September 23, 2008

trying something new

So, I (especially my Benny) have never been too keen on baby headbands. I just never found any that I liked and weren't too baby-like, so we never bothered to have our girls wear one. 

I figured I have been making hair clips, why not try to turn them into a sort of headband. This is my take on it and there is still some tweaking to be done... 
It still has the dimension that I like from my little Rosy Posies, but now it is headband form...
What do you think?


  1. I just found your blogg, love it and the headband! I´ll be visiting you again for more inspiration. Thanks!

  2. I completely agree with you on the head band thing normally but the materials used (felt vs. lace) make a more sophisticated presentation. It doesn't feel as cutesy or fake. The colors are real and bold. The 3-D nature of the flower helps also I think. Does this go around the head using the cloth covered elastic like your crowns? What is the secret to getting your True to keeping it on? What a beautiful use of the flowers!

  3. oh no!!!
    more things to wish for :O)
    i, too, have had a difficult time liking headbands, however there is one seller on etsy who sells adorable ones (but almost always with black bands!)
    this one is so pretty, ruby!
    love, susan

  4. using felt is brilliant! because it is soft she and other little girls probably wont mind wearing it. super smart...

  5. LOVE IT!
    Really good idea--too bad I'm past the little baby stage at my house.

  6. Awww you made one! It looks so nice on Brave! And it seems to follow your "cakies" design. Nice!

  7. I love it! It's the best and most un-babyish baby headband I ever saw. I'd wear it myself! :)

  8. I think...this is FABULOUS! VERY cute!!! :)

  9. just discovered your blog.
    if I had a girl i would definitely adorn her in your adorable clips. the headband is super cute. it is simple..just the way I like it!

  10. LOVE IT! This is so perfect, because I was actually just about to email you to see if you would make a headband! My little Elise has become obsessed with them all of the sudden, and so I am hoping maybe Santa can bring her some extra special cakies ones!!! Keep me updated!!

  11. ruby I think this is great. i particularly like the width of the white band. super cute on bravey too!

  12. I love your headband! My daughter would never leave them on when she was a baby, but they were the lacy kind that my stepmom bought her (and not my style anyways). These are the cutest headbands I have ever seen! Does Brave leave it on?

  13. I'm with ya' on the headband thing, but this is ADORABLE! I want one for all my girls (myself included!).

  14. love it! I'll take mine in black please :)

  15. LOVE IT!!!!! I just wish I could have a tiny bit of your talent. I have put you on my blog page and have had lots of comments on your beautiful girls and lovely works of art.

  16. hey ruby...
    the bizarro world bloggers strike again... did you see what miss M and I made for her birthday party?
    peek at my libbydibby blog.
    I love this.
    when are you coming back in town?
    =) we have to get together.

  17. charissa- the secret to keeping it on is have another one on hand, so when she is grabbing for it, I show her the duplicate and she will think I took it off! haha...

    THANKS EVERYONE! it looks like the headband is a thumbs up... i will try a couple more designs and I want to try making one for me!

    Liberty- Bizarro world indeed!


  18. I am with you, and Benny, on the headband thing. but this one- I would put on my baby girls for sure! but now they are bigger. sad.

  19. those are cute...oh sabrina would look oneso cute in

  20. Oh goodness, I just was on your other blog and noticed the headband on true and asked if you were making them... Never have been into headbands for Hailie but loved it when I saw the one True had on.. Must have one for Hailie..
    How about holiday inspired ones?


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