April 1, 2012


hello april
April things that make us giddy...

- All the house fixing upping that will be going on. Over the moon excited!

- Being with Ben everyday.

- Some planned get togethers with friends.

- Days outside in the garden.

- Celebrating Resurrection Sunday!

- Running my first 5k ever and doing it the most colorful way possible!

- My biggest baby turns 6!

What things are you looking forward to this month?


  1. I can't wait to see the house projects you're working on! I too am so excited it's April... this month we're having a baby, hubby will go on paternity leave, and it's spring which means it's getting sunnier! woo!

  2. Sounds like a fun month ahead! Everyone seems to be running 5k & 10ks these day. It's making me feel like I really need to step it up, haha. I'm looking forward to friends visiting us in London and travels around England.

  3. Sounds amazing!

    I'm looking forward to getting a price on an apartment we are hoping to buy and paying the big deposit. Scary but oh-so-exciting! Also waiting to hear back on a start date for a job, so I have two very exciting things happening in April!

  4. I'm also running the color run! THIS WEEKEND! YAYAYA! Probably the best way to run a 5K, right?

  5. Yay! I ran the Color Run in February and LOVED it! I'm sure you will too :) Good luck!

  6. I can't wait to see what you and Ben whip up at the Bratcher house! A baby perhaps? I mean....a house project...hehe.


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  8. Training for Iron Girl '12! 800 meter swim, 22.5 bike run, and 5K run here I come!

  9. I love when I come to your blog I'm met with a mix of positivity and cool. Good luck with your race and enjoy the month ahead!

  10. I WANT TO DO THE COLOR RUN!!! Let's do it next year...when I'm THERE!

  11. omg. i just found out about the Color Run. I am missing out.


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