February 21, 2012


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Yesterday, my baby sister came over to start her first day as my one-afternoon-a-week nanny. It was nice. I got to do errands and clean up a bit. We have figured out that I need at least a few hours a week for someone to watch the kids so I can catch up on things like emails, cleaning, or errand running. This will help with my sanity a bit and help me get the house from crazy messes to happy messes. Plus, she will get paid with clothes and shoes. Not a bad deal. I would have gladly done that for my older sister, if I had one. The bonus is that she gets to spend time with her nieces that adore her!

The girls have been bugging me to do some baking, so we will see if we can squeeze some in today.


  1. Yay for you! I just started the gram on watching my kids a little bit and it really helps lower the stress level! Family is amazing!

  2. yay for having a nanny!

  3. Those tulips are so adorable! Oh and yoohoo for getting a nanny! I love nannying my boyfriend's niece, sooo much fun!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  4. Oh I like your post !
    I like your blog too :)

  5. How wonderful! We've just decided once baby #4 arrives in 2 months I will need some help at least one day a week to get things done too. I think it will help us mommies keep our sanity :) I wish my sister lived close enough to do it, but she lives in Berlin!

  6. jen- i made your salmon patties on sunday and we loved it! it was such a quick and simple meal!!! and yes, sisters are sanity savers indeed!

  7. I'm a new follower but I just wanted to pop by and say I seriously stalked your blog yesterday. You have the cutest kids ever and I can honestly say that your blog is one of my favorite new reads! (:


  8. Yay for a nanny who loves the kids in a crazy way!!

    I wouldn't mind being paid in shoes and clothes either. Sounds like a goooood deal.

    Enjoy your productive time x

  9. dearest lou- nice to meet you! ;)

    skin and blister- right?!! i would work for clothes anyday!

  10. saw the commercial- oh dear, it's so funny pairing voices with writings! makes me curious about all my favorite authors and bloggers :)

  11. i think that is so important. i actually babysit for a mom of three a couple of times a week so she can get some errands done and just have some time to herself!

  12. What a sweet deal!
    Enjoy you mama time!

  13. I used to sit for our neighbour for an afternoon each week so muma could get things done like you. She had 3 boys under 4 so sometimes it was full on!! But completely worth it.

    Ngaio May xx

  14. That's so wonderful! I used to take care of my niece when she was a baby before I had my own and it was such a special time. I love your photos... and I miss having little ones!!!

  15. i don't know why i didn't begin following your blog long ago. there is just so much happiness here. most especially in this post.


  16. We have the same scarf!!! I bought mine when I still lived in Michigan about 2 or 3 years ago, now I am here in Australia with it! This scarf, two anthro dresses and one navy stripe cardigan anthro we have the same now :o)))


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