March 1, 2012


Totally getting into this cooking thing! I have been doing well with pairing with veggies. I think it helped that last weekend I was able to go the market and pick up some vegetables that I thought my pair well with my menu. The girls all have been pretty good eaters, but they have been especially devouring our meals of late.

We started off the week with Spinach & Chickpeas, which Ben made over the weekend.
family meals
This particular dish is a favorite of ours and gets made often. Ben added some tofu in it this time around and it was good, but a little more watery. If you do add tofu, make sure to let it sit on a paper towel for about 10 minutes before adding with the rest of the ingredients. Brave loves the garbanzo beans, True loves the spinach, and Soul kinda loves mixing it together. There is something for everyone!

I was really excited about Tuesday's dish because Scallion Meatballs with Soy-Ginger Glaze with a side of Spiced Coconut Spinach sounded really good...
family mealsfamily meals
And indeed it was! I doubled the recipe because I had a feeling it would be a hit. You must make these meatballs! We used lean ground turkey and it was seriously yum. That sauce is amazing. Just make sure you let it sit on the stove for a long time (45 minutes) simmering so that you can get that nice thick glaze. We paired ours with some brown rice and we were all about this meal.

I did the Spiced Coconut Spinach without the coconut because 1) Ben couldn't find unsweetened coconut and 2) turns out Ben doesn't like coconut filled food, so I just did without it. It tasted really good to me and frankly, I think I could do without the coconut too. Instead of the ghee or clarified butter, I used canola oil. I liked how simple this vegetable dish was.

Wednesday was for Ginger Soba Noodles and Stir Fried Bok Choy...
family mealsfamily meals
Loved them both, but I accidentally put fresh rosemary in the noodles instead of tarragon. I am not sure how that change affected the flavor, but I will try making this dish again to see how it tastes with tarragon and pumpkin seeds instead of rosemary and sesame seeds. Also, I used much less than the 1/3 of oil it calls for at the end. True hasn't found her love for tofu just yet, but Brave and Soul have, so I think it is just a matter of time for True and the right recipe.

The bok choy was yummy, though I did also saute it with some shallots. We had some left over from the day before, so I threw it in there. This veggie dish was another hit!

Thursday, we had plenty of leftovers to cover our dinner. They all tasted just as yummy a day or so later. Since I started meal planning, we have also started to revise our lunches and have been eating fresher meals. Honestly, with all the kids, I was just happy that Trader Joe's had healthy ready prepared meals that was quick to pop in the oven or make, but with all our dinners, sometimes we have that for lunch or I am able to whip up something else for the girls. This meal planning has helped make me more motivated to spend time in the kitchen cooking for my family. I am kinda loving the challenge!

I want to note that none of these recipes take very long to do. At most, maybe 40 minutes of active time from start to finish for both vegetable and main dish. I don't have all day to be in the kitchen, so I need recipes that will let me get in and food out on the table fast. Another thing, sometimes I might not have all the ingredients, so I use the site Food Subs to help me find appropriate substitute for that particular ingredient. Nine times out of ten, I have something that will suffice. This saves us money and time... love Food Subs!

Week 3/5 - 3/9
Monday: Wintry Spring Rolls and Spiced Spinach and Asparagus
Tuesday: Oven Fried Chicken (made this in week 1, but True is asking for it) and Mashed Sweet Potato
Wednesday: Turkey Tacos (something I already know how to make)
Thursday: Leftovers, but will probably be at my mom's.
Friday: Rehearsal dinner

On the weekends Ben usually cooks, but I have found myself whipping up something for the family too. This cooking thing is getting kind of fun! What's an easy go-to meal for you?

See the past weeks...


  1. March's issue of Sunset Magazine had a few recipes for tofu dishes, they looked really yummy and I don't normally eat tofu! I don't know why I'm posting this at 12:30am...I don't know why I'm assuming you get Sunset Magazine down in So. Cal...but it is a real great mag.


    maybe true will like one of those? haha! :) i want oven fried chicken!!!!! i'm coming over on tuesday. :) just kidding!

  3. So so yummy looking, :) I'm getting hungry and for some reason wanting so pad thai now...stomachs growling!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  4. i love reading about your food adventures. it inspires me to cook also!

  5. I love the meatballs, but the noodles kinda look like worms... I think I'd have a hard time stomaching those! :)
    Our go to meal that is quick and super yummy is something I call Sausage-Potato Hash... you pretty much fry some potatoes with turkey sausage and bell peppers and onion and there you go! Spice it however you like or top it with ketchup like my kids do!

  6. Meal planning is so crucial! All your dishes look so fresh and tasty...bon appetit!

  7. Such a yummy set of meals again consider them pintersted

    Take Care Nic xo

  8. Nice blog. I found a new way to use leftover roast lamb.

  9. I have to try the spinach and chickpeas recipe, it sounds delicious! You've inspired me to really meal plan every week too, thanks!

  10. Hi Ruby! I've heard so much about you from Linda! I just wanted to let you know that you can find unsweetened coconut at sprouts. You can get a whole bag for less than $2. - Amy


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