September 14, 2010

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-five

We got a new scanner and it isn't working the way I'd like, so this is how I am sharing my polaroid for this week.
polaroid tuesday
Me and macarons are together again. This batch was slightly better than the last, though I think I didn't mix the batter well enough. It wasn't as magma-like as it is supposed to be (I think), but the strawberry italian buttercream is yum! I made a good amount, so if I am gonna be seeing you within the next few days, you will be getting a few of these yummy cuties. I vow to be a macaron making PRO!

I also tried making strawberry meringues because True can't eat the macarons due to her nut allergies, so I thought something else pink might be right up her alley. She seemed to like it, though I don't think I do. I am almost sure I didn't do it right cause they don't look all that pretty, at least to me. My recollection is that store bought ones are prettier. I used a meringue recipe that utilized splenda, yeah... I don't really like splenda. Next time, I will use another recipe.
macarons and merguines
I was holding it out to take a picture of it before it made its way to my mouth, and my little Soulie was reaching out to grab it. She is like mama... she loves sweets!
she wants one
Don't worry. I didn't give it to her, she is much too young for that. Now onto the dress that left me a bit down in the dumps, I feel a bit better about my dress today. I sewed up the holes and Ben says it looks fine (see it here and here). Makes me thankful it has a busy print to hide my little mess-ups. It is so pretty and my favorite parts are the sleeves.

I was gonna put the self-taken portrait of me in the dress here, but I am so self-conscious in pictures that I feel funny. I can't take pictures of myself or be in pictures by myself and look natural. I am horrible at looking natural! When Ben takes a picture of me I have to smile. Ben says, "Just don't think about it." But I can't. I think if I don't smile, I look angry. I am kinda doing a dare to myself (anyone else wanna join?). I am gonna work on being in a picture by myself, taken by me, Ben, or maybe the camera timer and I will just share what I wear or something. I seriously stay home all the time (rarely leave the house cause I have three kids remember?), but I do get dressed every day, so I will just share what I wear. I think my little dare is funny, but maybe some of you are as self-conscious about pictures as I am. Please tell me I am not alone...

See, I practiced last week with photo booth. Yeah, I know. I am a nerd!

p.s. Deborah was inspired and got her own zumi and made a very cute video. Ah! I love it! If you get a zumi and make a movie, please do share it with me.


  1. The dress is beautiful! I am so glad I am not the only one who can't "pose" for a photo. My husband always tells me to act natural. Well, guess what, maybe I look ridiculous naturally?! Who knows. Then I do a photo of myself I take about a hundred before I get one that I am not even all that excited about.

  2. Mmmmm, I had my first macaron last Saturday at a local chocolate shop because of your new found love for them. So, I had a chocolate one and was in heaven. Making them would be MUCH more cost effective, I am sure. They just seem hard to make, especially with little one running about. How do you manage?

  3. I am soooo self-conscious about having my picture taken! Sometimes I think I should become a spy because there are so few pictures of me out there! Your goal is a good idea, I should try getting better at having my picture taken as well.

  4. oh you are just too sweet and humble! i love reading about your simply beautiful life, but most of all i just love how humble you are. so likable. just thought i'd say so!

  5. I am a classic "Drunkface mcgee" in most pictures. I recently challenged myself to a similar thing. Just being present on my blog...since i usually want to delete any picture of me that makes it on there. It's healthier to just accept all our faces rather than pretend like we only ever look delightful :)

    some examples of my challenge:

  6. I feel the same way about myself... if I'm not smiling I feel like I look really mean or angry!! I'm doing the 52 week, 52 self portraits challenge right now. It's hard, I do not like to have my picture taken by others (unless some else is in the photo with me). I'm glad you're doing it... perhaps we'll both grow!

  7. 1. yummm
    2. love the shoes below
    3. adoooore the pillow wing post, I couldn't resist shrieking in the comments sorry haha

  8. i have never eaten a macaroon. i think it will be on my to do list for this week.

    i am horrible at taking self portraits. there are too many things to think about- suck in gut, stretch out neck to avoid double chin, where i am supposed to look, smile v. no smile-then focus your lens and snap picture. aagghh!

    i think i am up to the challenge. photo booth will be a lot easier than my dslr.

    i am excited to see you tomorrow! and i think you don't look mean in your "natural" poses. but i think i like your "shy smile" the best! :)

  10. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for liking my video. :) I can't wait to watch more of what you create.

  11. That dress looks really good!

    I think I have also problem with posing for cameras.. When I'm alone and snapping a picture of me, it comes alright but immediately if someone else is taking that picture, I will look like a grandma (no offense for grandma's!) I mean, I look much older and cranky and not at all like me.

  12. Macarons look really good, so do the meringues! I guess I love everything in pink!

  13. Lol, I get camera awkward too. You are rather beautiful from what I've seen though Mrs. Ruby, so I hope you can figure something out. Maybe think of something noble, and then you can say 'yeah it looks like I'm frowning, but I'm figuring out a solution to poverty'.

  14. i am the same way with photos; i feel like i look angry if i don't smile, and silly if i do. i much prefer to be behind the lens. your dress is awesome. great find! and you look amazing, by the way. are you still doing that same workout you mentioned a while back? i have no motivation lately and really want to get back in shape. what is your secret?

  15. you are not alone about your picture being taken. my husband always looks the same in every picture (great with a smile) and i on the other hand am the one with my eyes closed or didn't smile at the right time. really like your dress (the print is great). just for the record, i think you take good pictures. :)

  16. First - I can't believe that is a vintage dress. It is completely awesome. And I can totally understand why you were upset when it got a hole. Second - I hate pictures of myself as well - probably for different reasons but I seem always to be behind the lens. I prefer it that way. Maybe that will change one day. I like your dare...I should do that..maybe I will see how horribly I dress. (he he)

  17. oh my gosh!

    1) that dress is so pretty, and I seriously had to stare at it forever to figure out where the rips were! No one will ever know!

    2)You always look so beautiful in your pictures! Stop being self conscious, because seriously girl, you are so stunning!

  18. those macarons look sooooo delicious! but unfortunately i never ate some! i know this is strange. :) but you can´t buy some in my surroundings, so maybe i´m gonna make some for myself! :)

    i love the way you handled the problem with the scanner! very cute!

  19. I totally hate having pics of myself taken.
    It's so awkward especially when we are out being 'touristy' somewhere - I tell myself I want a memory of me at the actual place we are visiting but then get all awkward when it's just me in the pic.
    And yep all I can do is smile - anything else just doesn't feel 'right'. Happy to hear I'm not the only one. :)

  20. The macarons look delicious! I tried to make them myself a while ago but they didn't turn out as pretty as these ones!

  21. i guess i am not alone! okay, join me in the quest to battle our self consciousness. now, i don't think i am the shizzle that you you need to look pictures of me, but i just want to get over this picture of myself thing. i will really try. once a week at least, and maybe in my flickr. let's see if i get brave enough to put it here. i really don't know how those fashion/outfit blogs do it!

    and yeah... you guys don't think the sewn up rips look horrible! i really love the dress and feel so dumb for doing that to it!


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