December 18, 2008

it's a wrap

White drawing paper, yarn, baker's twine, and doilies all found around the house makes this year's gift wrapping paper...
Simple and clean lines... just the way I like it.


  1. Very similar to what I did this year, but I found brown paper and red yarn around my house. I did the exact same thing, wrapping the yarn around each side a few times. I was very pleased with how everything looked.

  2. i always thought wrapping papers are a waste of money, and yet buy loads of them in different colors year after year. once i've finished the ones i have, i am definitely using crafting/drawing paper.

  3. i agree i love the simplicity of the plain paper. i also used the brown kraft paper to wrap my gifts this year.

  4. Beautiful. I really love it. Simple is wonderful thing.

  5. so adorable!
    & cheap too!

  6. Very nice!!
    I'd love to have all the presents under our tree look exactly the same--even the ones that get mailed to us from somewhere else.

    Would that be rude to rewrap them so they match the other ones under my tree?

  7. These look beautiful, I have yet to start wrapping, but if I'm lucky it will get started tonight!

  8. Happy Christmas Ruby to you and your cute little family :-)

    I love getting a dose of weekly cakies! I also thought of you when I saw blurb's offer to put your blog straight into a blurb book - might be nice for old blogs you don't post to anymore etc...

    See you in the new year :-) When the Aussie dollar gets sronger I am looking forward to getting a crown for my daughter Anya (14m).


  9. Beautiful. My grandmother used to wrap everything in white tissue paper with thick fluffy red yarn. I don't do all one type of gift, though I do keep it all in one color scheme. At our house Santa always wraps in brown craft paper and ties with yarn or string of some kind.

  10. nice to know i am not the only who shies away from wrapping paper. i am always using brown paper bags, grocery bags, kraft/drawing paper to wrap. i love it! plus gift wrapping paper is expensive!!!

    rosalind- oh i definitely want to make one of those books... that is why i started blogging in the first place. i would so love to go to australia!!! merry christmas to you too.

    outsidetheblue- that memory is so special.

    renae- your comment made ben chuckle!!!

  11. wow, wrapped presents means you actually purchased gifts already! I'm so behind this year. A couple of trips this month and last has really put me behind schedule...

  12. i love that you didn't have to go and buy stuff to wrap your presents and they still look beautiful!

  13. OMG OMG OMG!!! LOVE IT!! i haven't started but thats how im wrappping my presents .. "brown paper packages tied up in string" ... yarn in fact .. clues to the handmade goodness lying inside!!!

    love you "and your creative brain" ruby!!

  14. Love it! Last year I bought butcher paper and red&white twine. The paper ended up being too thick... now I just use it to cover the art tables!!! drawing paper would be much better!


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