January 17, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: family outing

vintage here, vintage there
We finally were able to celebrate Ben's birthday this weekend (more on that soon) and after a bit of a crazy week, it was nice to get dressed and out of the house! I have always been a girl who loved clothes (probably too much), so it is fun to have little girls to play real-life dress up with, though my oldest one is starting to develop her own taste. Still, True gets gets pretty excited about vintage and finding vintage, so it makes this mama a happy camper!
ben's birthday adventurevintage here, vintage there
vintage here, vintage there
The weather over here is pretty warm, around the high 60's-70's, so it allows to bust out all the cute short dresses sans tights. I do really love the winter (at least what we get of it here in socal) and wearing tights, but once in awhile it is nice to just bask in the warm sun.

If you have seen Rachel's vintage loot, you would get jealous cause you know she finds good stuff! Umm... Missouri, may I please come over? Rachel is such a sweetheart and sent over this pretty dress for True (and a whole lot of pretty for the other girls too!).
vintage here, vintage there
I have always been a matchy-matchy kind of person, like the shirt had to match the skirt and shoes kinda thing, but I have been trying to break out of that. I think this funky gal has really inspired me when it comes to dressing. Thus, striped tee and vintage plaid dress on Brave was the way to go!
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
vintage here, vintage there
My dress had to be altered a smidge as it was too long or maybe I am just too short, but now it is the perfect length! The wonderful thing is that it is polyester and so that makes hemming so much easier, at least in my book.
ben's birthday adventure
ben's birthday adventure
on me: dress, vintage c/o kakalina rose vintage. belt, thrifted. shoes, ebay (gifted from bff).
on ben: shirt, vintage. jeans, diesel.
on true: tank, not sure. dress, vintage (gifted from rachel). belt, thrifted. boots, vintage.
on brave: shirt, misha lulu. dress, vintage from etsy (gifted from grandparents). cowboy boots, thrifted.
on soul: shirt, color land. leggings, target. moccasins, freshly picked.

dresses to get you excited for spring: blue gingham, western ruffle, orange patterned, 50's sundress (only 10 bucks!), tie me up, green stripe.

dresses to get little ones excited for spring: pink sailor dress, hen dress, pintuck dress, gingham top, mod knit, yellow smocked.

Come back later as Rachel and I will be discussing how we buy vintage, where we buy, and how much spend. Wearing vintage does take some work, but it is a lot of fun and you probably won't run into someone wearing the same outfit!

Skedaddle over to Rachel's and check out pretty vintage they wore on a fun bowling night "over there"!

vintage here, vintage there: week one
vintage here, vintage there: week two
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part one
vintage here, vintage there: week three, part two
vintage here, vintage there: week four
vintage here, vintage there: week five
vintage here, vintage there: everyday wear
vintage here, vintage there: outerwear
vintage here, vintage there: texas style
vintage here, vintage there: borrowed



  1. ahh Rubyellen!

    You made that dress look absolutely wonderful! I didn't even realize it was the dress I sent you at first! You're beautiful lady! love it!

    Thanks again, Katherine

  2. love the little blue dress paired with the red belt! and her bangs are too cute! also loooove your dress!! i am way jealous that is it warm enough t wear it there, it's been freeeezing here in MI.

    i too am trying to break free of always being matchy-matchy.. i've definitely gotten better but have a ways to go.

  3. hey ruby...i saw this and thought of you..im one of ur followers and know how u love old vintage cameras...this is a yard sale sight on my base i live and here is the link...i hope u like it :) http://www.pendletonyardsales.com/item18646963.html?itemId=18646963&src=SEARCH

  4. you and your family are just adorable! and i cannot wait until your new shop opens... so excited!!

  5. fun fun. those kids are just too hip for words. :)

  6. you guys are all absolutely adorable! loving every minute of it. i too am a matchy matchy person and would love to dare to be different... :-)

  7. The sweetest family photos, as always!

    I love those little dresses.

    - Lauren

    Ladaisi Blog

  8. OHHHH i like that dress! ... cuz it's short. :) let me borrow it!

  9. you guys are so cute and literally all of you have the biggest smiles. so nice to see!

  10. thank you for the link! you are sweet! I am flattered and u guys look great as always!

  11. beautiful family and love the style! :)


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