December 11, 2008

on his way up

Because today is his birthday and my Babe-iliscious turns 34. He is just the coolest (and hottest) guy I know (that's one of the reasons I married him)...
Happy Birthday Benny... we love you!!!

Will be back tomorrow to share all the fun we are going to have today...

Please don't forget to read here ,here, and here. Also, Little Ida has some good information about the disheartening future of handmade toys and what can be done to help.


  1. Happy Birthday Ben!!!!!! You deserve a GREAT one!!! But then you already have the best family in the world! You must be an awesome guy! ;)

  2. happy birthday ben!! i'm sure ruby has something very special planned for ya! my love's birthday is tomorrow! mine turns 33. i'm throwing him a surprise parte!

  3. Happy Birthday Ben, the Aguiar Family hopes your day was blessed!


    how cute huh :]

    happy bday benny!

  5. I was meaning to call you guys to say happy bday. so caught up with trying to get to disneyland.

    btw- MY WINDSHIELD AGAIN!!!!!!!!i'll call u later. conferences end at 2 ish, then i'm going home!


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