December 19, 2008

wintry morning

It was so cold out, there was even ice in the front yard, which is rare here in southern California. I am wearing extra layers and our mornings are a bit frosty and gray.

I love the feeling of winter...We will continue with the baking, crafting, and savoring of the reason for this season.

Oh and if you missed out on a Lela doll, but want one, visit Grosgrain and enter to win a fabulous frock and Lela doll together... good luck!!!

Have a wonderful wintry weekend wherever you are...


  1. And the snow in the mountains -- that was something to see so early in December.

  2. Beautiful photo!! It really does feel like Winter out here in Northern California too!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  3. Gorgeous photograph, so simple and clean!

  4. I've always loved doilies. What a cute use for them!

  5. I stumbled upong your blog, have no idea how, but it's lovely. I love how you celebraated 'brave's' 'stach day. So fun! your family is beautiful,and I love your simple ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I come to visit here and there from blingonmysewingmachine and wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Happy happies. Joyce

  7. Gorgeous photo! You are an artist!!!!!!!


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