February 18, 2008

Another work day...

Calls for an Oreo and a cup of milk.


  1. I can never eat just one Oreo! Just wanted to let you know we got our Cakies today and we love them. Thanks for sending us an extra one! I blogged about it and I'll send a picture but Suzi was moving too fast today for me to get a good one of the actual Cakie. She just wasn't in the mood to sit still!

  2. You eat oreos?! THAT'S SO UNHEALTHY! ben let's you eat those?!... hmm. somethings not right.

  3. Have you tried the novelty spring oreos, with the very unnatural yellow filling? They are pure bad for you but oh, so delicious! The filling is extra soft. I had to stop buying them because I have no self-control!


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