December 12, 2008

some stashin' fun all day long

Yesterday, we declared it Ben's "More-stashin' FUN Birthday" because we had fun stashed for him all day long. Of course, it started with the traditional breakfast in bed...

And his little present to get ready for the "more-stashin" fun day ahead...
I totally loved this when I first saw it on Something's Hiding in Here awhile back, and knew I would have to get us all one and use it as a surprise for Ben, so his birthday was the perfect opportunity.
Little did he know, everyone had their own little 'stache...

When we finally got on the road (and after some arguing, yes, we argue), we gave Ben his first poladroid clue...Where do you think we were headed off to?
Santa Monica Pier!!! We had some fun, of course took some pictures, and played a bit...

Then, back in the car and we gave Benny the next poladroid clue...
Where are we headed off to next?
Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball!!! Thanks Jen... I learned something else from you.
The rain came down and the floods came up and we all had fun exploring the interactive exhibit...

Of course, we 'stashed away good memories here too!

We loaded in the car once again and gave Benny his next (and last) poladroid clue?
Where are we gonna go next?
We went to 'stash a lot of yummy food in our tummies at Joe's Sushi!!!

Thank God for our wonderful day! I have to admit it started out kinda bad cause I was mad that he was late and he was mad that I was mad, so there was tension. Though, praise God he softened both our hearts and we had to do a little communicating and asking forgiveness and then we were able to enjoy the rest of the day that the Lord has made just for Ben (and whoever else shares his birthday).
We 'stashed lots of memories for sure... and we will be sure using these wonderful mustaches to 'stash away more memories. We just love them... and when (and if) we add another to our little clan, we will be sure to get another little mustache.

As for the poladroids... oh I love them so much! Best of all, the program is downloadable and FREE! The only thing I paid for was to print it out at FedEx Office. They were exactly what I needed to get the effect I wanted for Ben's birthday. Funny cause on my Christmas wish list is Polaroid camera (and loads of film), then I found this and it is just grand! So much fun... you could really just poladroid the day away!!! Now, I still want the real deal, but poladroiding is just as fun.

I hope y'all 'stash away lots of fun this weekend, we will for sure... we have got an exciting weekend planned!


  1. wow! looks like you guys had a lot of fun! i especially like how brave eats her mustache! :) And, the polaroid effect is awesome!

  2. what a glorious mustachioed celebration of life. love it!

  3. Hooray! I am always so inspired by the thoughtfulness and creativity and love that go into your life. Thank you!

  4. What an amazing birthday! What a lucky guy!

  5. your family is so cute! and happy birthday to your benny. which reminds me he looks a lot like the headliner comedian from the comedy and magic club last night. does he do comedy on the side? hehehe

  6. this just killed me! SO FUNNY!!!
    thanks for sharing some great ideas!!

  7. They are some lovely photos you've got there.
    I was just thinking the other day that life is like a game of tennis. Even if you are down Love/40 you can still win the game.

  8. Sorry, did that make sense? I was thinking about the tennis thing because I was having an awful day, by late afternoon it looked like I was going to have had a complete wreck of a day, but I put my chin up and I kept going and some really nice things happened and the day turned out to be a great one in the end.

    Your blog is very lovely!

  9. I love poloadroid too! so great! and the 'staches are awesome!

  10. I'm glad Benny's birthday was a blast. I love your photographs. What a beautiful family!!! Have an equally bright weekend!

  11. my favorite stache picture is of brave in the bed!

  12. What a fun birthday!! :) And I absolutely love, love, LOVE your pictures!!!! I wish I had cool pictures like yours! :)

  13. this is so great. i love the pictures too. really, love love love.

  14. i think your blog is great. and i want a mustache on a stick very very badly. i also need an awesome husband who will take pictures with a mustache on a stick.

  15. What a wonderful day it turned out to be! (and I'm glad you guys are normal like us, and have the odd tiff/spat/arguement).....wheweeee, I feel better. LOL Love the mustaches! SO CUTE! I want some, too. Adorable photos, and thanks for sharing the polaroid downloadable fun!

    PS....your girls dresses are sooo cute! (of course your girlies make them even cuter) ;)

  16. you guys are too cute!

    happy birthday to your hubby!!!

    i have an award for you..please come and get it!

  17. I think this is possibly the cutest thing I have ever, ever seen!!!! And I'm glad to know you two are like us!!! real! I have to remember this! And those photos... oh my gosh... they are soooo precious! I'm in love with this whole polaroid idea!!! I just love you guys!!!!

  18. lurker here...i love this so much, and i love that you admit your family isn't perfect. you guys are too cute.

  19. hi! i just spent over an hour looking through your blog after mindlessly wandering through the internet.. and i absoLUtely loVe it!! page after page i kept thinking in my head how much i wanted to try out some of your ideas.. but unfortunately right now i live in a small studio with only a toaster oven and some thread >_<

    i've just added your blog to my list of important sites to check on everyday = ]

  20. What a great day. I am so impressed with your creativity. Since we had kids, I have really enjoyed doing creative things for their birthdays. Thank you for the ideas and motivation to do something like this for my husband.

  21. what a great day. Love the staches -- too funny and made for great pics!

  22. what a wonderful celebration!!
    once in a while i come across a blog that is so inspiring i can't "put it down", your blog is one of them. thank you for sharing the beauty of your days!
    i added you as a link.

  23. You are so creative! What a fun b-day. I have to admit, on important days like this, I can get more snappy with my husband. I find myself too stressed about wanting everything to work out flawlessly.

    Isn't the Skirball great? I need to take the boys back there.

  24. i just stumbled upon your blog. its fabulous by the way.

    i absolutely adore this idea! mustaches are just so funny. it looks like you had the best day ever. ben is so lucky! have a great week! xo

  25. i think everyone should get mustaches!!! thanks everyone for your compliments... it was so much fun to plan and do!

    and yes, we are normal and we fight too!!!

  26. Oh, and your comment about the Filipinas cracked me up!

  27. wow looks like you all had a lot of fun

  28. this is just so adorable.
    glad you all had a great day.

  29. This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. You have a beautiful family and I am constantly inspired by your fun blog.

  30. everything is so, so adorable! what a great idea and what a fun day!!!

  31. ahhhh! too cute, too cute!! what a great way to celebrate...

    i'm gona go to the poladroid webbie now.. thanks for sharing!

  32. this is such a creative idea!

    I'm getting ready to plan my husband's 30th birthday surprise party, and looking for ideas. This gives me inspiration!

  33. you are always so creative..looks like you all had a terrific day.

    I have a question though--is this a repost? It is dated 2008. but some where in the post you refer to "four girls" meaning you, brave, true and soul. maybe i have stumbled back in time....


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