April 2, 2012


Today was filled with errand running, phone calls with possible contractors, and lots of kid drawings. The highlight of the day was finding the vintage lighting that has been on my want list for, like, ever. We couldn't bring it home with us today, but we will next week. So excited about that! Then, I just need to bug my dad to come over and install it over our dining table and we will be all set. Another plus was that same shop also yielded another globe to add to my collection.

There were a few frustrations today (not kid related), but having Ben around all day long makes things a lot better. After I cried, he went downstairs to get me cookies. Yes, cookies can really make things feel a bit better.

Let's hope tomorrow I actually get some cleaning done. What was your Monday like?


  1. umm. literally every time you post photos of your adorable babies, i show them to husband because he gets the most awesome 'cutebabysqueal'. in the least creep way -- i promise. thanks for spreading all the love of baby fever in this house.


  2. i love your posts and your honesty! i only have one little one right now... but your photos make me want more! my husband is home four days in a row at a time, and it is always nice to have him around to share in whatever life has in store for us that day.

    love reading your posts!

  3. I really like that you ask your readers questions! and how you are so honest! cookies....well anything sweet makes me feel better too! I was at school all day today...WOMP! I hope tomorrow is better for you!

  4. That is a gorgeous globe! I saw a pin once where someone took an ugly old globe and mod-podged it over wit pages from a children's book - it turned out beautifully! Want to try this at some point.

    Your children are beautiful.

    - Lauren


  5. I love that globe.
    And your girls are always so sweet!

    Whatever it was that was bothering you, I hope you're feeling better!!

  6. your so lucky - a man that cooks you cookies!! I want to send my hubby to you for lessons cos clearly I dont have the nak
    Cant wait to see the light - you inspire me that you can transform an ordinary home into something spectacular. Ok your also lucky that you have so many lovely antique and second hand type places we dont here unfortunatly but still very inspiring!!

  7. My monday was troubled, because my little cat is really sick.. =(
    We are going to the vet again today because the medicines are having no efect. Oh my.

    I love seeing the kids drawings! Too funny that she gave mouths to the Hello Kittys on the coloring pages!

    hugs from Brazil

  8. Mondays are always crazy for me haha! So full of things to do! I need more globes too, my boyfriend is in love with them and every year I buy him one for his birthday!

    xoxo, jjanga

  9. That is adorable that he went and brought you cookies. What a sweetie. Sometimes, after all has been said, you just need a cookie. He knew. :)

  10. It's a good man who knows when to bring the wife cookies.

  11. Ruby, your girls always so adorable, they are going to be so crafty & talented little artists like their Mom.
    I've been collecting vintage globes and your new globe is the prettiest color i've seen. I want a dark navy one too. :)

    Thanks for sharing as always.

  12. I came across this website today through blog hopping and it made me think of you!


  13. Gosh, your girls are oh-so-cute. I want to give them a huge squeezy hug!

    My Monday was pretty quiet, I'm at home alone at the moment, so it was mostly housework and a bit of trashy television.

  14. Love the base on your new globe. Looks amazing. Nice find!


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