December 14, 2009

he gets younger every year

Friday was my Ben's 35th birthday.
his birthday
We stayed home, made him the traditional breakfast in bed, baked him his favorite cupcakes, and ordered lots of sushi for dinner. It was much simpler than last year's birthday, but still very sweet as now he had four girls to celebrate with.

Us four girls love our main man so much...


  1. how sweet! what a lucky man! we also have a girl dominated household. ;)

  2. Sounds lovely. Happy Birthday to Ben!

  3. I'm sure he already knows how great it is to have all girls around b/c it just wouldn't be the same with boys... girls are so loving & tender...especially to their dads so I'm sure your Ben will just love all the attention.... I know my husband loves all the attention from us 4 girls,too. It gets better but also scarier as they grow up. :)

  4. wow! i started following your blog when you posted about ben's mustache birthday. i can't believe it's been a year! happy birthday to ben!

  5. Oh My Goodness! A Polaroid camera was totally on my wish list for this year and after clicking through your links to last year's party I found Poladroid! After almost fainting when I saw the price of actual polaroid film - I think this is such a great alternative! I could just hug you for sharing this little gem! Thank you, Thank you!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to your sweet husband as well. So much for you all to celebrate this year! Loves.

    35. that's legit!

    your pics are always so sweet ruby!


  7. Beautiful family. Happy belated Birthday to your hubby!


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