here, vintage there
I am really loving the girls' haircuts and it seems you all do too! I think Brave's hair especially fits her personality so perfectly! During the day it gets a little frazzled and crazy and I think it looks darn cute and really suits her! Saturday morning she woke me up just to tell me, "Mommy, my bangs are crazy!" And crazy were they indeed, as they were sticking straight up!
vintage here, vintage there
True and Brave fight, but they are the best of friends too. I really hope they just get closer as the years go by and that they get closer to us too!
vintage here, vintage there
vintage here, vintage there
on me: dress, vintage borrowed from adelaide's homesewn. belt, thrifted. sweater, vintage thrifted. socks, urban outfitters. oxfords, macys. tapestry bag, vintage (drawn here, gift from jane via ms. tips).
on true: dress, vintage c/o little one vintage. sweater, thrifted. boots, thrifted.
on brave: shirt, vintage. skirt, misha lulu. sock, gymboree. shoes, vintage.

We have some fun ideas coming up for our "Vintage Here, Vintage There" Mondays, but if there is something you would like to see or for us to discuss re: wearing/buying vintage, please let us know in the comments here. If you are sharing some vintage over at your blog, please leave us a link to it!

Head "over there" to check out the comfy, cozy coat Rachel borrowed and how she styled it for a date night out with Brett!

Thank you Maria for letting us borrow from your wonderfully lovely shop! Check out the Adelaide's Homesewn shop and blog.

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  1. Yes, I have something to say regarding your "Vintage Here, Vintage There" - I LUV IT!!! I especially am interested in all the vintage you've found for your girls. Thanks sooooo much for putting links to shops where appropriate, I've gone to everyone and am simply smitten. If you ever have time, could you do a spiel on how you go about finding vintage for your kids, how you found the online shops and I'd love to know the other stores you shop at (i.e. when you say "thrifted" or vintage are you referring to stores in LA? I'm originally from there and would love to know what stores to go to the next time I'm in town. Thanks again for doing this every Monday, I'm officially going vitnage with my 2 girls now. =)

  2. But if you were born in another decade, maybe you'd just like clothes older than that!

  3. I love the red socks and boots on your girls...so cute!
    And their hair cuts look wonderful, I love that you documented them in the chairs during the cuts, those pictures were adorable.

  4. oh. my. goodness. "Please dear Jesus let my future children be as cute as Ruby's? Amen". Ah! can't even take it. Not to mention your usual adorable self. Thanks for sharing so much vintage goodness all the time! So fun.

  5. you look awesome! i love the way you styled it :)

  6. Hi Ruby!

    Really love your girls new haircut!

    Anyway it really takes alot of effort to source for pretty vintage outfits and you look awesome in it!

    You have inspired me and my friend!(we love reading your blog!)

    Be Happy Always!


  7. You're so good at sharing! I am pretty sure that I wore that SAME sweater today in my outfit post (except you can't see it) in the photos I shared. TWINSIES!!

  8. FABULOUS! Those red boots are sooo cute and the models are divine!!!!

  9. Um, I have red cowboy boots like True, and I just got a fringe cut at the weekend. Your children are more stylish than me!

    PS: that dress is PERFECT on you! I think Adelaide should give it you. No-one else will be able to wear it half as well :)

  10. I love her new haircut, its' so cute!!! You look beautifully happy! I love your blog! I wish there would be more vintage clothes here in France for little girls (i have two), thankfully esty is my best pal!
    Have a sweet sweet day!

  11. ooh I think this is my favorite outfit you've paired so far I love it and I am so inspired by you to wear more vintage! your girls and their new bangs are darling by the way they look just like Mama!!

  12. I have to say Brave looks so adorable in her mod Bob haircut.....
    The mommy and older sister are cute too.... : )
    blessings to your family

  13. OMIGosh, this is precious. And what a fabulous idea!

    Hey, I don't know if you read my comment a few days ago about the vintage little girl's dress I was listing in my shop, but I just posted it & wanted to give you first dibs. It might be a bit big for your girls- it's equivalent to a size 5T or 6T. NOT to spam your blog, but here's the link: http://etsy.me/ibTX5J


  14. I really like vintage cloths a lot. It always looks beautiful to my eyes.
    dining room tables

  15. Love that dress. I'm going to go check out Adelaide Homesewn. Thanks!

    (sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong decade too)


  16. Hi, I'm a big fan of your blog and realized I have a vintage connection for you! Check out this Etsy shop for awesome stuff!

  17. kelly alberts- don't forget to leave me the link!

    eleni- i think it would look great on others too!

    nickie- oh no! too big!!! so cute! must look at that pretty dress again !

  18. Everytime I meet a Filipina, I like to play a game I call "How Does She Or Her Family Know John Or His Family?" Every Filipino I know somehow knows my husband or his family. I've been the the Philippines 3 times (once to visit the homeland with my hubby's family).

  19. you and your girls are the cutest thing EVER!!!!

  20. Your girls are adorable! You are adorable! I'm linking the adorableness to my Friday dance!
    : O )


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