December 23, 2008

so so sweet

The Christmas sweets, which I like to call "chocolate crispies," are officially packaged and ready to giveaway. Though I think I ought to make a bunch more because I am short a few on my list. I guess it isn't really good that I go "one for this box and then 2 for me." Yeah, not so much. I guess I will make more today.
Chocolate Crispies Recipe
(as made by mama who taught me years ago)
1 - box of regular corn flakes
6 - big bars of Symphony chocolate (tastes the best, especially with toffee)

1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler of sorts.
2. Dump the box of corn flakes in a big bowl.
3. Dump the melted chocolate in the big bowl of corn flakes.
4. Mix and mix, but try not to smash too much.
5. Using a tray with parchment paper atop, drop spoonfuls of the chocolate coated corn flakes.
6. Stick in the fridge for a few hours so the chocolate can mold the crispies together.
7. Take out and eat, and share (if you are able to).

This makes for such a quick yummy sweet and guaranteed to be loved by everyone, especially if you use the Symphony chocolate.

There is still so much to be done and my house is a mess... yikes! I will attempt to clean it sometime today in the midst of my errands and more present and crisipies making. 

Happy merrymaking today!!!


  1. They look yummy! Where can I find a recipe?

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Congratulations.
    Visit and your friends mine blog. Good bye

  3. Sounds so incredible yummy and easy too! :)

  4. where did you get the great boxes?

  5. kelly- the wonderful boxes found at the baking section of michaels. the parchment papery-tissue-ish thing from martha stewart at michaels. thank God for michaels!!!

  6. it was the perfect dessert after our korean food.

    SOO good seeing you, brave & true the other day!! I have to tag along more with you and LK more next year!! =)

  7. Oh these look so yummalicious!
    (I'm going to Michaels tomorrow, so excited!)

  8. delicious!!!!!!! jeff prety much got to most of it before I did..but we both loved it..he was going to bring cookies to our new years party..but now is opting to bring you chocolate crispies :)

  9. Have a wonderful Christmas with your fam!!!! I have so much to do too! but it'll get doen somehow.

    ...thanks soooo much for the handmade tree! It sits perfectly in Avery's room. there is a lot of love from True in there =)

  10. those look yummy! now i wonder why i even spent 2 days baking when a no bake recipe is a simpler and less crazy option. And yes, Thank God for Michaels!

  11. Yum, they sound great! I just wrote last week about a chocolate bar from Germany that has corn flakes in it - so good together!
    PS - New reader and I heart your blog!

  12. YUM! I am still planning on doing some holiday gift baking... got the same boxes last month but I just hadn't had time. Now our oven is not working right (!) and our dishwasher is leaking all over the kitchen floor! Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't???? Yours will be well received!!

  13. HEY!!!!!!!


  14. Beautiful packaging. Thanks for the Michaels tip!

  15. Ok... where do I start?!! I found your blog last night and ever since then, I cannot stop reading you. You have become my most favourite! I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found you. An inspiration you have become for me.
    Happy Holidays to you and your gorgeous family!!! <3

    In faith & love,


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