February 19, 2012


denim and my big girlsdenim and my big girlsdenim and my big girlsdenim and my big girls
Out with two is so much easier than out with four. Plus, we had my baby sister was with us, so that made it really easy peasy. The girls went to the dentist and it is the same dentist I used when I was their age and at that time, I thought my dentist was really old, but I think I probably thought everyone old was old cause he is still young enough now to work on my kids' teeth! They like going to the dentist cause they get to pick out a prize from the treat box, which seemed a lot bigger to me back then, but that used to be my favorite part of the dentist too!

on me: knit triangle top, c/o reverie market. scarf, from our pacific nw road trip. denim jacket, vintage. jeans, c/o levi's. bag, vintage. oxfords, boutique 9.
on true: shirt, vintage from 3 ring circus. poncho, vintage. skirt, misha lulu. shoes, toms.
on brave: shirt and shorts, misha lulu. shoes, toms.

Happy Monday! Technically, True doesn't have school this week, but we homeschool and are a tad behind in math, so we will be schooling. Love the flexibility we have!


  1. I agree, taking two out is a lot easier than four! Ha! Cute scarf!

  2. Love the bag and scarf. I'm a new follower - sweet blog.

  3. Have a beautiful week!

    p.s.: I love your scarf (I have a similar one.:)) and your shoes.

  4. Your family is so extremely adorable! Seriously, your fam makes me so happy!

    I hope my little girl will be as fashionable as your little ones are when she's bigger! ;)

    xo, Meghan

  5. that scarf is fantaaaastic. i wish i could pull off a denim jacket, they just look so awkward on me. but so great on you!

  6. I just saw your commercial on Hulu! I got way too excited. You look great and so does your family.

  7. Love your scarf! Yay for schooling at home!!!

  8. Pretty girls! I hope you had a fun day with your lovely little ladies!

  9. Your family is just too pretty! :) Love their sparkly Toms, I need a pair for reals!

    xoxo, Jjanga


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