December 10, 2008

a handful of favorites

I love etsy and I am sure you do too. There are so many wonderful artists on there and I have made many wonderful friends through here. If you aren't done with Christmas shopping, I would check out some of these...

These are just a handful of my favorites (I so badly want one of those diggers and wooden toy teethers are the only way to go... boo to plastic). I have many, many more favorites... check Nat's tutus, Becky's tutus (but her shop is closed temporarily) or Sarah Jane's beautiful art, really the list could go on and on...

These toys are absolutely and positively wonderful and what really makes them special is that they are made with love. Okay, sounds cheesy, but really... they are made by women who don't just do them to get a quick buck because so many of them probably would have given up a long time ago (believe me, I know), but to them it is fun and an art. Something they love. 

Now what's sad is that this may soon be taken away. I am not sure if you are aware but there will soon be legislation requiring that ALL things (clothing to toys) made for children in the U.S. undergo third party testing to check for hazardous materials in these products. I think checking for safety is wonderful, but this third party testing is super expensive and will put all the little guys (like me and others) out of business. 

It is all because big toy makers got greedy and stop caring about the safety of children and more about mass producing for more money, thus using cheaper and some hazardous materials. Okay, I am not too good at talking about the logistics of all this, but you can read it about it on Our Green Nest. She says everything much better than I could, so instead of me ranting about it, just read it here

Please do what you can to help. This means so much to me and many other artists all over the U.S. and to those who value something special in buying handmade.

Oh and thank you again everyone for your continuous support and enthusiasm in viewing our home!!! 


  1. I guess you haven't read the article on Cool Mom Pick's that the CPSC is banning all of these handmade toys in 2 months.

  2. anonymous- yes. that is why i posted this.

  3. you know, i have been talking to a friend about something like this. we where discussing that even handmade toys legally should have tags with product specification. but i wasn't expecting this. i knew this handmade movement was getting bigger and bigger and soon someone up there (washington) would do something to put a stop to it. look how huge etsy has gotten. anyone who finds it gets hooked by the sheer volume of amazing talents. this is all about the money or, in words, corruption. i'm ok with buying whatever you want. handmade or not. i'm not ok with taking away my freedom to choose. i will be sending some emails soon. i guess they never heard of moms banning together!

  4. This almost makes me want to run for government so craziness like this doesn't go on anymore!!! I did read about this earlier and I would be very floored if it put my friends (like you!) out of business!!!! I have bought mostly handmade from etsy for Christmas this year and for birthdays. We need to find Senators to yell out our cause! I just read on Bambolleta's blog that she feels people are banding together. Even though she's in Canada, she wrote a letter to our government expressing her concern. Nathalie is right... we all need to come together and have our voices heard! And you're right about the bigger companies feeling the pressure of lost sales to cottage industry. I see it all the time in magazines and catalogs-- the influence of the handmade. I will post about it too!


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