September 26, 2008

Free People (and a bag giveaway)

So do you remember my Free People inspired bag? Well, because of that bag I had the pleasure of being found by Free People (thanks Heather!). I worked for them to develop instructions on how to re-create the bag and am so honored to be interviewed by them and featured as their first featured craft blogger.

Now, if you read my blog consistently, you know my love for Free People, particularly the Urban Outfitters Co. as a whole! I love Urban, Free People, and Anthropologie... all of those places rock!!!
Also, with their feature and this post, I am giving away the bag (pictured above) that I made while writing the instructions. The bag is made of a vintage tablecloth on the outside, Amy Butler fabric on the inside and with scraps of fabric to make the braided handles, which are my favorite part of the bag.

To be entered, just leave a comment on this post including the following items:
1. Your favorite crafter/craft site (I love learning about more inspiring people.)
2. Your favorite item in my shop
3. Your email address, so I could contact you should you win.
*Those overseas are welcome to join in.

Then, a week from now, the morning of Friday, October 3rd, I will randomly pick a winner!

So, if you want to learn more about me, learn how to make the bag, and just check out another cool blog... hope on over to Free People's blog (and do some shopping on their site while your at it)!!!

Thank you Free People for this wonderful opportunity! You are so inspiring and your site, clothes, and blog continue to give me inspiration!!!

More excitement because all those who subscribe to Free People emails (including me) just received this one...
We really are excited over here and as my friend Krystin put it, we think it's "rad, rad, rad"!!!

Good luck everyone!!!

***I just did a minor shop update and included is once in awhile items, more to come***
Once in awhile items are sold out, there will be some coming again, keep checking back! Thanks everyone!!!


  1. Oh wow, do I get to be first? :) Free People is my favorite clothing brand. And I found you through their post :) So glad I did because you do some fantastic work. I have taught myself how to sew, with hopes of one day recreating some Free People goodness :) In answer to your questions.. I have to say my favorite crafter is Carol Duvall. She is the one who made me fascinated with crafts many years ago. And I love everything in your shop, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would say the skull and crossbones hair clips. They're so cute!! :)

  2. All three stores mention make my heart go pitter patter. Just looking at their catalogs make me happy. My favorite crafter are probably the gals over at Sugar City Journal. After looking at all their lovely creations I long for a sweet baby girl and oh yeah, I would need to learn to sew. My favorite item in your shop is the MAMAsize Rosy Posy Hair Clip in Honey Yellow.

  3. My favorite crafter/craft site is Amy Karol fro Angrychicken.

    My favorite items in your shop are the Rosy Posy hair clips in shocking pink.

    I love the bag!

  4. Wool Felt Crown- I'm a Pirate is my favorite item on your site. Posie Gets Cozy is my favorite crafter blog.

  5. I am a big fan of Soule Mama, both her site and her book. My favorite items in your shop are clips I bought for my daughter and use all the time, the Rosy Posy ones, especially in blue. My email is What a gorgeous bag! You should really sell those in your shop, they're amazing.

  6. I love to pet the clothing at Anthropologie. I have to discretly check that I am not drooling as I flip through the pages of the Free People catalogs. Yes I am a fan. One of my favorite blogs is - she is an inspiration. I covet your crowns, especially the purple chrysanthemum - just a wonderful sense of wonder and joy.
    my e-mail is

  7. Mmmh, free people. I am salivating now. I love the girls at Sugar City Journal...and even get to call Melissa my friend. I love all of your Posy Hair clips. So adorably refreshing compared to a basic bow.

  8. WOW that's such a big deal. congratulations !!!!dont forget me when you are famous.

  9. wow congrats!

    one of my favorite sites is:

    i like your rosy posies.

    and email:

  10. 1. my bff
    2. cakies are my favorite - specifically the skull and cross bone.


  11. i think my favorite crafter is my own sister, who blogs here.
    my favorite item in your shop is any one of those darling clutches (those tablecloths are amazing finds!!).

    here's my email (, and my blog, for good measure. :)

  12. What a great bag!

    Right now my favorite crafter, besides you of course, is Kennedy and Friends:
    Nathalie makes such fun things for little ones.
    My Favorite thing on your site right now is the "Simple Bow in Shocking Pink". But I love the new table cloth clutch that is up there.
    My email is:

  13. great bag!
    my favorite crafter is kathleen at grosgrain. my favorite thing in your store is the felt alphabet crowns.

  14. Thanks for doing this- I just LOVE your blog- you are very inspiring! The bag is GREAT! One of my favorite crafters is on Etsy- sarahsart- great paintings! My favorite item in your store is the Delicious Poppy clip! Too cute!chasgomez@gmail

  15. the bag! I love this site ..

    Can I read any of it? Uh .. NO .. lol, but I love her pictures. Very inspirational.

    Love your Mum crown. It reminds me of highschool when you could send mums to your friends ... always hoping for one from that special guy. :)

  16. I'm a huge etsy browser.. I hardy ever buy, but I love the inspiration. :)

    Your lightening bolt crown is fantastic! I wish I had one for my birthday.

    My e-mail is


  17. My favorite craft site is threepotatofour

    I really enjoy the Mamasize rosy posy in honey yellow

  18. oh my gosh ruby.. i could just picture you saying everything that you said in the interview with free people.

    YAY! im so proud of you my artsy fartsy sister!!!!!!!!!

    love you bye bye :]

  19. Hello, my name is Megan! Congraaaaatulations on the FP blog!!! I'd be overwhelmed in excitement and I am sure you are as well, hehe. :') I am in LOVE with that bag you designed but as for what I like best on your Etsy site currently.. I'd say the Sweet Mum Hair Clip in Sky Cherry (adorable!!! I love seeing stitching on items!) and my favorite 'crafter' is.. Ms. Kelly Eident from I'm Your Present ( Although some of her pieces can be called 'gaudy' ..I love them dearly nonetheless! Kitties on many items.. and lace galore, cutesywutesy! :) Good luck with everything, I'm sure you'll be fine! xox0o Megan ( your daughters are precious)

  20. I go to for my craft ideas! I love the Wool Felt Custom Crown- The Bella Garden!!!
    Wow my daughter said it's so cute!


  21. Hello, my name is Megan! Congraaaaatulations on the FP blog!!! I'd be overwhelmed in excitement and I am sure you are as well, hehe. :') I am in LOVE with that bag you designed but as for what I like best on your Etsy site currently.. I'd say the Sweet Mum Hair Clip in Sky Cherry (adorable!!! I love seeing stitching on items!) and my favorite 'crafter' is.. Ms. Kelly Eident from I'm Your Present ( Although some of her pieces can be called 'gaudy' ..I love them dearly nonetheless! Kitties on many items.. and lace galore, cutesywutesy! :) Good luck with everything, I'm sure you'll be fine! xox0o Megan ( your daughters are precious)
    I just realized my e-mail is not hotmail, it's LIVE! I am having major brain malfunctions tonight! My apologizes.

  22. Okay.. -got even more nutty- it's MOOGUN@LIVE.COM *sigh* it's been such a long week. o_x

  23. Ruby, this is so exciting! Wow!!! You are becoming quite the blog celebrity :) Rad rad rad.

  24. it looks like i'm not the only one with stacks of free people, urban outfitters and anthropologie catalogs in their house!
    I have so many favorite crafters...Grosgrain is a recent favorite.
    I like your rosy posy hairclips...especially displayed on the tags. Ready-made gift-tag/toppers!
    Found you on the Free People Blog; which is SO magical!

  25. i am so absolutely in love with your site, your girls are always so cute in the dresses you create for them. i think it is so cool that you got to work with free people because i love all their stores. well if i had to choose what i like best in your store i would have to say the hot pink rosy poseys. and i would have to say that martha stewart is my most favorite site to pull crafting inspiration from.

  26. Hi! I just discovered your wonderful blog and amazing homemade items. My favorite thing in your store is the Wool Felt Crown- Beautiful Mum. I love the purple, I would wear it while vacuuming my house. My favorite crafter would have to be my mom. Katheryn Tidwell Bieber, If I hadn't grown up in craft stores my whole life I might have ended up way to normal. My email is
    P.S. I LOVE the dresses you make for you daughters, I have a one-year-old girl myself and I think I am going to bust out the old sewing machine. The polka-dot with the embroider rose is my favorite. I wish it was in my size.

  27. Congrats my friend! I am so glad that your constant creativity (that rocks, might I add!) is being acknoledged by those that you love! You deserve it! :)

  28. Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous bag. Ok so here are my faves:
    1. favorite crafter/craft site = Kirsty from www.kootooyou(dot)blogspot(dot)com

    2. favorite item in your shop = tablecloth mini clutch. = ethellovesfred(at)bigpond(dot)com

  29. What a great thing for you to have been a part of. Isn't it lovely to have people like what you do?!

    To answer your questions my favourite craft blog is undoubtedly Little Cotton Rabbits for more reasons than I could ever name here. My favourite thing in your store has to be that new little clutch. As usual my little girl is sitting on my knee as I surf the craft blogs and she said 'I have always needed one of those...all my life' - She's four!

    A thousand good wishes for the wonderful things that will lead on from your Free People exposure! Jen

  30. has to be me!!! I need to parade around town doing my usual errands with that lovely bag :)
    1. I love genine zlatkis: art, her schooling, her environment....just lovely!
    2.your tablecloth clutch!!! (of course it needs to go inside the bag)
    and, yes the ribbon info very helpful! although, I am having trouble designing a label...interested in designing one for me and i'll send some goodies your way? :)

  31. such a great bag!

    at the moment i'm a big fan of - love her style!

    i love the tablecloth clutch - beautiful

    i've really been enjoying your blog...and it makes want some little girls around the house!


  32. ok...yours is the best creative inspiring blog :), but for scrapbooking and paper creations, I like:
    My favorite thing NOT in your store is the new headband...oh how I really want one of these!!!
    But, my favorite in store item rae the girlie crowns...because, well, Molly is a princess and will be celebrating her first birthday soon!
    My email:

  33. Ok, it's so funny, I was at a 2nd hand shop just a few weeks ago and saw this great embroidered dress, and thought of your free people bag, and was going to make one of my own! I too love Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters! I would love to give this bag a new home! If not, I guess I can make my own... My favorite craft site is, honestly, yours. When I first started sewing and crafting, a friend sent me your clutch directions and that was the first thing I ever made! Now I make hair clips, dresses, dolls, anything I can sink my teeth into because you inspire me! I totally copy you all the time! I think, if Ruby can try it, so can I! But if you're looking for new ones, I love She has some fun things there, and she loves bright colors. I also love She has a unique style too. I love your rosy posy clips and I love the crown idea. And I can't wait to see what new stuff you add to the shop! I was just checking out your new vintage clutches. Too cute! I love the buttons on them! My email is And congrats on being spotlighted on Free People and making up a tutorial! That's so amazingly awesome! I want to grow up to be you!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. You are such an inspiration! So great to hear about your collaboration with free people and I LOVE the bag!!!! My favorite site for inspiration is:
    although I tend to peruse many and sometimes forget the lovely ones I find! The item I am crushing on from your Etsy site would be the Beautiful Mum crown for my little girl because of the amazing detail and craftmanship! Best wishes with everything! I am keeping my fingers crossed for the bag = )
    my email is:

  36. i LOVE this bag!

    favorite crafter?

    favorite cakie? lightening bolt crown


  37. This bag is so beautiful!!! I'd love to win it! If you look at my blog I went to a Free people/Urban Outfitters benefit a few months ago and have pictures.
    okay, here's my answers- my favorite crafting site is Craft
    2. I love the little clips, but that clutch with the vintage fabric-ooo la la! email is I love your blog! How wonderful to be featured on FP (and Urban, Anthropologie)! I love their stuff!

  38. Waving hello...another Free People, Urban Out. and Anthro fan over here! Love the bag you awesome and sweet!Congrats on your feature!

    Teresa McFayden

  39. Hello Cakies!
    I love your tulip crown! Soo cute!
    There are so many crafty blogs that I love, I don't think I can pick a fave!
    I love Sally Jean, and Sweet eye candy, and elsita, the moldy doily, and so many more! Having my own blag has opened me up to ahuge world of crafting!

  40. First for the crafter: Soule Mama for sure!

    Favorite item from your shop:

    Email address:

    Absolutely gorgeous bag! Congrats on the mention!

  41. Wow, this is really cool. I just received Free People's email and perused through each link on their faves list. And now, I'm visiting yours -- which is really cool because I just bought one of your MAMA-size Rosy Posy in Black about a month ago, and I love it!

    Oh, yes. The bag giveaway!

    (1) My favorite craft site is How About Orange the The Black Apple.

    (2) My favorite item from your shop are those cute Rosy Posy clips. =) (I'm wearing mine right now).

    (3) My email:

  42. I just found your site through the Free People blog and love your creations! I have short curly hair and so I often wear headbands and barrettes. I haven't seen anything like your barrettes in the stores and am very excited! My favorite item in your shop is definitely the rosy posy hair clip. One of the craft blogs I get a lot of inspiration from is Amy from
    My email address is I can't wait to find some embroidered fabric and try out this purse tutorial.

  43. I hadn't had the pleasure of stumbling upon Cakies until now. I absolutely love the sweetness of your work. And your girls are adorable!

    1. Favorite crafter/craft site:

    It would have to be Heather Bailey's site. I just LOVE her creations. They're funky, fun, and very feminine... and actually, quite similar in style to yours!

    2. Your favorite item in my shop:

    Sweet Vintage Tablecloth MINI-Clutch

    Although I didn't see it in your shop, the little mushroom dress with the mushrooms is also fantastic! Love it.

    3. Email address:

    Heather Conner -

  44. I'm not a crafter, but one of my favorite crafting sites is Tiny Birds Organics. It's the website of two moms of young children who make cloth diapers and wool covers for cloth diapers, etc. It is really very cool and inspiring and good.

    My favorite thing from your store is the Mamasize Rosy Posy. I would like to wear that and share it with my daughter.

    My email address is

    How sweet of you to give away that pretty bag!

  45. p.s. I love the beautiful braided handle of your bag..Elizabeth B.

  46. Hi!
    One of my favorite crafter is soulemama. What I like the most in your store is the Wool Felt Crown- Beautiful Mum!
    My email is
    I love the bag! I hope I win:)

  47. I found your blog through the free people newsletter, and what a great find! My favorite crafter is Leya at Curious Bird. I'm digging the MAMAsize Rosy Posy hair clip--so cute!

  48. I usually don't look at the Free People blog, but I did receive the email with your name and blog link on it! I really do love your shop, and honestly my favorite item is the wool felt crown-x marks the spot and the bag of gold coins! I'm only 18 but if I were to have a child I would purchase all of your shop items for them because they are just so perfect. The crown was my favorite because as a kid I loved going on treasure and scavenger hunts, and I know that if I were to have a child I would create treasure hunts for them as well haha.
    My favorite crafter; hmm I don't have a certain favorite, but I really have an obsession with old quilts. I just recently went into antique shops looking for patchwork quilts, and I found some amazing ones. I love the story behind them, and how much work is put into them. I'm not very great with a sewing machine, but if I were I would try to make as many quilts and other projects as I could! But as of now, I'm just stuck to sewing by hand. My email is:

    Even if I don't win, I'm going to try to follow your instructions to make the bag! Thank you for including the instructions :)

  49. Love your bag, the braided strap adds pop to the bag! My favorite site is Sprinkles on top. I am loving the felt crowns you make... perfect for the birthday girl or boy and great for dress up and photoshoots. Glad FP shared your blog!

  50. Hi, I found your blog through the Free People e-mail they sent out. I love all the stuff you make! Your girls are soooo cute with the little dresses you make them! My favorite crafting site is
    My favorite thing in your store is def the skull and cross bones hair clip. So cute. My email is Oh and your bag is awesome!


  51. I'm an etsy seller and fan and freepeople subscriber, so I'm excited to have found your blog.I can't wait to read it some more!

    My favorite crafter is Claire Garland, author of Toys to Sew! I love your mum crown. (But I think you should make it mommy-sized! so I could be the queen-mum!)

    please email me at to tell me I've won your beautiful bag!

  52. hey ruby.

    LOVE the bag. love love love it.
    I have to say, that though I love checking in on other blogs for inspirations (pleasantviewschoolhouse is a fave) - yours is pretty much my favorite. I know I say it all the time, but I love how you are always crafting in the same vein as I am, with a really RUBY twist.

    My favorites in your store? um, I think I love the mama posy hair clip, which I just ordered. =)

    and. my email... libertyworth(at)gmail(dot)com

    ps - huge congrats. this is so exciting for you!!!!

  53. Okay my favorite crafter? Hummm so many good ones. Probably Anahata Katkin. More art than craft, but my fav nontheless. As for your shop, I could really use one of your posie clips. They are cute, cute, cute!

  54. woo-hoo!!!

    1. I really love so many crafters out there; check out the links on my page for a complete list. :) of course, I'm slightly biased and my #1 favorite is my sister @ :)

    2. I love the pictures of your babies in your shop the most. haha. but seriously, I love your crowns. They're fab! :)


  55. Hi! I found your blog through the Free People blog (their creativity inspires me above all else). I spent the better part of last night reading through previous pages of your blog and looking at your beautiful photos. I love how happy you are being a mother and using your creative abilities to make such beautiful things for your family and shop. I am also an artist and a young mother, so finding other women with similar interests is encouraging to me. Now I really want to turn my blog into a creative outlet instead of just a journal.

    My favorite blog entry of yours is the one about last Mother's Day. I love the idea of having a family art day! I have decided that my little family needs to do this as well (I'm even stealing your idea to make our own sushi).

    Your purse is beautiful. I am a slow learner as far as sewing goes, but have been trying my best for the better part of a year and a half. I mostly make pillows and blankets, so a purse would be a good challenge for me. Thank you for the tutorials on Free People! I'd love to see this as a backpack too.

    I love entering contests as well:

    1. One of my favorite crafters is Jill:
    Jill is a soon-to-be mother and likes making things for babies as well. I also really love the Etsy website: I really like She has the prettiest butterfly tags you will ever find.

    2. My favorite item in your shop is the Delicious Poppy In Fire Red. Poppies are my favorite flower and I have paintings of them all through my house. Although not in your shop, I also really love the black and white polka dot dress with the embroidered flower on it that you made for True. I would love to buy one of these or see a pattern of it for when I have a daughter (I have a son so I am forced to be content with less pretty outfits).

    3. My email addy is .

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! I'm going to pass your blog link on to some other crafty friends as well. Keep posting!

  56. WOW... totally RAD!!! You ROCK girl!!! Yeah... so, my favorite thing in your shop just left because I bought it... it was TOO cute! And I always love your cakies and I love that crown with the beautiful zinnia on it!!! Maybe I need that too?? Anyways... I'm really into right now because she is awesome at making waldorf/steiner dolls. I love their hair. I want to make one myself. (You can still get in on her doll give-away that ends in two days!!) And do you know my email? I love getting comments on my blog from you... you're one of those people who really inspire me and I think of "joy" when I think of you! Give those two a big hug today :)

  57. I love your hair clips, I hope that I have a girl some day so that I can adorn her hair with cute clips... unless she's bald. I love the poppy one, I'm a sucker for poppies. Your bag is gorgeous also!

    For crafty blogs, I really like Kelly McCaleb over at

    Thanks for inspiring us stay at home mamas.

  58. 1. I love to read "the crafty crow"

    2. I love to look at to buy the "Delicious Poppy in Fire Red"

    3. I love to win things!

  59. Ruby, congrats! You're so wildly talented, makes sense to be discovered by Free People. So cool!

    Let's see, a recent fave craft site is:

    Fave item from your shop:
    Flower hair clips. Especially the mama ones.

  60. Hi! I found your blog through a Free People subscription I recieved after buying my girlfriend something from free people. She is addicted to Free people! She is also addicted to crafts and sewing. She would cry of happiness for this bag. I can't complain with her obsession because she is so sweet and makes her litte sister crafts! She also makes me t-shirts and little cute things all the time. Here is her photobucket:

    My favorite item in your shop that I know she really likes the Mamasize Rosy Posy hair clip in kisses red. My email is:

    Thank you!

  61. My favorite crafter is stoopidgirl - Her stuff is so awesome!!! My favorite thing from you shop... I've already bought 2! I have a purple cakie and a yellow one. I LOVE them! :]

    That's her shop! :]

  63. Wow. That bag is just so divine, very romantic looking! I'd love the chance to win it! Ok, so here's the info: 1. fav crafter - so hard to choose - i do love La Pomme (; 2. I love your rosy posy hair clips - they're gorgeous! Thank you for the chance to win that bag and for mentioning Free People.

  64. YEA RUBY!!! how exciting! as you know, i also love free people, anthropologie and urban outfitters :O) and this is by far the coolest news about them that i've ever heard! i hope it doesn't mean that you will be so busy with orders that it will take months to get my orders from you now (just kidding, sort of). okay. so i would love to win this bag. my favorite crafty person is anna maria horner ( she's a mom of five and she's amazing! God has truly blessed her and she inspires me greatly. you and becky (of bellasymphony fame) are also favorites. gotta love those hard working mamas :O)
    my favorite item on your site... hmmm... so hard to choose. as you know, i love it all. can't stop ordering... i think my favorite that my little eleanor wears is the simple bow in red. so simple. so perfect. what would we do without it??? okay. i'm so excited for you! blessings and hugs! susan

  65. Hi Rubyellen,
    This is the first time I have ever "blogged," but your bag is inspiring so here I go...the clips you make are beautiful...I love the roses, but maybe 'cause Halloween's a comin', my favorite was the skull and cross bones clip. It rocks.
    I love to see creative people doing their thing. I mostly catch them in mags and books. I love collage. It seems that can be done in any medium, from wall art to scrapbooking. I came across an artist who made some really cute birds and incorporated photos in them. Her name is Jenni Bowlin.
    Maybe that whole collage thing is why I love free people. Their clothes are like body collage. Love it.
    Great to "meet" you. Keep up the good work. As a mom of three, now school age kids, it gets harder to find the time when their bed times get later and they don't nap anymore, but you can bring them in on the fun, too. Create on!
    I'm at

  66. Yay Rubyellen!
    It was so fun to collaborate with you on this project! :)
    F.P. <3's Cakies!!!

  67. THAT BAG IS SCREAMING MY NAME! I would love to receive it.

    my favorite crafter at the moment would be Danielle Thompson. Check her out here

    I would take EVERYTHING you make in your shop. It's all very cute. I especially love the hair clips.

    my email is


  68. I love the bag, and I think the handles are my favorite, too! Let's see, one of my new favorite blogs is nestingplacenc. She has some fabulous tassels! As for your shop, I fell in love with the Beautiful Mum crown. The colors are amazing! Too bad my little girl is now a teen, and not so little anymore. Thanks!

  69. Um, wow! Can I just say how happy I am that I found your CUTE blog!!!
    Lets see, my favorite craft blog (I have many. My bloglines is proof of that.) is probably
    My favorite items in your shop would be your felt crowns. I have 2 kids that have birthdays coming up and I made one last year but no where as cute as yours!
    I also adore those skull clippies.
    What a generous giveaway! If I win I will be sure to give this beautiful bag a nice home!!!

  70. Awesome bag. I may have to go to the fabric store this weekend...
    My favorite arty blog (other than yours) is
    My favorite item in your etsy shop is the skull and crossbones hairclip!
    in case i am lucky enough to win, my email is!

  71. Loving the crowns in your shop--so hard to pick which one is my favorite! Also the adorable alphabet hair clips! You've got a great shop!

    my favorite crafty blog is 30 days:

  72. I love the bag so I can't resist entering to WIN!!!! I love Amanda Soule off of, and my favorite item in your shop is the delicious red poppy hair clip! I love poppies. My email is parisrosenist(at) Thanks.

  73. My favorite craft site is:

    I love the skull and crossbones hair clips in your etsy shop!

    Hope i win! =) Love the Bag.

  74. I love reading Grace Violet. She has the greatest ideas. And I am LOVING the Skull and Cross Bone Hair Clip. Seriously rad.

    I love your style. So West Coast. Reminds me of home (Washington. Not the current residence of Tennessee)

  75. My favorite crafter/craft site: posie gets cozy
    My favorite item in your shop: cakies pink ones, of course

  76. Oh, it's gonna be hard to win this one!
    I too love Anthropologie and Free People. I keep hoping I'm staying young enough to wear them!
    I love Etsy: it is so huge you can find absolutely anything!!
    I love your crowns - adorable!

  77. 1.
    2. alphabet hair clips

  78. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog today!

    I love your The Bella Garden crown. It reminds me of my daughter.

    I am always inspired by the Shutter Sisters site

    You can find me at:

  79. Absolutely gorgeous bag :)

    The Mama Size Rosy Posy is my fav from your store :)

    My fav crafty blog of the momento is

    Email = :) :) :)

  80. i just found your blog through liberty worth. you do such beautiful work!
    1.favorite craft
    she's my good friend and i not only love her work, but i always love to see what she's up to since i don't get to see her in person as often as i like. :)
    2.favorite product on your site: i love all of the hair clips, but i especially love the crowns for the little ones. they are so sweet and i haven't seen anything like them!

  81. This is great! I love this bag!
    One of my favorite crafters is Soulemama. I love your Mama size Rosy Posy. My email is


  82. 1., I recently made my first batch of cake pops and they were delightful, though not nearly as perfect as hers :-)
    2. the initial clippies... my friend just got one for her daughter and it it so cute!!

  83. My favorite crafty site is a Home school blog but her children are close to your kids ages.
    I love the simple blue bow - we love navy so the bow is just perfect and I have to admit to borrowing it sometimes from my baby-girl. I am excited about your opportunities to network on-line and hope this will give us more adult stuff in your store!

  84. shellie was here!

  85. Congrats on the free people blog post! You have such a lovely blog && shop! Well, here is my entry :)

    ++ my current favorite crafter is madebyhank ( her items are just so lovely & well made!

    ++ my favorite item from your shop is definitely the "Rosy Posy Hair Clip in Honey Yellow" - i love all the rosy posy clips but i especially love it in yellow!

    ++ email:

  86. I am really impressed and inspired by your blog.

    Just this morning I made up my mind to buy a sewing machine and start learning the art of creating beautiful things all on my own.

    While visiting Free people site I stumbled upon your interview and was really inspired by it.

    Since yours is the the first crafts blog i've ever visited and really enjoyed I would choose it as my favorite crafts site.

    It was hard to only choose one item from your shop but since I have to, I would go with the MAMA-size Rosy Posy in Stunning black.

    When I saw The bag I imagined myself wearing it with a white cotton dress and strolling the narrow streets of a greek Island...

  87. 1! One of my top favorite craft sites these days is
    Just a collection of wonderful artists selling art in all forms.

    2! My favorite item of yours has gottt to be the hand doing the peace sign hair clip. I lovvvee that. I know it's not selling in your shop right now, but, hopefully me mentioning it will inspire you to make more?


    You are very lucky to have been discovered by Free People. They have such wonderful designs and such...Hopefully you can fashion some clothes for them or something!
    Good luck!

  88. Sorry that link doesn't work! Don't know why!!!?

  89. 1. is kind cool
    2. The pirate crown - pirates rock!

  90. I've never heard of Free People, but I love it!
    one of my favorite crafters is kellymccaleb. I don't know her, but she makes the most beautiful quilts and everytime she has one up on her etsy site( they sell FAST.
    I love the rosy posies. So cute. You are just so talented!

  91. Hmmm Grosgrain for sure! I love all of her stuff, so cute and I can just imagine my little girl in them when she grows up =)

  92. Hi, I think Randi from has been a great inspiration to me - crafting and sewing wise and as a mom and Christian.

    I like your Beautiful Mum Wool Felt Crown the best!

    I found you via Sheri from Babylegs Singapore!!

    jolene565363 at gmail dot com

  93. I like a lot of crafting blogs but I will go with

    I adore everything in your shop, but I will go with the funny/cute skull crown.

    My email: (take out the spaces) w h e e z (at) e a r t h l i n k (dot) n e t

    (Sorry, I'm a little skittish to just put my email intact on a blog.)


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