October 22, 2011


first bath
Is November really coming in just over a week? It seems like we just ushered in October. The weather here has not quite cooled down yet, let's hope it does by November. I am so ready to be bundled up!

Learned and links....

- Glow had her first bath this week and like my other girls, did not like it one bit.

- Glow falls asleep faster at night without the light on.

- Soul can say "Brave" and "True". Finally!!!

- See bits of my home in this itty bitty tour over at Stephmodo.

- Don't forget about entering to win a mustache for this good cause.

- Breast cancer awareness is also very important and for every registration for BeautyMint, they will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

- This sale from Imo is pretty good. Buy 1 strap and get 2 free (see shop for details). We had them sponsor our "Snap It Pretty" workshop and everyone was loving their straps!

Mommy duty calls and don't forget the other great giveaways I am having from some of my sponsors below. Happy weekending!!!


  1. eeee she's so cute!! That's awesome that Soul can now say her big sisters' names! :) I bet she says them all the time now, haha.

  2. you have a lovely home! It's just right! <3

  3. There is nothing better than a towel baby!

  4. Glow looks soooooo pretty!
    (I always find funny when I read in blogs from the US about baby's first baths... Because here in Brazil the culture is for a bath a day as soon as they come home. Some people even prefer two baths a day, one in the morning, other before bed time.)

    hugs from the endless summer tropics!

  5. soo cute! so crazy that it's almost november!!


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