September 15, 2010

the giant tomato

We went tomato picking, in our backyard of course, and we came out with a basket full of tomatoes! Our favorite was the giant Dr. Wyche's tomato!!!
You can see it in the basket, but that doesn't even do justice to show really how big it was!
the giant tomatothe giant tomato
We chopped all the tomatoes, added some chopped onions, jalapenos, cilantro, with dashes of salt and squeezes of lime and we had a very good pico de gallo.
fresh salsa
Even with all those tomatoes, our little salsa lasted two days. Just two days. You should have seen the original giant bowl that it was in! Chips and salsa make a good dessert. That's Ben's idea of dessert! My dessert is anything sweet, but I have no problem indulging in a very good salsa! What is your idea of a good dessert?


  1. YUM i love making salsa or guacamole too~!! or even a nice corn and avocado salad (when i'm feeling healthy of course). but i do love indulging in brownies and ice cream once in awhile! :)

  2. Beautiful. No supermarket tomato can beat the home grown in flavour and looks.

  3. Love the photo of baby with the tomato! She is so adorable.
    My dessert is usually something sweet, anything from fruit to a mini ice cream sundae (I always keep sprinkles in my cupboard just in case).

  4. Yum I love pico de gallo and guacamole too!!
    My dessert it could be sweet or salad, I love for dessert mango slices with some lemon and chili, but a yoghurt ice cream with fruit and chocolate it`s the best!!!

  5. As a child, I used to take road trips to Seattle, Washington. I even went past Seattle a few times to visit Canada which is a MUST SEE. This past summer I was able to take my own little one on a road trip to Seattle which was pretty surreal for me. I love the drive. I recommend taking the 101 over the 5fwy because there are more sights to see. You need to stop by the California Redwoods. If you are a lover of nature, it will be a breathtaking sight for you. The whole drive is breathtaking. You can feel the air get cleaner as you drive closer to Washington. You can smell nature. The sky gets clearer. It's my favorite place and my favorite drive. Plus, my family lives up there so that plays a huge part in my love for Seattle. Have a great time. The seafood is the best in Seattle. ; )

  6. Personally, I eat spinach by the handful for dessert. Just kidding! I love Nutella on a dense, yummy piece of wheat bread, like Killer Dave's. None of that soft, fluffy bread that's mostly air for me!

  7. Looks incredible! Pico de gallo with fresh tomatoes is the best!


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