January 24, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: what's in my vintage bag?

vintage here, vintage there

I am in love with carpet/tapestry bags and I have quite the growing collection (maybe I am trying to channel my inner Mary Poppins)! It actually all started with this bag, which I loved, but couldn't afford, so I searched and searched for another and finally got one that I could afford. Though since then, I have been gifted with various vintage carpet bags and I must admit that I really love them all! So, that bag that I loved but couldn't afford, finally came my way through my parents who decided to gift it to me for Christmas! I was overjoyed when I pulled it out of the gift bag!

My dad said, "Your mom gets her nice fancy purses, and you say vintage is your definition of nice and fancy, so now you got your own!"

Thanks pops, this pretty bag is nice and fancy indeed!
vintage here, vintage there
Remember, I am a mom with three kids, so this is only one of the two bags I carry. The other is a diaper bag filled with even more junk! But in my bag, I always have a sketch book (from black apple) to do some doodling and idea writing, a camera of sorts, either a polaroid camera, fuji, in this case it was my Zumi. Inside is my liberty of london wallet from target, which goes everywhere my bag goes, as well as my little make-up bag.
vintage here, vintage there
I love having a little sketch book with me at all times, though sometimes it does get hijacked by one of my daughters and their sketches end up all over my sketches!
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
My make-up bag is from aim's shoppe and contain all my necessary things that I hate to leave home without. The most important one is vaseline, which is my lip balm. I have super, super sensitive skin and the only thing that doesn't give me a rash is vaseline, so I love this stuff a whole lot! I usually try to have lotion of sorts as I have the dryest and roughest hands around, and my mac lip glasses are the only things that can put color on my lips and not give me a rash.
vintage here, vintage there
Since having bangs, I carry a little comb to comb them straight when they get all wild, and whoever is with me always laughs when I whip out that little comb. I do admit I do look kinda funny when combing my bangs! The little blue circular thing is my measuring tape that comes in handy when I am in search for some vintage for Ben. It has helped me bring a couple good fitting shirts to him!
vintage here, vintage there
Those are the happy little things that I trek with me wherever I go. Must never leave home without them in my pretty vintage bag! Obviously, it isn't quite Mary Poppins-esque as my bag can only hold so much (there are no tricks coming out of this one), but I love my vintage bag oh so much!!! I will have to show you the rest of my carpet bag collection soon...

And if any of you ever see one like this, please let me know 'cause I am so, so in love with this one too! I would gladly make a dollhouse pillow for one just like that!

Head "over there" and see Rachel's adorably cute vintage travel bag! She has got all kinds of crafty goodness inside hers! I need to set myself up one of those for our road trips. Rachel always has some sort of inspiring idea going on! Thank you Rachel for always inspiring!!!

So tell me what kind of vintage bag are you currently coveting? Do you wanna channel your inner Mary Poppins too?

vintage here, vintage there: week one
vintage here, vintage there: week two
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vintage here, vintage there: week three, part two
vintage here, vintage there: week four
vintage here, vintage there: week five
vintage here, vintage there: everyday wear
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  1. What great parents you have! That was super awesome of them to get your dream bag! Great gift.

    I'm soooooo with you on the vaseline for the lips! Sing it sista'...love it. I must at all times have vaseline with me for my lips. I used to carry around that small travel size like the one shown in your pic...but then I discovered that they actually have little tubes of vaseline! I get mine from Walmart - but I'm sure they have them all over.

    What's really great about the tube is that I don't have to stick my (sometimes dirty) finger into the jar of vaseline...

    Ok - I guess I just went way overboard talking about vaseline - but you get the picture!

  2. I have a comb for my bangs, too! hehe. i love my lil red comb. they totally help. i am goin to take a photo of what i keep in my bag, too.. one of these days. have a lovely week <3 hearts

  3. I love that little bag! It is Mary Poppins perfect. That is such a good idea to carry around a tape measure, and your sketches are really cute :)

  4. Darling bag! I have a Mary Poppins carpet style bag also, and I love carrying it around.

  5. vintage chanel. black quilted. thanks.

  6. Hi Ruby,
    I'm drooling over your bag, it's so beautiful. Your parents are so nice & so thoughtful. That explain why you are so nice too. I have been collecting tapestry, needlepoint bag for a short while now. I have to control myself from time to time.
    here is my recent bags that i got from etsy.


    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful bags. Soon onto my favorites. haha


  7. great collection!! I love carpet bags myself. I'm currently obsessed over this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/66672307/large-vintage-1940s-marlow-carpet-bag
    it's so cute!!

  8. vaseline is the only thing i can use on my lips as well... i have one in every bag i own, in my nightstand, in my car, in my hubby's car....

    have you tried smiths rosebud salve? that's pretty good too!

  9. khan- oh i am in love with the second bag you got, though the first is cute too!!!

    tammy- oh gosh! that fancy cat/horse one is amazing!!!!

    kk- i have to check out vaseline in a tube, that would be perfect! i always use my knuckle, just to keep away from the fingertips.

  10. i love carpet bags!!!
    and...i may have a purse like the one you lust after...at least the shape is the same - but the print is different. it is gray with red berry like flowers on it. i can send a picture. it comes with a change purse, a comb and a tiny mirror inside. so precious!!

  11. ecky! please send me a picture! it is the shape that i love so much!!!! eek! excited!

  12. I love it! Thanks for showing what's in your purse. My skin is crazy sensitive also, but vasoline is the worst thing I can put on my lips, and sadly, I can't wear lip glasses :(

    I and in LOVE with your sketchbook. I'm putting in a request for you to teach us some sketching here on your blog... just a wish :) I know you have plenty to do, put I adore your sketching!

  13. p.s. car bag is from aimsshoppe!


    aimee :)

  14. small car pouch from aimsshoppe on etsy.


  15. car pouch from aimsshoppe on etsy!

    thx, aimee


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