August 25, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-four

Pictures of balloons are always fun and pretty. Don't you think?
week thirty-four
Thanks to those who purchased from the last shop update, I will be putting it all in the mail soon. There will be another shop update this Friday and this has some more whimsical stuff!

And tomorrow is my 2 year blog birthday. I want to think of something fun to do, but my brain is stuck. Maybe, a grand idea will come to me today! We'll see...

p.s. Anyone live near/in Greenville, OH? There is this wonderful find on ebay, I would buy it up if I lived close enough to pick it up. Too bad for me it is local pick up only. Hurry up the auction ends soon!


  1. A very pretty photograph, indeed. :)

  2. As a two year birthday celebration you could do a blog scavenger hunt (What is that? You get to decide!) or a blog mad-libs! Those are fun party games!

  3. I love balloons, I love their simplicity, I love that they fly, and I love the look on my daughter's face when ever she gets one. Balloon=joy. Thank you for your love pictures every week!


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