September 13, 2010

part old lady

Weekend was good. I didn't get my saturday breakfast out, but I will wait patiently for that. Plus, I did get a couple goodies for myself whilst out on a vintage clothing hunt for Ben. One of my goodies is this tortoise shell tip vintage shoe. I liked its quirkiness, despite the fact it looks part old lady, but who cares! I think it is adorable, plus the heel is also a tortoise shell. I love it so much!
tortoise shell shoes
I did also get a really cool 1930's dress for really cheap, but um... I guess I am learning the ins and outs of vintage clothing cause you don't want to put crepe rayon in the wash (it was on the hand wash cycle). It now has a hole in the front which makes me really sad. Down in the dumps sad. I so wish I could turn back time and googled care instructions first. Oh well! As I type this, I am thinking about deleting the portion about my dress because it makes me too sad to even think of it. Dumb right? A dress makes me sad. There are more important things in the world! If anyone ever finds a very cute 1930's dress and don't want it, would you kindly send it my way. Maybe it would be a nice cheerer-upper!

I did say we went shopping for Ben, so don't fear he got some stuff. He never goes and he needed too and he came out with lots of good things. Finally, my Benny got some new (old) clothes. I was so happy that he was finding things he liked (and fit well) that I started to cry while we were shopping. No joke! I was that happy!

Oh! And the vintage genie granted even more clothing wishes cause not only did True pick out some vintage clothes (she loves vintage too for real, but that is another story for another day), but the girls got gifted with a plethora of vintage clothes from Auntie Reinna (and Christian) and Auntie Joan! I will share the goodies another day.

Ben's home now, girls are up from nap, and it's time to make dinner! Gotta go tell Ben woes of my dress... be back tomorrow.


  1. Aw, that is very sad about your dress. Once I made one of my favorite sweaters into a doll sweater by throwing it in the dryer. Always sad.

  2. Cute shoes. So sorry about the dress :(

  3. That's so sad about the dress... but the shoes are wonderful!

  4. Your shoes are really diferent, they sure make an everyday look a whole fashionable thing!

    And I'm really sorry about your dress... But many more are to come! (and also I'm happy about Ben, I do remember you saying that he never gets anything for him...)

    Brave looks sooooooo cute dancing!

    Ruby, I just sent you an email! I was the (lucky) winner of the Polaroid Giveaway :))


  5. I love the shoes. I don't think they look old lady like at all. :]

  6. I really feel the 'turn back the clock' feeling.. yesterday actually which for Australia was YOUR today so maybe it was a bad day for ruining things.. I finished my babys 3rd birthday quilt and needed to trim it, by doing so I cut out all the Heather Ross moons I specially added and placed on the fabric.. here it is here if you are interested and I too debated to complain abt how sad and annoyed at myself I was.. i did in the end
    Do YOU think its still OK? I sulked about my mistakes all night long lol.. Human.
    Hey did you ever end up with the PBK croquet set? We played yesterday here in our small backyard and it was great fun. I thought of you and never did get around to emailing you to tell you I ordered the exact same horeshoe set as your girlies.. mine was a fathers day present from my boys to their daddy (2weeks ago here in Oz) and it was much appreciated.. thank you for the idea! btw I had to order it from USA and have it shipped.. $10 I think and the same set here was going for $50 - yikes!

  7. Cute shoes -- they look like they are in fantastic condition. We went to the Rose Bowl flea market this weekend to hunt for things -- it sure was hot (at least for us beach town folk!)

  8. these are super cute Ruby! Grat find! Also the dress is divine!
    What did Ben buy?

  9. ohh no. This would make me sad as well! But cheer up! You got nice things for the ones you love.

  10. These shoes are AMAZING. Granny-chic totally works for you. And boo about the dress :(

  11. Love the shoes. Sorry about the dress. Have you considered cutting away that portion and adding a pice from another dress or another piece of fabric? That way you could still salvage the dress.

  12. love the shoes. but yay that stinks when you mess up on something and then feel stupid about it. oh, well. you live and learn. now you know not to do it again! ;)

    but hey you got some great shoes and a fun adventure!!

  13. love the shoes.

    granny style rocks

  14. That's sad to hear about your dress! I think that, knowing you are creative, you might be able to find a neat fix for your dress, such as sewing jewels, knitted flower, or even an iron-on patch that looks like fancy embroidery.
    A dress that you love should be saved in any way possible!

  15. i love those shoes! they could be old lady, but if you wore them a super cute sundress OR skinny jeans and a blazer - Perfection! :)


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