December 14, 2009

winter mantel

Our winter mantel isn't quite done. Something about the placing makes me feel a bit unfinished, but we just haven't figured out what to add to it. I had an idea of a little homemade village amidst the teensies trees, but we will see if we have time to do that. Time for us is a bit different these days with a newborn, but for now this will have to do.
our winter mantelon top of the mantleon top of the mantle
I have some things cut out to sew a "Merry Christmas" banner, but I haven't been in the mood to sew of late. I just like cozying up on the couch with all my girls nearby (and Benny) and some sort of movie on and just crocheting. It is such a cozy winter thing to do!

Do you have any special little vignettes displayed on your winter mantel?


  1. Nice Chica, I will post my vignettes soon, I think....

  2. Just four mason jars with tea lights in them and a small ivory crèche that I got from a thrift store...

  3. Those teeny tiny trees and deer are so adorable!

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  5. I love how the pinecones look with the pic in the back.... so simple & so pretty.

  6. Very lovely decoration.

    Our is with white/clear berries wire intervene with lights, stockings, tree toppers and a vase filled with ornaments.

    I have a picture of my decoration on the other blog though.

  7. i think it's beautiful just like it is!


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