August 19, 2009

shop updated (kinda)

Good morning! The fruits of my labor is evident as the shop is now stocked up with loads of color, like I promised. There are fabric necklaces galore! Some of these necklaces were also the ones featured in Small Magazine's most recent issue.
more necklaces

Here are two of my personal favorites.
vintage bib necklaces

I really love this bib necklace made from part of an embroidered vintage tablecloth. If it isn't gone in a week, I am taking it off and keeping it! But I think it would look super duper lovely on one of you... don't you think?
my new favorite necklace

I made an oopsie! I thought I had dragged the individual photos of the vintage, embroidered tablecloth bags to my flash, but I guess I didn't and they are all on Ben's computer, which is with him at work. Therefore, the update for the bags will have to wait until the evening... sorry.
bags galore
There are 5 of them and they are all quite lovely. Unique, vintage, and so fun! I wouldn't mind keeping a few, at least for a little while, but God knows I don't need anymore.

My hands are tired from all the uploads and well, the pregnancy water retention isn't helping. I can't wait to upload the other things in the shop tonight and I plan on having another goodie update sometime next week (probably Wednesday). I have some new hair clips that I think you will love. Well, at least my little girls love them and it has been so difficult to get them to wear hair clips these days! These little babies have a mind of their own!

Have I told you that True and I now fight about what to wear?!! Oh boy! That is for another post of its own. And to think, that she is only three!

Happy snooping around in my shop today!

***UPDATE: Lots of lovely vintage tablecloth bags are now in the shop.***


  1. Hey Ruby :O) How much are you selling the vintage bag in the very center of the picture for??? I think I really do love it and must have it (budget permitting...)

    Love, Susan

    Great update! Gorgeous pieces! I like the blue makes me happy necklace most :O)

  2. You don't have to post this comment, but...

    By the way, I've been meaning to tell you... Have you seen these necklaces that are totally inspired by your tutorial???

    She embellishes them a lot more than you do and they are very pretty, but she also sells them for ~$95!!! Shocking, but, to each his own, right?

  3. cute, cute stuff! Would love to get my hands on some of these, but alas budget and space will stop me!

  4. Lovely new items! Both the bags and necklaces are soo pretty =)


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