March 30, 2012


Ben will be stuck with his five girls everyday, all day for one whole month! We are a whole bunch excited over here about that. We have a long list of house to-dos and I can finally get caught up on some things too. We also want to spend some time serving and fellowshipping with others too. I know this time will fly by, but we are going to try to be smart with it while we got it.

This week's learned and links...

- We did not win the lottery.

- Glow is on all fours, rocking back and forth. The move forward should be coming any day now.

- True is kind of a manipulator and cons Brave into giving her things she wants.

- Wearing these sunglasses and Ben is kinda jealous cause they're too rad.

- The girls are all about their ginormous bows courtesy of much love, illy.

- Soul has been extra clingy to me lately and only wants me to put her to bed.

- Met with one of the gals from our church family and thankful for grace in confessing struggles with one another.

- Wishing these will be in my Easter basket because they are just too fun!

- This sofa on craigslist in Los Angeles is way cute! Someone get it!

- Might make some sort of Easter in a box for my girlies. I think they would love it!

I am pretty excited about the things that will be happening this weekend and the next few weeks. The house will be undergoing a slight transformation and I get to bug Ben all day long. I am totally stuck on him like glue! Enjoy your weekend friends!!!


  1. how exciting, ruby! enjoy this month, what a gift! i have been m.i.a., but i just read some of your posts and i have to tell you how much i admire you for homeschooling and doing all the other things us mums do on top of that. and all your creativity, of course!

  2. omg i want that couch for my house one day

  3. Maybe you could just buy the couch and call it a family Easter present? If only, right? ;)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!!!! <3
    Have a blessed time!


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