August 26, 2009


Today, marks my blog's 2nd birthday. A bloggy-birthday you may say and I am celebrating it. Is that strange? 
happy bloggy-birthday to me!
I didn't bake this ganache just for the occasion as I had some frozen ones left over from a craving a month or so ago, so I took it out and stuck two candles. I am no longer craving the chocolate ganache, so I didn't eat it and used it only for picture purposes. It will probably just end up in the trash (as it has some unhealthy ingredients), but I needed something to put the candles in.

Blogging these past two years has been such a blessing. I have had so much fun crafting, cooking, watching my girls grow, but basically, just living life and sharing it. Here are three things that I have learned from this wonderful journey thus far:

1. God must always be treasured above all things.
2. This online community is so talented and amazing.
3. I really love nerding about creating/crafting. 

I figure, if you read my blog, you must also love polaroids, so to celebrate, I am going to giveaway a polaroid camera and a pack of polaroid film.
want a polaroid?
Now, if your thinking this will do you no good as polaroid film has ended, think again! It is going to be back in production in 2010 and you could read all about it here. Therefore, whoever wins this little beauty will be all set for a lifetime of polaroid picture taking.

What to do to enter:
1. Leave a comment telling me about your favorite post.
2. Leave your email. 
3. Make sure you are a follower of this blog (check out sidebar on the right). Plus, I am thinking of doing a "just because" package for one lucky follower each week or each month, depending on what is realistic. This will give me a chance to get to know more of you slowly, so you will want to make sure you are following. 

That's fairly easy right?

I will pick and announce the winner next Tuesday, September 1st (and those overseas are welcome to join). Oh my! It will already be September. Time is really flying...

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in here from time to time. Your constant encouragement, love, and support means so much! I look forward to many blog posts to come...


  1. Congrats on your 2nd year!! I absolutely <3 your favorite post would have to be when you announced you were pregnant! I am so excited for you and it's fun having someone else you read about being pregnant. I'm due in October, so hearing about your girls is oh so exciting. :]

    Again, congrats on expecting and happy birthday cakies :]

  2. Happy Bloggy Birthday! My favorite post would have to be True's last birthday - I loved the Trulilocks theme... adorable!

    And I'm a follower!

  3. Happy happy blog birthday! I think my favorite post would have to be the Halloween post where you dressed your girls up as little red and the big bad wolf and composed a story around it. Too cute :)

  4. Oh MY! First of all HAPPY B-DAY! you are the best Cakies Blog!
    I love all your posts! and your creativity!
    I would love to have a polaroid!


  5. Happy 2nd birthday cakies blog :O)

    My favorite post was when you put an octopus plushie on your head... oh, wait... that was me. Just kidding.

    No. Seriously though. My favorite post... That would either be when you shared those GORGEOUS pictures of True with the little birdy nest on her head... OR your account of the great performance of the Ultra-appreciatives. Both of those were, TO ME, such precious mommy moments. I know that I would have loved to be there for them (in your shoes), and really felt like I had a front row seat/was behind the camera enjoying it because you captured both things all so very very well.

    Lots of love and big hugs to you, and many thanks for all of the smiles this blog has brought to my face over the years,


  6. I love Polaroid Tuesdays and I really liked the post about your birthday gifts, so sweet!
    I'm subscribed to your feed but am now also a follower!
    P.S. Happy blogaversary!

  7. Congratulations on your blog! There's no way I can pick a favorite, but my favorite posts are when you talk about the creative things you do together as a family -- the Mother's Day song and production Ben and the girls put together was amazing and so sweet.

    I'm expecting in October so it's fun to read about your progress, preparation, and excitement as well.

  8. Somebody already said it, but my favorite post was definitely the Little Red Riding hood Halloween. So cute! I have a 3 yo and a 4 month old, hope you don't mind if I steal that idea for Halloween this year! Love your blog!

  9. Happy Bloggyversary! I love the posts where you show the dresses you have made, because it makes me brave enough to try sewing one myself! I also love when you talk about your faith--so beautiful and true. Love your blog!

  10. Oooh..I've got a lot of faves, but one that comes to mind was the Ultra-appreciatives. :) My email is, and I am a follower of your blog! :)

  11. Oh my goodness, Ruby, I can't believe you're giving away a Polaroid! This is the absolute best, most fantastic, most generous giveaway ever!
    I've been a follower of your blog for several months, and these are some of the things I love best about it: how honest you are about yourself (like your amazing, enviable sewing successes and the occasional not-so-successes), how lovingly you talk about your husband, the wonderfully creative activities and birthday parties you plan for your girls and your family, and the charming things you're always making, like crowns and giant dollhouses and beautifully-illustrated books. You're such an inspiration, and you constantly remind me to be grateful for the beauty God gives us in every day and in the people we love and in the world we live in. I love reading it!

    I had a hard time choosing a favorite post, but I think this one wins:, because of how cute your girls are dressed up in those pictures with their superhero outfits on.

    Thanks for the kindness and the inspiration.
    Sarah (

  12. oh great. Pick ONE post?

    Halloween. Wizard of Oz...that just blows my mind..although, yes, seeing your darling hubby in tights was very entertaining!

    I am sure my favorite post is really yet to come...meeting BabyCakies3 and finding out her darling name!
    Happy Birthday!

  13. Congrats on two years! I just really like the style of your blog, the pictures combined with the words. I really like the week four polaroid with bright balloon and the week eleven one with the ferris wheel. They all have a dreamy look to them which is pretty cool.

  14. My fave HAS to be your mother's day Ultra- Appreciatives! From the undies to the song, it was so unique and wonderfull! I hope I am so lucky when Im a momma!

  15. Congrats girl! you have done so much in the last two years and should be very proud. you are a real inspiration and a simply lovely lady. i wrote you a very special message on my blog today:
    I am passing on to you a Kreativ Blogger award that i got today because you are the most creative lady, and i can't believe you have all this time to make such lovely things while you are caring for your beautiful family. on top of that you are selfless and generous, a polaroid is such an amazing giveaway, but your just because packages i'm sure will be even better. my fingers are crossed that i will someday receive one, but before i do i would love to send one to you, my email is if you would share your address. congrats again!

  16. yay! I am a fairly new follower but I have been enjoying meeting your girls and seeing all of your lovely shop updates recently. can't wait to see more!

  17. My favorite post was the one of Brave's room. So sweet. Such creativity.

  18. Happiest of bloggy birthdays to you! Wow! What an achievement! Thank you for sharing your days and "makings" with us--I always look forward to seeing what you have been up to.

    Two of my favorite posts (because yes, there's more than two!) are the Ultra-appreciative's (so flippin' cute!) and the one where you made a stuffed dollhouse pillow. Your work is fantastic!

  19. Congrats on the 'versary! I loved the sweet simplicity of the announcement of your third child's gender (and those darling green Mary Janes!)

    Thank you for the giveasy opportunity-- what fun!

    secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. Hi! The ultra-appreciatives is EASILY my favorite post. I love them all, but that was SO cute and sweet of your guy and your girls to do for you. Awesome! Oh, how I want a polaroid!

  21. hello! I've been following your blog for about a year now but have never posted! There's a first time for everything, right? I have a tie for my favorite posts: the girls' Halloween costume fairytale post with little red riding hood and the big bad wolf and the AMAZING dollhouse pillow that you posted about recently.

    I'm having my first baby in November and am secretly wishing he were a girl right now so I can make that for him! Thank you for all your inspiration!

  22. i loved the post when your husband and kiddies dressed up like super heros. so darling. you have the cutest little family!

  23. Happy Blog B-Day!!! How exciting! I would have to say that my favorite post is True's last birthday party! Actually any party your family throws is amazing and I love seeing the pictures from them. Gives me such inspiration. I loved that "photobooth" party your sister had too! I used that idea at our wedding reception.

    I would love to win a poloraid camera!! How awesome!

    Congrats again!

  24. happy birthday bloggy!
    my favorite entry was your "For Him" on 2/20. i love that you ended on the awesomeness on the cross. in my prerequisites for a husband list i have, the first one is: loves Jesus more than me.

    it made me think of that and my heart glowed.

    much love,

    e-mail =

  25. I've only just discovered your blog - so I have to say (predictably enough) that my favourite post is this one. I can't believe your blog is 2 - that's an AGE in blogging terms!

    Here's to the next two year!


  26. Happy 2nd Birthday, Blog!! :)
    It's funny how I have been reading you in my reader all this while, but never actually started "following" you. Am following you now!!

    My fave post was Ben's birthday ( because you had awesome pictures and such a fun time, and that treasure hunt was so cool! I love treasure hunts and my husband does them for me too!! :P

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  27. Hi Ruby,

    All of your posts are beautiful and creative, but I loved how you could tell how much your family loves and enjoys each other in the ultra-appreciative post. That was awesome!

    Thanks for sharing,

  28. My favorite post was the one about True's "goldilocks" birthday party.
    That is the very first post I ever read and it got me hooked.
    You have such a beautiful family, and it makes me so happy that y'all keep God first.
    You inspire me on a daily basis.
    so...thanks, and happy blog birthday...

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  30. My absolute favorite post is of your True's goldilocks birthday! It was the first post I ever saw of yours, and it had me hooked. Your family is beautiful and it simply made me smile and feel inspired. I absolutely love all that you do for your girls and for your husband. It is such an inspiration to be able to see these things. Love it.

  31. Ultra-Appreciatives post would have to be my favorite! that was so stinking cute! But i am always the most impressed with the fun things and parties you throw for your girls. Love your blog!

  32. I love your blog because I always know I will feel inspired after stopping by. It's hard to choose a favorite, but one was definately the giant doll house. I commited to making something wonderful for my little girl's next birthday after reading that. I'm sure that will be a treasure that she will pass down, which will give so much meaning and love!

    Thank you for blessing me with your inspiration and love for God and life!

    oh, my email

  33. I love: Together....they suck their fingers.

    I think you will go back to that sweet photo often to remember, when they're not so little.

    Hooray for 730 days of cakies!

  34. Hi! I loved too many of your posts.

    I like the one with the pillow doll house because it was so creative and your little one looked so cute snuggled up inside it. I like the post with your husband and two little ones dressed up for mother's day in super hero gear because it showed me that not only are you creative and super fun, but so is your fams. I really liked the pirate party post, too. The little outfit for your daughter was super cute and the little doodads for the party were cute as well!

    Keep posting. I love your blog. (There are some blogs that I just look at the pictures; for yours I really enjoy your pictures AND what you have to say)

    my email:

  35. Happy blog Birthday. I first stumbled upon your blog when Free People featured your bags last year. I became obsessed and read all your past posts and currently read your blog daily (a bit of a blog crush). My favorite post was when you shared how you decorated your daughters bedroom. So French, so beautiful.

    I am a follower. Thanks for sharing RubyEllen!

  36. Hi Ruby - I am a follower. It's so hard to pick a favorite post - there are so many that I love. But the one that really stands out is this one:

    I love that little "performance" from your husband and kids. It got me laughing so hard! It was really, rewally, sweet. Priceless.

  37. I just LOVED your birthday post when you shared pictures of your husband and adorable kids dressed up like superheroes! So cute and hilarious! :)

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Happy Birthday, dear Cakies Blog! What an inspiration you have been. :) One of my favorite posts is from January of this year, when you had the crown contest! That was super-fun and a neat thing to be a part of. I would oh-so cherish a polaroid camera!!! I would love to teach my kids how to use it; I know they would become polaroid fanatics!! Thanks for the chance, Miss Ruby, and congratulations on your special day. <3

  40. Congrats on your bloggie Birthday!

    My favorite post is Bens's Mustache Birthday! Not only was it insanely creative, but I loved that it showed you guys having a blast as a FAMILY! Most of all, at the end of the day giving thanks to God for living such a blessed, loving life! Keep doing what you're doing! :)

    Heather Schwartz

  41. your pictures from New Orleans! so much love between you and inspires me to keep the home fire burning after five years and one cakie of my own. plus your homemade dress on that trip was gorg!!!!

  42. congrats for the birthday!!!! i juft started my blog and it was hard at first but i loved reading your posts and they inspire me!!!i love all theposts but my favorite post would have to be the big dollhouse pillow!!! its amazing what a great idea and fabric can do. as a aspiring art teacher the dollhouse pillow has started me off thinking about fabric art lessons. thanks a million!

  43. Love the B-Day posts for your kids...espesially True's #2 !! Too cute...and love your strong man :)
    You are very talented and blessed...good for you that you have found what God sees fit for you, and you are doing it with style, class, and love!
    I enjoy your blog..and everything that comes with it!

  44. favorite post was ultra-appreciatives.. SO CUTE.

    stephervescent (at) gmail (dot) com

    happy two years!

  45. What a wonderful treat! I love seeing your creations each week. They are lovely and your family is charming. My favorite post has to be the superhero song that your husband and girls did for you on mothers day. WOW that was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Congratulations on your blog's 2nd birthday! I have been reading your blog for quite a while now and ONE of my favorite posts is from last Wednesday. Not only was your shop update exciting but your story about True arguing about what to wear hit close to home. My mom swears that I started to be adamant about what I wore when I was only 18 months, which I think is impossible. A wise friend of hers told her to pick out two outfits that I could choose from; that way she didn't waste lots of time and I still got what I wanted (or so I thought :) Your blog is an inspiration to me; I'm a very new wife and yet to start our own family, but when we do I hope I can share the joy and creativity that you do with your girls. Thank you for sharing your life with us :)

  47. I really enjoyed your post about the Stashin' Fun Birthday! Your little family is so cute and fun I can hardly stand it. ;)

    I also love that you are so open about God - treasuring Him, your love for Him, etc. Your are such a shining example of how the Lord gives us good things to enjoy & delight in (through Him) seems to me that you do it exceptionally well. :)

  48. it's so hard for me to pick a favorite post. i honestly LOVE and adore them all! the colors. honesty. love. happiness. the polaroids. everything!

    i'd more than love a pacakge of polaroid film and a lovely camera too!

    what an adorable little family!

  49. Oh, happy blog-birthday! I was hooked on your blog after I read about Brave and True's sweetly decorated rooms. "the other little haven" is still bookmarked in my inspiration folder.

    Am becoming a follower right this minute.

    My email is

    Thanks for two years of loveliness!

  50. my favorite post is an old school one! it's the halloween wizard of oz post!! first of all that's my FAVORITE movie,second you did such a great job with all the costumes,and the way you told the story with each cakies family member was just TOO cute!!!

    Adrienne K

  51. Congrats! I've been secretly following your blog for over a year now, so it's about time I become an official follower! My favorite blog would have to be the Untold Story of Oz. So creative and cute!


  52. Congratulations on 2 years!

    I absolutely love when you share photos of your home. Awhile back you took some photos of your girls room, and how you love white walls. It inspired me to go to a flea market for the first time! And I loved it. Thank you for that post.


  53. the first post i ever saw of yours was true's birthday, and i absolutely fell i love... so much in fact that i went back and read all your past entries to catch myself up! i have to say though, more recently i loved your dollhouse pillow idea for brave and am in the planning stages of making my own-- thanks for all the inspiration, beautiful photography, and playful injections of creativity and artistry into everyday living!

  54. I am a new follower of your blog.....and to the whole blogging world. My favorite blog of yours that I've seen so far has got to be the recent gift exchange. What a great idea!

  55. Congrats on 2 years! You have such a delightful and inspiring blog. I adored the post about your daughter's birthday outside with the homemade build-a-bear. You are such an inspiration, your children are very fortunate. Keep up the great work.

  56. Oh, I have wanted a polaroid so very badly! If I don't win I will need to stalk ebay for awhile because it's getting too strong to resist! They are so artsy and old fashioned - everything I love.

    I can't name a favorite post, but certain pictures always come to my head. Your blue and white plates. True and Brave colouring. Your invented dresses. My favourite posts are always the ones that especially celebrate being a mommy, and that openly talk with joy about your love for Ben. They make me so happy and are so encouraging! I like the ones that talk about your dates or trips you get to take together. I wish more moms and wives talked about how much they loved having kids and how much they admired their husbands, despite the hard moments.

    Well, my email is -
    and even though I check your blog a couple times a day (whoops - I promise I'm not too lame and definitely not a bored person!) I'm just now a follower too!
    Thanks for writing and please keep it up! It is such a blessing - but don't let us distract you!

    with love,

  57. what an awesome giveaway--I totally signed that petition a long time ago when they were talking the film off the market! I LOVE that it is now going strong iwth a big following!
    My favorite posts all include your kiddos' birthdays--they are always SO unique & creative and I bet your family truly relishes them. They are wonderful--I loved teh circus one! :)
    Sarah M

  58. Hi I'm new here! Cute the beach pics!

    kado1978 (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. my favorite posts are when you show off new crowns...

    happy blog-birthday!


  60. Oh I adore your blog. I leave it for my last to read on my google reader so I can just enjoy it!

    My favorite was probably the More-stashin' Birthday with all the cute pictures of you guys with mustaches. SO SWEET!

    Great giveway too-
    (It's a weird email address but I've had it since I was 12-ha!)

  61. favorite post?? how to pick just one?? i just love seeing what you are up to all the time!

  62. happy birthday! I love reading your blog - I absolutely loved the pillow you made your daughter it was fantastic. I cannot wait to have a daughter so I can make her one.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Happy Birthday!

    My most fave post was about you being on the cover of 'Artful Blogging' ===> I was SO proud and inspired at the same time!


    mah e-mail:

    Thank you, for Cakies!

  65. What a fun giveaway! Thank you!
    I think my favorite posts of yours are:
    * your home tour. Very cool to see your style
    * your fabric necklaces. they're still linked on my to-do list on my blog. one day :)

    I have you in my google reader so I hope that counts as a follower.
    And I blogged about your giveaway on my giveaways blog here:

    My normal blog is MADE though :).
    - dana

  66. i honestly cannot pick a favorite post. every one is packed with something to love: whether it's something you're creating, cooking, growing, or doing your thankfulness and joy radiates, and every post is a much-appreciated glimpse at all you do and how much you love everything in your life.

    plus, your pictures are always beautiful.

    and, your family is the cutest :).

    my email is

    and, I'm a follower already!

    aside from the "entry" comments: your three things are awesome lessons (especially the one about nerding out, i nerd out over everything).

    happy blog birthday!!!

  67. i love the pictures from the fair, especially the fairus wheel. Happy Birthday!!!

  68. i love reading your inspiring favorite post is for true's birthday. everything was so sweet and special!!!!

  69. I am amazed that you are giving away a polaroid!! I have been wanting one for so long. Thank you for a wonderfully inspirational blog. It's hard to pick a favorite post (girls b-days, mothers day superhero event), but one was your valentine to your husband, so creative and showed absolute true love. I really learned of the faith you have in God and appreciate that you are not afraid to share that. There needs to be more of that in this crazy world. Thanks again!!

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. Like many others, my favorite post was The Bratcher Fairytale from Halloween 2007 (although it's so hard to choose because every post is so charming). Your family is so beautiful, and all of the pictures of your girls melt my heart! Happy 2nd Blogday!

  72. I started following after Rachel Denbow linked cakies and I am a HUGE fan. Since it hasn't been that long, I don't have a favorite post. I do especially love the ones with pictures of your cute cute cute daughters, because they always make me smile! :)

  73. I love and follow your blog and etsy shop regularly. My favorite post was of your daughter's bday present..the coolest present ever..the dollhouse pillow!! :)

  74. Hello! I'm a pretty new reader (following on google reader and all that) and I have to say I love your blog. You totally inspire me. I just don't know how you get so much done in a day! (I have a little 11 month old and I barely get lunch some days...) Anywho, my favorite post so far has been when you made that giant dollhouse pillow. That was seriously cool. I love seeing the projects you come up with.

  75. oh my goodness. what a lovely giveaway! i just recently started follwing your blog, but going through your archive, I love yourChristmas post. I love that you are a woman of God. It always makes me feel really happy to read posts like that.

    Another fav post is your recent lovely package swap post....I also had OIive as a partner, boy did we luck out!!!

    I love polaroids. Ive never owned one though, so this would be an amazing opportunity!

    email: {at} yahoo {dot} com

  76. hAPpy 2nD BIrtHDaY!!
    my all time favorite post is the one about your closet- the messy one! :D that made my day! it reminded me of the friends episode with monica's secret closet that was a mess- and that is how mine is too!! I think it has to do with the fact all our craft stuff is so neat and organized.... why worry about the clothes- my grandfather always said a clean room is an uncreative mind! AMEN!!

    ps- congrats on the new one- we are expecting our first one anyday now from adoption- and are over the moon!! :D


  77. my favorite post has to be your goldilocks party. So perfect for a little girl and I love the handmade feel to it.
    I love seeing all your new crowns too!

    this would be so cool to win!

  78. I love all your posts...but I would have to say the Mother's Day post was my absolute favorite. It shows how creative your entire family is...and how much you all love each other:) Oh...and I am still dreaming of that house pillow that you make:)

  79. Congratulation on your 2nd anniversary blog world.

    I love the "just because" package. I should do the same.

    Keep on blogging.

    I would love to join the giveaway but I already have the polaroid...want to wish other readers good luck too.

  80. oh my goodness... your favorite post? how about some plural? i love when you show your hats especially the I love NY one. and then also all of your polaroid posts. congrats on 2 years! I'll be sure to keep reading!


  82. wow, what a great gift to your readers! thank you for being so thoughtful. one thing that i love about your blog is your love for God, and that you share it on your little space here. love it. and i have to say my favorite post of yours is your halloween costume/stories. you and your family are so creative!

  83. Happy Blog Birthday! I am new to your site and I have read through a few of your latest posts. My favorite part (instead of one individual post) is how creative your photos are. The angles and way you take them are awesome. I look forward to following you in the future:)

  84. I LOVE polaroid! I love my Holgaroid! I love your blog. New follower!

  85. wow, this is awesome! i have to admit, i'm a secret reader, i hardly ever comment, but i love how cute your family, ideas, house, adventures are. one of my favorite posts was last years halloween fun. I'm excited to find out what you are planning this year. my email it

  86. Happy Blog Anniversary! I am not quite sure how I stumble upon your blog but I been hook ever since! My all time favorite post is True's last birthday. The party was so well thought out, whimsical, and you can tell everything that was made for the party was made out of love and at the end of the day, thats all that matter is the love and happiness of a family being together for such a joyous day!! THUY =)

  87. i have so many favorite posts of yours that i can't really select just one! i will have to say though, any of your posts that include both of your girls are my favorite. i am 22 and have a 24 year old sister who is my best friend. most all of my memories when i was little are with her. i enjoy seeing your girls together in pictures and reading your stories about them because it reminds me of me and my sister when we were little (though neither of us had those awesome napping pillows).

    happy 2nd blog birthday!!

  88. Happy Birthday to your blog ^_^
    I am a more recent follower, but I remember reading your halloween post a while ago (when you were featured on the free people blog) and I really enjoyed that. The costumes and the story were very creative and you have a lovely family.

    Also, I have to say how nice it is to find a fellow blogger who enjoys and treasures her God. That reason no. 1 is a wonderful fruit to have gained from two years of blogging.

    Thank you for sharing.

  89. Hi there! I'm a new blog reader and I just did some browsing of your recent posts. I LOVE the little (big) dollhouse pillow. It is amazing and it looks like your daughter loves it, too! Thanks for a chance to win!

  90. Happy 2nd Bloggy Birthday!

    My favorite post was your daughter's Goldilocks and the three bears birthday party! I have been daydreaming about throwing my daughter a little tea party ever since. And love the homemade "build-a-bears"- so much cuter and more special than the chain store!!!!!

    -tiffany kapri

  91. I loved the elves on your December 5th, 2008 post. I'm new to your blog, but those elves really seem to embody your style. I love them! I just became a follower - thanks! alicedemskehansen at

  92. I love your blog! :) I am new to this whole blogging community-ness, and I get excited whenever I see new posts!
    My favourite of yours is FOR SURE your mama's day post about the ultra-appreciatives. Totally. Awesome.

    But, truthfully, I like them all.

    I can't wait to meet your newest addition when she makes her first appearance, and am especially excited to hear what you guys decide to name the sweet girl...

    happy blog birthday.

    brierleigh (at) gmail (dot) com

  93. LOVE, your blog, Ruby! My all time fav. post is the wizard of oz Halloween post! SOOOO fun....oh, and the mother's day post your husband and girls made up for you was the best, too! Too many cute posts to pick just one. You talented Momma, you! We're getting excited for your littlest bambina to arrive!

  94. Yey for you! Happy Blogday!

    My favorite post is absolutely the Mothers day your husband planned!


  95. I love your blog. :) I stumbled across it on ohhellofriend a little while ago. I don't think I can narrow it down to 1 favorite post...but I can tell you my 2 favorite posts... "boxed and ready" (I would be a grateful recipient of lovely packaged red velvet cupcakes anytime :) ) and "polaroid tuesday: week twenty-five" I love that shot with the cherries. It gives off a classic summertime vibe, that is simply timesless. :)

    Congrats on your second blog bday!

  96. I love your blog too! It's part of my daily 'mummy time.' I put the little ones down for their nap, make a warm cuppa and look at your blog. Your pics and reflections are beautiful and refreshing. My fav post so far is the sailorette's birthday- lots of fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Happy Bloggiversary! My favorite post? Too hard. I was entranced by the mushroom picking dress last fall. Made me want to hunt some down in the woods...

  98. hiiiii!
    happy blog birthday!!! how exciting!! i am just starting my blog and etsy store soon, and i cannot thank you enough for being an online inspiration to me (your blog is so wonderful, it has definitely inspired me to start my own)! i have no favourite post, as i am constantly inspired and encouraged by your honesty, your upbeat attitude, and your appreciation of the small joys that happen daily.
    i enjoy reading about your family, and loveeee looking at all the wonderful crafts that you create for your children to enjoy! there are so many amazing crafty ideas on this blog!!!

  99. Happy 2 yr blog bday! I'm a long-time reader, I subscribe through google reader, but I added myself to the followers to get in on the action! My fave posts are always the ones about the creative parties you throw for your girls. I have 3 & 1 yr old daughters, but am not nearly as creative as you are when it comes to their parties. So I kinda live vicariously through yours :) I've also enjoyed your home tours.

  100. Happy Blogbirthday! I love reading about your girls, I have two who are roughly the same ages. My eldest loves to look with me and see what Brave and True are up to! Our favorite post by far was the super hero show put on by your husband and girls. That was beyond fantastic!
    Your photos, crafts and everything else are always so beautiful and inspiring.
    Many loves.

  101. I think i'm comment 101. geez. see u tmrw. bring ur polaroid for our date.

  102. I love your fabric necklaces. I have been wanting to try my own version for awhile now. I also Loved Loved Loved the super hero post that your husband put together with your kids. I about died when I saw that. So AWESOME!!

  103. what a lovely giveaway! ;) you can just delete my comment, i just wanted to post a hello!

    i ordered some film, it was awesome!
    happy blog birthday! hurray for 2 years!!

    anyway, nick and i will def. be by this saturday!

    xo. danni

  104. i think my favorite posts are the polaroid tuesday posts. love the poloroid and would love to have one of my own.

  105. Happy bloggy birthday! I think that what you do is wonderful. I found you long ago when you commented on a sewing project of mine and have been checking in on and off again since. I'm already a follower. Must say that the ganache looks good. Wish I had that kind of self control!

  106. Hi Ruby!
    And happy blog's birthday!
    I have no doubt about my favorite post, it is the ultra-appreciatives one! Maybe it's because I ultra-appreciate your blog and family! :-)
    Wish you all the best!

  107. Happy bloggy bday! Mi favorite post...the one where you made the FP bag, which is when I started following you (since they link you from their blog). I love the post & ur creativity. It fills my head w/ideas...:)

  108. There was a post, or many actually, with pictures of you and your husband. One day I was having a hard time with the idea of marriage because it has such a harsh stereotype sometimes. Being in such a loving relationship I know I want to be with my boyfriend forever but it was seeing a picture of how in love you and your husband are and how much you love your daughters that restored my faith in marriage and families. I can't thank you enough for that.

  109. happy 2nd bloggy birthday! My fave post is the one where your hubby and daughters dressed up and sang a song - found it - The Ultra Appreciatives! Brilliant!

    I've joined as a follower but not entirely sure I've done it right. Hope so.

  110. Happy blog b-day! I have so many favorites so it's hard to pick, but any of your birthday party ones I just love! Plus, I adore seeing the love between you and Ben. You don't see that kind of complete adoration and passion too often and it reminds me of me and my Love! :) What an incredible giveaway!

  111. congratulations! what a milestone! i'd have to say my favorite post was about the three little bears birthday party. the party was so sweet and thoughtful and i love all of your creative details. my e-mail is:

  112. my favorite post is the one where you gave instructions for turning a door blank into a rockin' chalkboard! we love chalkboards in our house too (especially my 4-year-old, ella), and we 'rescued' a door blank from freecycle that is awaiting its very own transformation!!!

    happy birthday to the blog!

    (my email is:

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. Hello Ruby! I just found out about your blog recently (from, and thus am reading your archives really slowly so that I won't reach the end quickly. Hehe. I must say, it is encouraging to stumble upon an artist that gives glory to God in everything that she does. :)

    Hmm. So many favorite posts. Especially the ones that make veggies sound scrumptious.
    My favorite post would be
    The pockets filled with mushrooms are so cute to look at. And the fat mushrooms look very bite-able. :d

  115. Happy Blogersary (is tht the way to say it?) Any way..congratulations on a great 2 years. I absolutley enjoy reading your blog. I feel like I know you and your family personally. And for some reason think that Brave looks so much like my daughter. They are about the same age also. Anyway, one of my favorite posts was when you posted about a party you helped throw - I think it was for your sister's birthday - and you set up a photo station where you had accessories for dress up. Everyone there really got into it. It was one of many that stands out in my mind that really demonstrates the love your family has for each other and how much you love spending time together.

    Hope you have a great anniversary.

  116. Well I found you through a search on fairytales, so I must say that the Truliocks birthday was my fave!

    your follower thing isn't working,I will try again later, but I follow you through google reader.

  117. Happy birthday, lovely blog!
    My favourite post is definitely the one on True's room. Lucky girl lives in my dream space.


  118. oh oh oh oh!!! A Polaroid camera! I've been wanting one for SO long =)

    Congrats on two years!!

    loriechambless at hotmail

  119. My favorite post was the sailorette's birthday. I love how real that was. You worked so hard to make a perfect, cute birthday, but it didn't quite work the way you planned, but you all had a great celebration anyway. Congratulations.
    laurarherrmann at gmail

  120. congrats on two years ruby! it's so nice of you to giveaway a camera :D

    my favorite post(s) is all of the ones about Halloween costumes. I think it's so cute how you all dress up as a fairy tale with all of the characters..

  121. Yay for 2 years! My fave pst of yours is brave's bday post cuz that's the one that I found your blog from! Thanx Anne

  122. 1. I think my all-time favorite post is when you posted about the bird nest. That was beautiful and exciting. But really, the reason I read your blog is because of the genuine and glowy love you exude for your children, husband and God. It's so warm and lovely!


  123. Happy Blog Birthday!

    A polaroid camera?! How generous!

    My favorite would have to be True's third birthday, the Goldilocks birthday. It's how I found your blog and immediately thought it was the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen.

    As while it's not a post, my favorite thing about your blog overall is how steadfast you are in attributing everything to God. Such a reminder to me!

  124. Hey Ruby!

    My favorite post is : Brather Fairytale on october 31 2007. That is around the time that I found your blog. I thought that you were so creative:) And I was very excited to find out that we were both part of God's family:)
    My email is
    Take care!

  125. happy #2.

    so many favorite posts!

    but one of my top faves was the bear birthday party. to. die. for. cute.

  126. Seriously a Poloroid camera!?! Awesome. My fave post was your Mother's Day gift from the "Ultra-Appreciatives." The colors/photos were amazing. My favorite posts of yours are usually those of your family. Your family is beautiful and creative and its always fun to see what you guys are up to.

    I love that post bc of your hubby's dedication to making the sets and wearing blue undies like that to be posted for all to see. That takes guts, commitment and lots of love ;) You are a special lady., and I am a follower already.

  127. Happy Birthday Bloggity-Blog!
    Well, first of all. I LOVE your posts about your familiy. Not only do you have one of the most adorable families, but you can see your love for God through all of your stories. How you thank Him for everything. It's truly awesome! (hehe. NO intentional suck ups here. I promise!)
    I love any of your breakfast-in-bed posts. I think that is a swonderful tradition! And the food always looks sooo yummy!

    AHhHh! Polaroid camera!!! This is crazy! :D

  128. oooo! love love polaroids!
    i think my favorite post is the goldilocks birthday, but i also liked the moustaching birthday : )

    also! that "just becuase" idea sounds wonderfully promising! & super fun!

    & happy blog birthday!! woo hoo!
    my blog's one-year birthday is in a couple of days :]

  129. Happy Birthday!!!! I love all of your blogs!!!! But I can't help but to giggle everytime you mention Mrs. Honeybird. You always have wonderful stories and great pictures to go along with them. I love hearing about your girls and your pregnancy. I am due in December and I really enjoy reading about others that are right there with me.

    I've been looking to get a polaroid camera!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. (1) this is the most difficult contest ever! oh, what to choose... i guess i will have to go with the first post i ever read - the pencil shavings post, which led me to the family sketchbook post, which took me straight to michael's to buy one for my own family. so very wonderful. i do love every post, however, but i will have to go with the one that got me hooked from first glance. (like a big nerd i went back through all your old posts and, of course, have read every one since.) you seem to exude love and creativity. a daily inspiration. funny how that can happen when you don't even know people...

    (2) email:

    and, come on! a polaroid camera! too much. oh, the fun i could have with that...
    and, of course, happy blog birthday!

  131. Happy blog birthday!!! 2 are so grown up!

    I just discovered your blog about 1week ago and I instantly loved it. I must have read through nearly all of the posts that you have written in the last two years in just one sitting...seriously. I am in awe of your creativity and I can appreciate the hard(but rewarding) work that you put in as a mother.

    With that said, my favorite post is the one in which you announce that you are going to have another girl! The photo of you and your hubs exudes pride and love. You can't beat that!

    Thanks for the inspiration and entertainment.

    Jen (

  132. I think my favourite post would have to be the one where your husband and girls dressed up as underpantsy superheroes for Mothers Day. So funny.
    prudence_scott at hotmail dot com

  133. well, i don't even know how i stumbled upon your blog, but i love it! i am a recent college grad of clemson university who loves nerdiness and artistic hobbies and graphic design, etc. one of my favorite posts was probably the mother's day one or maybe the giant dollhouse pillow! so cute! thank you for sharing about your family - i can't wait to have my own someday and hope to do fun activities like you do! God bless!

  134. ps: my email is - i don't want to miss out on a chance to win a polaroid!!

  135. There was a post, or many actually, with pictures of you and your husband. One day I was having a hard time with the idea of marriage because it has such a harsh stereotype sometimes. Being in such a loving relationship I know I want to be with my boyfriend forever but it was seeing a picture of how in love you and your husband are and how much you love your daughters that restored my faith in marriage and families. You exude so mcuh happiness it rubs off on others. I can't thank you enough for that and I hope my happiness can rub off with this comment. =]

    i forgot to leave my email
    so now you have two similar comments =/
    but it's

  136. my favorite post was about true's birthday party! so gorgeous. my e-mail is

  137. congrats on 2 years! since I just found your blog; and I heart giveaways, this is my fav. post so far..I will be reading more though! (I'm a new follower!) anne molino at hotmail dot com

  138. I can't even decide which post I like the most. I like them all but I especially enjoy Polaroid Tuesday. Polaroids make the most amazing images, I can't wait to be able to purchase inexpensive Polaroid film. Hope I win :)

  139. happy bloggerday!!
    i would have to say the dollhouse present!! its genious! i love it!
    taking the time to think and make a present is definitely more rewarding than buying one..

  140. hi :)
    my favorite so far was the one about your most recent Mother's Day.

  141. thanks for posting such genuine and inspiring words, and art. I so enjoy your work! You also share so much beautiful inspiration on parenting and what it means to be a family. I especially loved the most recent bday post for your daughter, True. So thoughtful and amazing.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  142. i forgot my email :(

  143. congrats on your blog's 2nd birthday! (:
    I LOVE ALMOST EVERY POST, seriously. some of my favorite posts would have to be your polaroid tuesdays. my other favorite would be the post about your lovely package exchange partner and what you receieved from her, it was really inspiring to see the packaging and handmade gifts!


  144. This comment has been removed by the author.

  145. Happy 2nd Bloggy Birthday, Rubyellen!

    Your blog is so inspirational with such a perfect blend of creativity, family, and lots of love. Obviously your family feels the same way, as my favorite post was the Mother's Day play photos. :)

    Congratulations and best wishes on baby cakies #3!


  146. Wow. Two years! You've done so well and you are truly an inspiration!
    How can I choose one favourite post? They are all so great. I have to say I love your latest one about your best friend's engagement, but I also love the ones about your little girl's Goldilocks birthday party. What I love so much is how you openly share your faith in Christ and your love of your family—as well as your gorgeous creations.

    Cheers and love from Australia!

  147. Hi ruby ellen

    First things first: Congrats on the blog birthday! =) It’s been such a pleasure reading your blogs. You’re creativity is awesome, inspiring and contagious! =)

    My most favorite post is Monday, May 18, 2009 – The Ultra-Appreciatives.
    Ultra Appreciatives is my favorite post because your blog is primarily about what YOU do for your crafts, family and life. How awesome was it to see that everything you sent out into the world came back to you!—Complete with song, costumes and set design!! Yay karma! =) It’s funny how your hubby thinks he’s not creative when it’s CLEAR that he is. Even a small amount of effort from the person you love can make something/anything mean so much more.

    Anyways, the only way for me to stop writing is to end it with this: That post made my heart flutter and that’s why it’s my favorite.

    The end*. Bye!

    *ps! I sent you an email—please read! =)

  148. Hello! I'm a new follower and I ABSOLUTELY love your blog :)

    My favorite post, the one that introduced me to your blog and instantly had me hooked, is the proposal post with your best friend, Linda. I'm also the type of girl who's planned her wedding since age 5, and I hope my future fiance plans a proposal as cute as that!

  149. my favorite posts are your Polaroid Tuesday posts. I love Polaroids and am looking forward to seeing the next one :)

    (I'm a follower!)

  150. I just discovered your blog so I'm doing my best-est to catch up! favorite post is your newest post about your friend's engagement. So sweet!!

    I would love to win this. I've been searching left and right for one Polaroid camera but kinda nervous to get it on ebay because I don't know if it would work. For now, I'm practicing with Fuji Intax while waiting for the perfect Polaroid to come.

    Thank you!!

    My email is

  151. Polaroids are super cool. I had one a few yrs back but can't find it now. My favourite post, hmmm... right now I am really loving the engagement one of Lin and John. Does it still count that it's two posts above this one? I was hooked when I saw your lovely princess crowns!

  152. Wow! this is such a generous giveaway. I don't think in a million years I'll be lucky enough to win, but here it of my favourite posts has to be your most recent detailing the proposal of your friends, John and Linda. It made me smile, I think deep down I'm a romanticist too!!!It was such a lovely idea, and the polaroid pictures just make it all that much more of a special moment.

    Thanks so much for all you do :)


  153. congrats on your 2 years! :)

    & my favorite post is "it's not my story". i found it to be so sweet and romantic! i <3 sweet & creative proposals.

    & awesomeness with the giveaway! i've been wanting to get a polaroid cam in ages. but with the economy the way it is, not a good time to buy. (esp. since i need a job first!)

    my email:

  154. This comment has been removed by the author.

  155. Yay for Polaroid film again!
    I must say that the post about your friend's engagement is my penultimate favorite. I'm going to be getting engaged anytime now, and I'm keeping a sharp lookout for anything unusual (while still trying to let myself be suprised!).

    Her fiance (and the rest of you) was so clever! I know my Daniel knows how important photos are to me as well, so I just hope we get such cute ones as you did! I love the heart balloon idea!

  156. congrats on year #2! i have many favorite posts--the girls' bedrooms, the little red riding hood, the mustaches... but recently i would have to say that the post i love best is the one where you announced your 3rd pregnancy, as i am pregnant right along with you (30.5 weeks and counting)! big bellies unite! thanks for all the inspiration.


  157. Hey Ruby! For some reason I've seemed to step out of my comment shell lately!
    - I just have to say how proud I am of you Ruby. I've been reading your blog since the beginning's of i love benny and to see how far you've come with your blog is so, so lovely. You have over 300 blog followers now and that's amazing! You're so inspiring to so many people. I'm just glad that the rest of the world is finally able to see your talents, via- your blog. You're so blessed.

    Take Care :)

    I had to delete and repost this because of a spelling error :)

  158. i'm a new reader (just started following after i learned from cup of jo that you had an adorable proposal complete with polaroids to share). i loved that post - your friend was glowing with happiness. i have since started reading your older posts to catch-up on you...i'm sure that i will have many more favorites as i continue to read!

  159. Happy Bloggy Birthday - mine's coming up at the end of September (4 years!). I do follow your blog, and love all the polaroids, and your posts about friendship bread were some of my favorites just lately.

  160. I've just discovered your blog but I love it and I'm dying to win your polaroid giveaway - I'm headed to Mexico to get married and desperately want to capture the memory with polaroid. Fingers crossed!!

  161. Yaaaaaay! Thank you for two years of so much encouragement, beautiful crafting and just, plain joy! I think out of all the loveliness, my favorite posts are the ones about your dates with Ben or your creative gifts for your family. I think it is wonderful that you and your hubby get to have date night and put each other first. ( So special.

    with love,

  162. Congrats! I'm a new follower and just love when I can sink my teeth into a new blog and read backwards - putting the pieces together about someone's awesome life bit by bit!

    So far, the post about the giant dollhouse pillow got me the most - amazing crafting!

  163. This comment has been removed by the author.

  164. I love your blog! I think lately my favorite has been the giant dollhouse pillow. I have got to make something like that for my daughter!

    greenappleorchard at gamil dot com

  165. Oh RUBY.
    What a prize.

    The sheer thrill of winning such a treasure might leave me never recovering.

    I have wanted one of these for a mondo long time:)
    To take such pretty polaroids as yourself<3

    My favorite post I am pretty sure was the one of your birthday--with your hubby-love and wee ones jumping about as super hero's:)
    It warmed my heart so--and I was so grateful that you shared it with us.

    Other than that--I was happier than you know when you announced the arrival of baby #3. It is funny how you feel like you know people you've never met, and how they can be such an encouragement in your life and inspire you to greater faith.

    I really wanted to give you a hug the day<3

    But that's just me....


  166. Happy bloggiday, sister! I love your creative style and how you are using that to glorify our LORD. I loved how you pointed people to the amazingness of creation by following the birdies outside your window this spring. I love how that tied in with your little wall birdies in your shop. I also do love how you encourage creativity in your home. I'm not terrible creative, but I want my daughter to have the chance to develop that, so I take cues from you. Of course, you always remind me to treasure my husband and our marriage. Love your date night posts! Anyway, I'm not sure I would gbe reat with a polaroid, but I'm pretty sure my awesome husband could enjoy it or maybe another photo friend of ours. My email is I've been subscribing for awhile - is that good enough for a "just because" package. I'm not terribly creative, but gift giving is my love language so I would feel very loved by a "just because"

  167. Oh, happy bloggyversary! Your blog is a bright spot in many people's day and a source of inspiration!

    I have always wanted a polaroid, so I would be so excited to win this!

    My favorite post is still the first one I saw - It was Ben's birthday, and the theme was Mo' Stachin' Fun! I loved the polaroid of your family with the mustaches.

  168. Congrats on "turning 2"!

    I love your polaroid project. It's so awesome. I also love when you blog about food. You pictures always inspire me to cook. (Yum, tomatos, mozzarella, and basil)

  169. Happy 2nd Birthday Cakies!!!

    what a great gift to US really, your readers. My favorite post is seriously the valentines post to your husband. I loved it... i may have cried when i saw the last page was about Christ.

    I also love the superman pics of your sweet family for your Mom (Mum). Your blog is from the heart, and you can see that.

    even if i don't win (i have the worse luck, i realize this haha) i genuinely mean it when i say thanks for cute posts.


  170. I actually started to follow your blog because of the polaroids! :) My favorite post was the one about Ben's birthday, with the picture clues and mustaches!!

    Happy 2nd birthday!! :)


    chantilita at gmail dot com

  171. Happy 2nd Bday!!

    I A D O R E your blog ~ you uplift so many with simply being you! Blessings & many more bloggy years! ;)

  172. Oh my world!!!! There are so many posts!!! =P favorite post is when you put up pictures and talked about how your PIC got engaged..wait..that has yet to happen. haha... No, my favorite is when you posted the name of your third little girl, An. No wait... that didn't happen either..hmm...this is more difficult than I thought. What about when you did the Happy Kwanzaa post. no? umm...the Canadian Thanksgiving post from October? still no, huh? What about the post about squirrels and rhinos. Hmm..I give up.

    Kidding. =) My favorite post is when the one for your birthday and the Ultra-appreciatives. why? cuz Ben is cRaZy!!! ahahh.... love and miss ya!

  173. I just found your blog and I love the post "Its not my story" So adorable.

  174. Hey! I've got to say I've been a "silent" reader for some time now. I can't even remember where I first found your blog, but know it was from a site displaying one of your crowns. I loved your blog from the start and immediately added it to my "favorites". I think your writing is fresh and fun and your pictures make you feel like you are right there. Yours is a blog for the senses. That is why I am going to have to say one of my favorite posts was "fresh supplies". From your picture, I could smell those new supplies and got excited right along with you. It even prompted me go out and get my son a new box of crayons and some water colors. Thanks for being such a bright spot. I'll try not to be so quiet : ) Good luck with everything!

  175. Hi Ruby Ellen,

    HOw can I pick just one favourite post? I love every single one of them. Seriously, you are so talented. Everytime you post one of your new creations, I gasp! Wow.
    The post I remember the most is actually a recent one. When you announced your 3rd pregnancy. We have 2 children and are hoping we will be blessed with a 3rd so reading that was like my dream!!
    :-) Thanks for sharing your life and family with the world. If I win the polaroid I just might have to start a blog myself.

  176. I so appreciate having a nerdy, crafty, beautiful blogger who is also a lovely Christian lady and open and honest about it. I really liked your blog post in July "attempt one and attempt two" where you made that beautiful dress without a pattern! I think that is so clever and admirable but I get enjoyment and inspiration from so many things you share. Thankyou Rubyellen, Love from Sharolyn in Brisbane, Australia.[@]

  177. this may not make the deadline, but I had to think all day and night about it.... I literally dreamt of meeting you! At church of all places. :) Anyway, my fave blog is one about being pregnant. not so much the blog itself, but the pic of you and your husband, holding the sonogram while smooching. It was so encouraging to see and very touching. Congrats!!!

  178. Congratulations on your 2nd year of blogging!

    I am in love with your blog. It truly makes me want to become a better person, craft wise and in my relationship with god. Before I read this blog or your other one, Memory Hunting. I've never been very religious, but you have helped me to fall in love with god. I am so grateful for that and I thank you for that and all that you do.

    When I read about your giveaway, I didn't apply immediately. I was sooo excited yet I didn't know if you would read my comment. I got so nervous. I'm sorry that this is a little late. I hope I make the deadline because I have been really wanting a polaroid camera for a very long time. My favorite post from your older blog, Memory Hunting is Ultra Appreciatives. I thought it was soo adorable and creative how the "leader" of the Ultra Appreciatives thought to make this skit for you on Mother's Day, and I loved the little eye masks your daughters had on. It was the most cutest thing I have seen.

    ...and my favorite post from Cakies is the recent one where your friend got engaged. (a little bit of background information) Last Thursday I had walked by the Hibbleton Gallery and I saw all of the polaroids. I stopped in awe because of how amazing it was. The collection of polaroids, the collection of memories of strangers, brought together in this one room. I thought it was the coolest thing. When I saw all of the different polaroid cameras in the window display, and I wished I had one.

    So you can imagine how excited I was to see that you were giving one of your polaroid cameras away AND to see that your friend got engaged in the Hibbleton Gallery. I seriously cried when I read it, I'm not even lying. That's such a creative way to propose. I'm so happy that it all went according to plan.

    In a way, you have kind of changed my life. 1) You have made me fall in love with god. 2) I have been working a lot more on my art. 3) My new favorite food place is the Veggie Grill. I read one of your posts where you had eaten at the Veggie Grill. I went to the Irvine Spectrum to try it, and I'm sooo happy I did. I love the Stack and their chinese dressing. 4) I have been going on new adventures, like to the Flea Market.

    I am so happy I'm having this chance to tell you my favorite post and to tell you how grateful I am for you. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    My email address is:

    With love, Ashley

  179. I have a polaroid camera that we purchased 7 years ago for our wedding. It was thoroughly used, then borrowed by a friend to do the same thing at her wedding. I recently found it in an unpacked box (we moved almost two years ago) and have been holding tight to it ever since. I am waiting for some film to land in my lap. So, don't include me in the giveaway but I have to say that your post about your friend's engagement has to be my favorite. So sweet - I love the engagements that took a lot of thought and planning.


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