July 2, 2012


Kids are natural collectors. They really find the beauty and fun in the simplest of things. Their most favorite collection from this weekend... their "sleeping" beetles. Brave even took hers to church, kept it in her pocket and was showing everyone and kissing it. Yes, kissing it! She was also getting everyone to pet it. Not everyone was quite enthused about it, but they did it. Brave is so cute with her pet beetle!

What sorts of things do your kids collect or did you collect when you were a kid? I was a barbie collector and had a granite rock phase. 


  1. I also had a pet beetle when I was about braves age. Had it for the whole afternoon, then decided my beetle would probably enjoy a bike ride. Then I accidentally ran him over. Dont tell brave that part. =)

  2. I was a plush animal collector and I've loved little and colorful thinks like wrapping paper :3
    I was many many times on a treasure hunt for those things. Much fun I can tell you :D

  3. I was a rock collector when I was little. My Grandpa used to watch me after school and he would save me the cool rocks he had found in the garden throughout the day :]

  4. DANGER!!! Beetles carry all kinds of diseases. Especially dead ones!!

    1. thanks for the fyi! i will tell her to stop kissing them. i thought it was cute though, but it won't be cute if she gets sick.

  5. i totally had a rock phase. oh my goodness...every vacation tourism designation led me to that big barrel of rocks...hehe. nerd alert!

    xo, amanda

  6. Awww, this is one of the cutest posts I've read this week. I love the photographs.

    My kiddo brings me rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.

    Ladaisi Blog
    Ladaisi Etsy

  7. that's so cute! what is it w/ kids & bugs?

    i collected candy wrappers, especially loved the ones from other countries :)

  8. I have a tendency to collect (or hoard) things to this day. I am now able to focus my energy into collecting things I can actually use, such as books and shoes, but really I want everything. When I was younger I had hundreds of soft toys and set up a classroom in my bedroom. I took the register every morning :-) good times

  9. Hahaha that's too cute! At least she was kissing the beetles and not eating them... :S

    Hmm, when I was little I used to collect stickers - and I loved those scratch'n'sniff ones.

  10. I collected chewing gum wrappers and made chains out of them. Also, Pogs, bookmarks, & patches for my bookbag. I have had a hard time parting with all of these things. I think the chain is in a keep box somewhere in my parents' attic.


  11. i loved collecting grasshoppers when i was little. i'd keep them in a jar and rubber band gauze over the top - but then when they escaped, i screamed like a crazy person and poor mom had to catch them herself. hehe.

  12. I collected rubbers and stickers as a kid, My children haven't really done any collecting - altho my friends son went thru a phase of collecting eraser shavings that he made (weird) but over it quickly!

  13. As a child I collected scars, I used to fall over alot. My daughter collects, sticks, rocks, bark & grass which she stashes into my handbag.

  14. ohmygoodness!
    the bugs would be a no-go for me.
    my child really likes to pick up rocks.
    i'm looking at one now that's about to be tucked under the rug if it gets pushed any closer...

  15. Hahaha, Brave is always doing the cutest most hilarious things! I love her imagination, I am sad that I missed it!
    By the way I might need to get facebook again just so I can look at the cakies facebook page without Taylor rushing me!! It's so pretty and I love your layout and profile picture :)

  16. I found a roly poly in my 10 month olds mouth last month... funny and gross.


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