December 17, 2008

relaxed and ready

All the orders are out, the shop is closed and I am relaxed and ready to dive into some Christmas crafting and baking with my girls. Thank you to all who has helped push Cakies forward (via blog or shop) this year. I have made so many crowns and clips that it is crazy to think they were all made by hand, by myself (with my mom occasionally helping hand stitch the leaves), but each one made with lots of love and excitement (thank God for the strength). The shop will be closed January and possibly February, just to be able to take some time off, but I hope to be back with lots of new things... the sketchbook is oh so full.

The flurry of Christmas crafting has begun as we, True and I, made these softie Christmas trees (thanks to the courtesy of Stephanie Barnes). I sewed and she stuffed. Hence a bit of lopsidedness, but really, we wouldn't have it any other way...
The special tree among the bunch is on its way to a special home for the ornament exchange. I hope the receiver loves it as much as True had fun stuffing it with love.

There is also a little forest of vintage petite sisal trees sitting atop our fireplace mantel. The trees are cute and super tiny...
So tiny that they fit nicely in the palm of a super tiny girl...
Lots of excitement going on as Christmas draws near...


  1. Ooooh, I love the special tree - it's quite adorable! Whoever receive it is quite lucky! Have a good one. :)

  2. wonderful little trees!

  3. oh we are lucky indeed =) Thanks again ruby & True for the darling tree!!!!!

  4. Your soft trees are darling! And the little bottle brush trees are too-- I've been collecting them this year also... just love them!


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