August 19, 2008

friends, a flea market, and shaved ice

What more can a girl ask for on Sunday afternoon...

Nothing beats the heat like some sweet fruit and milky, shaved ice...

I got a few goodies, but we are really starting to cut back and budget even more for some future plans we are praying about, so my goodies will be lessened slowly.

Thanks Helen, little seester, and Irene (who has an etsy store opening up in the near future, so stay tuned) for a lovely trek through the heat in search of treasure and shaved iced!!!


  1. your dress is so cute!! did you make that?

  2. haha... I was trying real hard to remember what I wore and then checked my post and realized that I think the one you think is me, is my sister. haha!!! we look a lot a like. My sister still lives with my parents and gets to be taken shopping all the darn time! so the dress she is wearing is a recent buy of hers from H&M! But I know it and it could be made just as easily!!! haha...

  3. i had so much fun!! thanks again for inviting me...

  4. hey this looks like a lot of fun. i love the red wicker chair. come see my findings and the playroom! true and brave and invited to come play anytime! :)

  5. oh sorry! i thought you had red in your hair like that! well her dress is super cute and you all looked great. I totally have no idea what shaved ice is though...

  6. What a fun day! I love that red wicker chair too!

  7. liz- yes... both my sisters are red-head, one more like ariel-red. I haven't dyed my hair in years, but i want to! i am a little chicken now... but we do look a lot a like, so i understand the mistake.

    and shaved ice... so yummy!!! image ice like snow, but sweetened with loads of condensed milk and loads of fruit on top. it is so refreshing...

    bethany- i love the chair too! true loves the new little chair in her room!

  8. What a dream afternoon spent with sisters and friends at the flea market!


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