March 14, 2012


I love our family meals. It takes work to plan, but the result is great. We really do enjoy eating together more.

Monday, Ben worked late, so we had leftovers, but Tuesday I made Crunchy Turkey Tacos...
crunchy turkey tacos
It's one of the few things I make from memory. When Ben and I started dating, he would make me a lot of tacos when we were just hanging out at his house. I expected them to be the crunchy shell kind because that's what I had growing up, but they were always just corn tortilla warmed up with fillings. I learned to love tacos in warmed up corn tortillas, but I am partial to the crunchy shell kind when it comes to ground turkey tacos. According to Ben, those crunchy shells aren't authentic Mexican food.

For Wednesday's dinner we had Garlic Soba Noodles...
garlic soba noodles
Another yummy tofu dish. My changes to the recipe was to add cayenne pepper to the breading that went on the tofu for Ben and me. Told you we like that spice. I wasn't generous with the oil like the recipe says because we were try to practice moderation. And I didn't use garlic powder, but instead sauteed the spinach in minced garlic. This is another definitely making again soon dish. We all loved it.

The dishes I choose and make have all been pretty easy and have not taken more than 30-40 minutes of active prep time. Trust me, I am a busy mama and I don't have all day to be in the kitchen.

We have enough leftovers to last the rest of the week and actually I won't be here for dinner tomorrow because I will be at the Daily Buzz Style event at the Madewell in Century City tomorrow. If anyone local bloggers want to attend, send your RSVP to The event is a private party from 7-9pm Thursday night! If you go, let me know as it would be fun to meet you!!!

Week 3/19 - 3/23
Monday: Spaghetti and Meatballs
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Pizza

Have you made any new yummy dishes lately?


  1. the garlic soba noodles look amazing! i must try it!

  2. yum! your food looks amaaaazing :)
    (ps, so trippy to read that you guys eat nettles! :O wow.)

    1. missT- well, we haven't yet, but the recipe says arugula is a good substitute in case i can't find it! ;)

    2. hahaha - fair enough.

      on a mildly unrelated note, love the blog! (you probs don't need to be told, but) your fam is so cute :)

  3. You are an amazing cook, you really should look into starting your own cook book or cooking show! I think you'd be a hit and I'd watch you or buy your book!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  4. I try to do a new recipe every wednesday and now that all my books are packed Im enjoying finding yummy ideas on blogs...going to go through your weeks as soon as I find time and stock up on some recipes...

  5. We frequent Century city mall at least once a week since we work at Fox plaza. If you get there early enough, go to the Annenberg Space for Photography in the CAA bldg across the street on Ave of the Stars. Their current exhibit isn't my fave, but it's still worth checking out and it's free!

    1. anne- ooh! thanks! doubt i will get there early enough, but i will jot that down! i had a friend who worked at the fox plaza! didn't realize it is so close to the century city mall. i hope i don't hit traffic out there!

    2. Ya Foxplaza to Century City Mall is probably about a block away. It takes us 5 mins to walk there. If you're not used to LA traffic during the week, be prepared, because it pretty much blows. I live over the hill and if you map it, it's 12 miles, but on average it takes us 45-50 minutes to get here on a GOOD traffic day. And mind you that's with two little boys in tow in the back seat!

    3. will i still hit it coming into the city on the 10east? ugh! hate socal traffic. that's why i just stay home all the time! ;)

    4. I think depending from where you are starting from the 10, you will probably have a good portion where it's good and you're going against traffic, but once you hit the arteries like the 101 and 405, it will slow down considerably due to people trying to get to the Valley. Just give yourself lots of time, and try not to let your head explode if your car happens to be crawling, as my husband does on a daily basis. :)

  6. Yes!
    Pioneer woman has a great recipe for tofu wraps.
    And my four kids eat it up!
    Tofu sauteed with peanut oil, soy sauce and corn...sprinkle a little balsamic, and roll it up in a big and crunchy romaine leaf!
    We also all love PW sour cream enchiladas, and Meg's (blog Whatever) chicken enchiladas.

    I agree with meal planning..a lot of work, but SO WORTH it.

  7. Last night, I made a slight variation of this:

    IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I subbed the red pepper flake with Srirachi!

  8. Last night: Veggie Pad Thai. Even my kids loved it! They had fun sprinkling the cilantro and peanuts on top.

  9. In the new Bon Appetit, it talks about a very easy method of making your pizza dough, mix up the salt, yeast and dough, and let it sit overnight, no kneading involved. It is just as good as store bought. Thanks for that pizza recipe, I am going to try it!

  10. Made those garlic soba noodles tonight. So good! Especially coming out of a food rut. Thanks lady!

  11. garlic soba noodles look interesting. i have only had soba noodles with korean japchae and cold soy sauce-ish soup. might want to try that

  12. Ohhh yum. I made the Tomato Soup last night. It was so yummy!!!


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