October 19, 2010

pacific northwest road trip: day five

day five: seattle
day five: seattleday five: seattleday four: seattleday five: seattleday five: seattleday five: seattle
This was our last day in Seattle. We made wandered Pike's Place again, grabbed some goodies from Le Panier then made our way to the waterfront one last time. On our way out, we went to went to Fremont and ate at Paseo for lunch (thanks to the suggestion from one of you) and wandered Fremont for a bit and hunted down the different art installations, such a very cool city! We bid our farewells to Washington and headed back to Oregon.

Seattle, we loved you so much. We loved your cool Autumn days and your lovely sunshine. Ben will miss your Olympic Sculpture Park (as that was his favorite place) and we wish we had a Pike's Place next to us because we would for sure would be buying fresh seafood there all the time. True and Brave also say that the Space Needle was their favorite thing about vacation, so Seattle, thanks for the memories!

In case you ask...
on True:
hat (worn in previous post): gift from auntie owen from anthropologie
scarf: made by me (tutorial to come)
sweater: vintage
dress: misha lulu
tights: target

on Brave:
sweater: gift from auntie reinna from american apparel
dress: misha lulu
pants: misha lulu
mocassin boots: minnetonka mocassins from milkshop

on Soul:
poncho: made by me
skirt: forever 21 baby (when they use to have it)
leg warmers: babylegs

on me:
belt: thrifted
tights: forever21
shoes: macy's


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time in the city I call home. Nothing beats a sunny day in Seattle. :)

  2. ahh i want to visit seattle so badly.. actually the pacific northwest in general! i have family that live on an island just off of seattle. looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. looks like you guys had such a blast! i love seattle! next time, try to visit us canadians up here :)

  4. I never get tired of Seattle, or leggings on babies for that matter!

  5. Amazing pictures! I especially love the 'jumping' one! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait for the scarf tutorial!!! How about a tutorial for the adorable poncho as well ☺?

  6. But more importantly, where is YOUR amazing dress from?!!

  7. everyone and their mom's has gone to seattle in the last 4 mos...and no one has taken me with them!!! i wanna go, too!!! :) we'll hit up the pacific northwest this summer, thank the Lord. looking forward to escaping the kansas heat!! love all of the posts of trip photos. your family is so precious, as always.

  8. eleni- just added the list of what i am wearing.

    the whyte house- you will love the pacific northwest!!! it is the perfect place to escape any hot city!

  9. you have such a gorgeous little family and you all look like you have so much fun together. lucky!

  10. oh goodness! all the outfits in all these travel posts are completely adorable. loving your red tights! its a current trend that ive been loving.

    glad that you all had so much fun togehther!!!


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