August 18, 2008

two picnic frocks

We had 2 picnics to go to on Saturday and that called for a "picnic frock" for each girl.

I needed something that could easily get messy among the grass playing, water fighting, playground running, and watermelon eating (well, cause there is always watermelon at a picnic!) fun...

So along came about this dress, which is the perfect picnic print and I wanted a feel of a big napkin tied around her, free to get messy just as my True pleases....

And for Brave, I am not so into the matchy-matchy (I am sure one day I may do it, not yet though), so I figured this old skirt of mine turned dress would be perfect to hide any grass stains she may acquire as she scoots and rolls around the grass...

They definitely got them dirty and stinky and so at the end of the picnic, I untied them, took it off, and into clean clothes they went. Then, off we went to yet another picnic...


  1. What adorable dresses, perfect for a picnic.

  2. okay- i think i'm going to have to do something like that for miss mercy. I love true's dress, especially.
    (though I am a sucker for anything red...)

  3. These are very, very cute!! You are brilliant, as usual!

  4. Love the picnic frocks!
    The napkin dress is definately a fave it looked perfect with your lil girls dark looks!

    what a shame your not into matchy- matchy ha ha ha im a matchy-matchy tragic im afraid but only for one offs not all the that would be tragic ha!

    love your flea market photographs too :)

  5. Those dresses are absolutely perfect! Brilliant creations and your daughters are so beautiful!


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