February 15, 2008

Necessities for a jubilant work day...

A Valentine's Day cupcake and a cup of soy chocolate milk.

Happy weekend everyone!!!


  1. ohh so yummy!!! what is it about cupcakes that makes us want them so much?!

  2. What a sweet and beautiful photograph! Is soy chocolate milk good?

  3. is that plate in sea mist or turq? i am on a fiesta ware kick and can't decide between sea mist and turq- maybe I need both?

    chocolate milk is brain food for me- no idea why. whenever i am stuck on an article i eat popcorn and drink chocolate milk!

  4. I think the plate is sea mist... but heck! Get both!!! I want to stock up on a few new colors... Maybe chocolate milk has omega-3 fatty acids that gives our brain the little kick! I don't know... maybe.


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