August 27, 2009

sweet collections

We are collectors of things in this house. Not too many things as I am not a clutter collecting person, but we like sweet things. Odd things. Old things. Nature things. 

True has taken to collecting rocks, sticks, and flowers any chance she gets. They all end up in the house on and on the fireplace mantel. When I see her little collections, it reminds me of her sweet little hands and how happy she is collecting these things. Kids really don't need that many toys. 
little flowers
(True's most recent collection of tiny flowers)

rock collector
(True's growing collection of rocks)

which key?
(collection of vintage keys)

my cameos
(my collection of cameos: the ring (etsy), necklace (oh, hello friend), real vintage cameo (I got somewhere in Italy))

Now, it is about time to share what will be in tomorrow's shop update. This is something new that I have been making that I am absolutely swooning over. I wear it. True wears it. Brave wears one too. It is so dainty, vintage, grown up, but equally as lovely for a little girl. I really love these new hair clips! Each lovely lady is cut by hand and the trim is antique trim from a vintage tablecloth (more can be seen here, here, and here). 
four lovely ladies cameo hair clips
(a collection of lovely lady cameo hairclips that will be in the shop tomorrow)

Thank you everyone for the blog-birthday wishes. I am so encouraged by all of you. It is fun to have so many friends from all over the place, even Ben gets so excited to read your comments and to see which are your favorite posts. I love him so much and so happy that he nerds about all this stuff with me too! We are a nerdy-lovey-dovey couple that way. It is the absolute best! Well, keep the comments coming for the giveaway as I can't wait to see who this lovely polaroid camera will go home to.

I can't wait for the shop update tomorrow, but for today my mother-in-law is here and I have a date with my best friend this afternoon sans kids. I haven't hung out with her without kids in so long. It will be some fun girl bonding time of shopping, eating, antiquing... did I mention eating? Well, you get the picture. Some days we need time off, right? Maybe, I will find more things to add to my different collections. Hmm... maybe clothes. Now, I am sure we all collect that!

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Ruby.... The cameos... seriously..... They're going to be a HIT! LOVE them, can't wait to purchase one! They're fabulous.


  2. Your cameo clips are incredibly detailed, and so very lovely! Thanks for the sneak peak!

  3. that is so nice that shes into collecting those things. it is true, kids dont need very many toys.

    those cameo hairpins are so perfect, in so many ways.

  4. Ah! I can't wait for tomorrow! :] I have to get myself one of those hair clips! I wish I was having a girl sometimes, so I could dress her up as cute as you do your girls... :]

  5. what a neat post! i love it : ) i know i collect all sorts of things from vintage photographs of strangers to a new collection of fawns i am starting. fabulous!

  6. oh ruby! those cameo clips are so lovely! I can't wait to add some to our cakies collection :O)

    love, susan

  7. I am absolutely adoring these. Can't wait for your darling little shop update.

  8. the cameos are so sweet! little zoe collects rocks too,i collect vintage gum ball machines :)
    adrienne K

  9. OMG! those are too cute!
    the cameo, I wanna say was from Florence... no?

    see you in a few hours. :)

  10. The cameo hair clips are so darling.

  11. those are absolutely beautiful! just gorgeous! i just love your daughters' collections, how simple and sweet and yet meaningful and obviously well curated they are. you must be a great mama!

  12. I LOVE these clips Rubyellen! You are SO incredibly talented. I am in awe. And those photos are beautiful. Gosh, I see a book in your future!!!


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