June 29, 2012


This is the extra stuff we brought home from our road trip that got jam packed into our already full car. That chair has actually been sitting at my MIL's house for a year and a half now. I saw it for sale on a blog based near San Antonio, so I emailed to find out if they could drop it off in San Antonio (or meet my MIL somewhere to make the exchange), the seller happily obliged. It was $25 and a happy color, so I thought that was a pretty good deal. 

We've done some tiny house fixing up since we've been home. Knobs are up in the kitchen now and we've got some new curtains hung, but once everything is settled, there will be a house tour. Promise. Until then, I still have a couple lights fixtures to buy and add.


  1. I took Rachel's "Style My Space" ecourse and in your interview you say you can't wait to someday put hardwood in! :) Yay for dreams accomplished! I love your style... Please send some of those fabulous chairs my way. :)

  2. you scored on the loot and i'm jealous!! :)

  3. I need some antlers like those for a jewelry display I want to make!

  4. I made my sister in law meet someone for something on craigslist for me. Makes me feel better that I am not the only person who browses craigslist where relatives live!


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