August 18, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-three

It was a little patch of pretty between some old car garage and a barb wire fence. 
week thirty-three
Little patches of pretty are everywhere, we just have to be paying attention.

Hello! To those of you making your way here for the first time via Artful Blogging. It always nice to have new friends! Oh and I can't wait for tomorrow's shop update. There will be loads of color!!!

p.s. I was interviewed by Patriotic Peacock, so stop by there and say hello.


  1. Great colors today! Headed over to read your interview...

  2. i always look forward to your polaroids.

  3. Hello Rubyellen! I know you did away with Wedding Wednesdays, but I just wanted to ask what videographer did you use for your wedding? Was the process finding a videographer just as grueling as it was in searching for your photographer? I love your sense of style, so just wondering if you have any suggestions for this new bride-to-be. Thanks!

  4. I love this picture....there really is beauty everywhere, isn't there?


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