March 1, 2012


hello march
March things that I am excited about...

- This gal is getting married in a week and I get to play bridesmaid again. Her wedding website is amazing!

- Officially sharing a fun project I got to work on that some of you may already know about.

- Planting more tomatoes. Last year we had 34 varieties. I can't wait to see what Ben picks this year.

- Meeting this little guy for the first time soon. Though I will admit, I am not a pet person.

- Spending more time outside.

- Turning taxes in. Though, this is more a relief than exciting.

- The end of the month.

- Check out new sponsors (and some returning)... Ms. Tips, Much love Illy, Lisa Leonard, and Sweet Threads!

The end of the month is what gets me most excited about March because in April, Ben finally takes his paternity leave from work and he gets to do some baby bonding time with us all. The idea of Ben home with us all day long, every day makes me quite giddy.

What does March have in store for you?


  1. March is my BD month.
    It really is a great month! ;)

  2. You are so stinking cute, pretty & stunning all wrapped into one!
    I'm due with twin boys {Hunter and Emerson} in April, but March could be the month... it's an exciting waiting game :)
    Glad your Hubs gets to be home with you and your ladies!

  3. ps did you cut your hair?! If so, it's adorable!

  4. happy wife- ooh! congrats! i know that last month is full of happy nervousness! and my hair is still long, just pulled back!

  5. sister bonding time! <3 i am so excited!!

  6. March means we're so close to spring- yaya!

  7. Hi! I've been lurking around for a couple years but I just had to say that I'm also expecting at the end of March so I did a happy dance when I woke up because March is finally here! We're having a girl so I'm always inspired by you! And her name is also inspired by little True...but don't worry it's not 'True' :)

  8. We're headin' out to the Philippines to celebrate a gaggle of birthdays and it's my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. *woot-woot* It's a good month!

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  10. So true! About two weeks ago it started to get warm and I thought to myself "finally spring" then it suddenly got Freeeezing again.. ugh hopefully it'll warm up again :)


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