March 14, 2012


flowers from outsideflowers from outsideflowers from outsideflowers from outside
Flowers are blooming again, which means every time the girls go outside, they are out picking them. We have little flowers, petals, and rocks strewn all over the carpet, all the time and they keep gifting me tiny bouquets. It gets kinda messy when their collections get quite large, but it's cute nonetheless. I like watching them pick the flowers outside. It reminds me of a funny story when I was a little girl...

I was in first grade and it was recess. My friends and I were behind the bushes picking flowers and leaves. The other girls were doing the talking and I was just listening. I used to be kinda shy back then, kinda like True, but not as extreme. They were talking about catching their parents doing you know what. Well, I had never heard of this stuff before, so I was kind of surprised. Mind you, this is just first grade and I was just six years old. There weren't details, but they just talked about catching their parents, yada yada...

Well, fast forward a few days later when I am home watching a movie with my parents and a kissing scene comes on... they immediately cover my head with a pillow and then I blurt out, "Why?!! Cause they're having sex?!!" My parents were dumbfounded. They turned off the movie and we had a little talk.

All this to say... I wonder what my girls are talking about when they're picking flowers. I am pretty sure it is just all about She-ra and My Little Pony. At least, I hope.


  1. AHHH! For the sake of us all, me too, me too. I am really hoping that you were just in the midst of a very advanced group of young girls.

    signed Hayley, mother of a 6 year old little girl

  2. ugh, number 2093 to really think about daughter is in 1st grade.
    love the flowers also.
    my kiddos brought a bunch of roly poly bugs in the other day with their pickings, they wanted my to build a little house for them, ha...I started imagining a super tiny cute little house.

  3. hahahahaha!!! that story is great! :)

  4. That's sooo funny! We're having a bit of a drought here in Paraguay so our flowers aren't doing so good, I hope we get some rain soon!

  5. Ha! I totally remember She-ra...This is a great story of innocence. But isn't it funny how we remember things from our own childhoods and wonder how the same scenario will play out in our own children's?! I guess the best thing is, we have been prepared by our own experiences! The funny and embarassing!

  6. Ahhh this is why I am so happy to have discovered your blog -- pretty posies, embarrassing sex conversations and She-Ra all in the same post. AWESOME!

  7. Thanks for making me laugh today!!!! We used to pick flowers for an elderly woman on my street... that is, until we decided the beautiful prized rose of my next door neighbor would be perfect for the bouquet. Needless to say, we weren't allowed to freely go pick flowers again! ;P

  8. haha! So so funny! And your girl's collections of flowers are so pretty. :)

  9. Haha! How awkward! I totally remember making wreathes out of flowers during recess, while gossiping about boys in elementary school.

  10. Haha such a fun story!
    I used to pick flowers with my mom and little sister when i was a little girl. It was always so much fun!

    Love your photos :)
    xx Sari


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