September 25, 2008

going pickin'

It was time to go get some mushrooms and naturally a girl must have a dress with enough pockets to carry a motherload of mushrooms...
The style is the same as the city slickers get up, but in lovely linen and with ample pockets to hold the wonderful delicacy.

We walked in the forest upon entering we found a ready bunch of mushrooms...

The little girl sat down and picked...

And picked, and picked, until her pockets could handle no more (even her basket was pretty full)...
'Twas a lovely day of picking, although we were afraid of picking the sickly kind like a friend of ours a few months back. Though, I am sure this batch is good and will be devoured as quickly as they were found!

While leaving the woody forest, we saw a most frightful mushroom. We didn't pick this one...
Anyone want some mushrooms?

Just to think this sudden mushroom craving came from the fact that I wanted a new pin cushion. Next, I ended up making a bunchful because True wanted some to play with, then along came a little frock because well, if you do go mushroom pickin' you must have pickin' dress!

I love these other mushroom-esque things... Mushroom Meadows, Toadstool Nightlight (Grammie/Grumpy/Grandmama: True would surely love this in her room!), Tamar Mogendorff. All so inspiring...

Now we are off to pick some books in the forest called our local public library...

Happy picking!


  1. So cute. The dress and the mushrooms, but especially baby girl. How many times have I said haven't the CUTEST kids.

  2. Oliver Rain- haha...I think I know what you mean, but thank you! I think so too, but I am kind of biased!

  3. you really are so creative. i think it's wonderful that you are bringing up the kids in such a creative environment.

  4. I do, I do!
    I want one... looked in your etsy shop, but none of them were there?
    still. can't wait to get miss M's crown...
    hooray for you!

  5. The little dress is so sweet (so are your babies!), and I love your mushrooms. Are they weighted on the bottom?

  6. Libby- no worries! your crown will be there in time. My sisters bday is the same day. actually, one sister is on the 1st and one is the 2nd.. and mine is Nov. 3rd! I am excited... i love birthdays!!!

    Harley-dee yes, they are weighted on the bottom. i used white rice!

  7. Where can you get a pattern for a dress like this? I love it and would love to make one for my little one!!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. hi mama-p... i have a book that has a similar pattern... email me and i will look for the isbn to send it to you. it is a japanese craft book that i use, but i don't follow patterns well and kinda make mine up as i go along...

  10. Your family is too flippin' cute! I really do admire your creativity. Thank you for sending me your blog link! ~Digs of Vaudeville

  11. I am loving all your mushrooms and that dress is too adorable. Maybe you and Melissa and Lynne should join up to create your own dress company?? You three together would be unstoppable!!! ;)

  12. Those mushrooms are FABULOUS!!! Make more and put them up on Etsy..PLEASE...Pretty Please...
    The dress is absolutely darling. I wish I had just an ounce of your creativity.

  13. Andreaberg- I am thinking about. Have been since I made them. They are so fun to play with and look great as decoration! Give me a little time... I think I do want to get them up there, just got to plow through some orders first.

  14. I love your creativity with the mushrooms. You look for inspiration in the most organic places! Congrats on all the recognition.


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