December 13, 2009

hello sunday

It's just me and Soul.
hello sunday!
The other three are off at church this morning.

Hope everyone's weekend is good so far!

Some things to check out:
- The sale section at Hijkids.
- My baby sister's account of Soul's birth (this made me cry all over again).


  1. such a beautiful photo, congrats on your new little bundle of joy! :)

  2. What a great photo! I am a new reader, but I just wanted to tell you that Soul is a really cool name.

  3. Gorgeous. Still can't get over her beautiful name. Nice work.

  4. Precious picture, RubyEllen! And I LOVED your sister's journal entry about Soul's birth. So, so sweet :)
    Love & hugs, Q

  5. how gorgeous mama! she is beautiful :)

  6. how adorable! what a special time :O) i loved your sister's recount. amazing!

  7. glad you are having some mama baby time. With other little ones, love moments are rare. I also wanted to tell you that my sisters and I all made braided head bands form your tutorial. Thanks! I blogged aobut it here:

  8. I meant to say that "lone" moments are rare.... not "love" moments... that doesn't even make sense!

  9. i am one of your readers
    and i also wanted to say congrats on the new beautiful baby- she is amazing!

  10. this is a fabulous photo. so great you 2 had some alone time!

  11. Belated Congrats on the baby! Love the birth story. You did soooo well. Hope you are both well and get much needed sleep. Blessings to your family.


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