June 30, 2012


I am big picture kind of gal. Though with that, I think I have been forgetting to stop and enjoy the little things. The details. I am going to work on that. Can you tell by huzzah posts of late?

Since we got back home, I find myself just watching the girls a little bit more and savoring. Not that I am just staring at them and doing nothing, but still doing things that need to get done but really taking note of them and watching. Trying to memorize them in my heart. Then late last night when all was quiet, Ben had fallen asleep, I was thinking of all of them (Ben included) and prayed for them. I honestly feel frantic all the time. It may not look like it and may not seem like it in this space, but I do feel it. I want to be more still, in my heart and not actually physically, and just savor this time God's given me.

Learned and links...

Melody is so smart. Justice who?! I think I better start educating myself on this stuff more.

I love this house. This will be on the must make this summer list.

A pink lake?!! Adding Lac Rose on my list to visit... one day.

Glow yells. For food at least. She jumps, scream, attacks the minute she sees that baby food come out. Sometimes, I even call her my little glanimal.

There will be some blog changes in the coming future. It's being worked on and I am pretty excited about it.

My friend Helen's wedding photos are amazing. This one... so good!

The ipad is i-mazing!

Behind in emails, if you're waiting for one. Getting to it soon.

I love all the color in this home. I love neutral palette homes and wish I could do it because it seems so clean, but I am really much more drawn to homes that have pops of color.

Ben goes back to work Monday, but is off on Wednesday... yay! Then we celebrate our anniversary next weekend. Have a jolly weekend friends!


hello friends!

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